Kakegurui×× Episode 5

Well that was a really interesting episode. Very unexpected in a lot of ways. I didn’t think we would see Yumemi again, and I was going to be disappointed if Yumeko would have another gamble with her and not with one of the new characters, but in the end they got to face against a -bami together in a most surprising way. Sumika being the Hollywood actress came literally out of nowhere and I couldn’t help but laugh at the reveal. So Natari Kawaru was always Sumika Warakubami. I can’t really tell who the real her is, Natari or Sumika? Because this is one of the famous -bamis, I’m just going to call her Sumika.

I kind of felt like this episode was a huge middle finger to idols, though this was specifically about Yumemi and her lack of talent and confidence. I mean, if she had confidence she wouldn’t need to bribe her fans to give her points and to vote for her no matter what in the gambling event (though that backfired). But it’s true that you really can’t compare an idol with an actress, especially one that works in Hollywood. And Yumemi’s arrogance was a pain and I knew it would come to bite her in the ass sooner or later. I want to defend idols but I can see where Midari and Sumika are coming from. Of course there are idols with talent, but people usually view idols as…low brow? And I kind of get it? But I can go on a tangent on this and make this review about idols but I just won’t.

After a week of the election, Runa announces the top 10 and no surprise that Kirari is leading the pack with over 200 votes so far. We then focus on Yumemi this episode and Midari gives her crap about the pictures she’s taken, like messing with idol crap isn’t going to help her get her to being an actress. Yumemi gets pissed and comes up with a plan to gain more votes. She doesn’t want to be student council president, frankly it looks like she doesn’t give a single fuck about it. Instead, she just wants to get lots of votes so she can have some sort of influence with the new president since getting lots of votes is significant. That is, if she even earned them, which she didn’t. Yumemi made it into the top ten with a little over 100 votes, but that’s only because her fans gave her their chips. Which means she didn’t earn shit. Her little assistant mentions this and says that eventually Yumemi is going to have to gamble to get more votes. Or, as Yumemi points out, just get more fans. Because who actually wants to earn their votes, right? Too much work, just chump a bunch of easily swayed losers. At this point I couldn’t stop my laughter. The “no talent” thing was really shining here, but just got even more laughable. Yumemi and her entire attitude is a eye-rolling experience.

So to get more votes, she decides it would be a great idea to bring together Yumeko for a Dreaming Creaming Sisterz one-time reunion concert. And again, that name is still unbelievably awful. Fanartists probably have a fun time with that. shudder

Yumeko is well-known and popular, especially from the last time they performed so many people would probably arrive. She wants to throw a quick concert, and then gamble with the fans together. Knowing how insanely good Yumeko is at gambling, that pretty much guarantees that Yumemi with half the winnings will get quite a bit of votes. Again, not do the hard work. Make Yumeko do it. Yumeko seems to like the idea until a certain someone arrives.

Natari Kawaru suddenly appears but reveals herself to be the scary-looking -bami, Sumika. Yumemi is a huge fan of Natari’s, so she’s shocked at this but also shocked at her attitude and harsh words. Right off the bat Sumika says she doesn’t really know much about idols and doesn’t really care to learn about them, so that was a big ouch. The entire time she looks down on Yumemi and only focuses on Yumeko, but not wanting to be looked down upon, Yumemi challenges Sumika to a performing arts competition. Basically challenge her on her own turf. The others think she’s crazy but she’s very much confident in herself but underestimates her opponent. There’s three rounds in the competition, with Yumemi and Yumeko choosing the rules in Round 1, Sumika in Round 2, and Runa in Round 3. And obviously the first round is singing, since that’s what Yumemi can do best and thinks Sumika can’t. While the duo do their cute little idol performance, Sumika proceeds to blow everyone away with her performance of Amazing Grace. Which was absolutely gorgeous, so shoutout to the singer because I got goosebumps. Yumemi was shocked and doubted herself a bit, but was confident she would still win the round because she bribed her fans to vote for her. But she was even more shocked when she and Yumeko only got 8 votes, and Sumika 92. Good job, haha.

It’s satisfying to see Yumemi look like an idiot because I don’t really like her. But Yumeko is also a part of this so I have no idea what she’s going to do because if this keeps up, she’s going to lose all her earnings because of Yumemi’s arrogance. I’m interested in seeing what the other rounds are going to be in this unique competition! Other than this competition, Rin made a fool of Kirari and Mary is going to make Ririka gamble and win so they can be a proper team. Should be fun to see that too.

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