Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 20: The Final Mission from the Boss

This episode is probably my favorite episode of this season so far. And no, it’s not because I’m biased as hell when it comes to Bruno. But…fuck it, let me be biased for a little bit. This episode was great because it showed why Bruno is best boy, Bruno’s backstory was great and really showed what kind of man he is, Trish’s reaction about this whole situation feeling so real, just that elevator scene was well done, the plot twist, and King Crimson’s reveal being brutal and perfect. This episode was just extremely good.

It’s time. They’ve retrieved the disc and Bruno reads aloud their final orders. They’re to drive a boat to an island by Venice and take Trish up to the top of the island’s church bell tower. Boss’ instructions are very specific and careful. The guys have only fifteen minutes to get to their destination after getting the disc. Trish will go inside with one bodyguard, while everyone else stays in the boat (they can’t even step off it). Said bodyguard will take her to the top through the elevator. If anyone does anything against the orders, even accidental, the Boss will see it as a threat. The bodyguard can’t carry any guns, knives, cellphone, or anything like that. Once Trish is at the top, their final mission will be over.

Again, Trish has still kind of been in the background and hasn’t really emoted much. But since the whole train debacle, Trish has been voicing out her concerns. This episode, again we see this but with much more fear and anxiety. She always tries to play things cool, even showing her a bit of her tsundere side, but she’s actually terrified. What the hell is going to happen to her from now on? She’s been targeted by so many gangsters, being protected by them, and now is going to meet with a father she doesn’t even know, much less love. The way she huddled in a corner trembling, sweating, and breathing shallowly was so well done in showing her fear. It’s to be expected that Trish would be scared out of her mind. This poor girl was thrown into such a dangerous world and now her whole life has changed. Bruno reaches out to her, matter of factly describing what kind of life she’ll possibly lead. Changing her name and family registry, getting plastic surgery to change her looks, living somewhere far away, but a happy life nonetheless. He offers his hand to her, which she rejects at first, but once on the elevator takes her hand into his and he reciprocates. The tension of meeting the Boss along with Trish’s fear made for a sad scene, but then turned a little sweet when Bruno gave her support and reassurance. A tender scene, if you will. The hand holding was cute, and I’m not gonna lie, ever since I read this moment in the manga, that’s actually when I started shipping Bruno and Trish. He’s always there to support her and Trish is comfortable around him to voice her fears, so I clung to that. I don’t ship when it comes to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but these two are an exception.

But this calm, tender scene suddenly shifts into one of horror as Bruno turns to Trish but notices she’s gone except for her severed hand in his. He notices an opening in the elevator’s ceiling and it all just comes crashing down on him. The Boss made Bruno and the rest of Passione protect Trish so they can bring her to him, just so he could properly dispose of her himself. They were played and Bruno is pissed.

Everything about the Boss just ties to his backstory really well. Growing up, Bruno lived in a relatively nice area in Naples with his mother and father, who was a fisherman. He had a very good and close relationship with both of them, with Bruno helping his dad, and Bruno sharing nice conversations and bedtime stories with his mom. But things changed when his parents suddenly divorced and asked him who he wanted to live with. Knowing how strong willed his mother is, he stuck with his father. That broke his mom’s heart, and unfortunately their relationship kind of broke when she ended up remarrying and only visiting on Christmas. But he still held a close bond with his father. Wanting to give his son a good education and wanting to pay the tuition, his father changes his business up with tours and such but unfortunately one of those ended up with him getting shot multiple times. Bruno finds out on the last fishing trip with two guys, his father was a witness to a drug deal and was shot but he miraculously ended up surviving. Angry at this, Bruno ended up killing the two men that shot his father when they snuck into his hospital room (dude, really?) to kill him for sure. At the age of twelve, Bruno brought himself up in this dangerous mafia world. Getting their help and guaranteeing his father’s safety, Bruno became a gangster, did jobs, got the attention of Polpo, and whatnot. All for his father. But the drugs that almost got his father killed still roams in the city, because the Boss is mixed up in that business. With Bruno’s strong love for family and hatred of drugs, the Boss put Bruno over the edge as soon as Trish was targeted. Even though Bruno is a gangster and has killed many people, you can’t deny that he’s an extremely charismatic, kind, and caring guy. He only got into this world because of his love for his father, but with his father gone, he now chooses to protect others. That’s why so many people in Naples love and trust him (the old ladies). Which is why he’s so damn good, dammit! I just love him a lot!

Using Giorno’s ladybug as a tracking device, Giorno can see from the boat what’s happening inside. Bruno follows the Boss to rescue Trish and he sort of does as he attacks the Boss and reattaches her hand. But honestly, Bruno was being reckless trying to take on the Boss on his own without even knowing what his stand ability was. And because of that, he was tricked and attacked from behind, with King Crimson’s fist going through his torso a la Kakyoin. It was terrifying, exciting, but oh so brutal. I scream.

King Crimson is ugly as hell but is really scary, and I’m glad King Crimson had a better reveal than Kira’s Killer Queen. But I’d much rather take Killer Queen’s design than King Crimson’s abomination. Will Bruno survive a fist through him like Koichi did, or will he have the same fate as Kakyoin? I already know the answer to that of course! This is when I feel like Part 5 really starts picking up for the better, even though there’s still questionable things I’ll talk about when those moments come. This was an amazing episode in so many ways, with an insane cliffhanger with me internally screaming for future events. I’m just so glad Davidpro decided not to use the ED this week. This episode was good, but it didn’t make me horny per se.

Jojo Fun Facts:

  • King Crimson is an English rock band from the 60’s because of course they are.


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  1. Araki is definitely listening to the album “In the Court of the Crimson King” when he was writing Vento Aureo. 3 songs from that album plays into this arc: 21st Century Schizoid Man (for reason that will become clear, and Vento Aureo took place in 2001, literally the first year of the 21th Century), Epitaph and of course the title song, “In the Court of the Crimson King”. It’s a great album, listen to it.

    1. Thanks, I think I’ll give it a listen. Classic rock isn’t my preferred genre but I’ve actually discovered some stuff I took a liking to thanks to Jojo (don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing).

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