We finish this little Yumemi arc. As fun and interesting the games were, I wasn’t too big a fan of it. Again, it just has to do that I’m not a fan of Yumemi either. Though I do have to say her resolve in the end was kinda cool, and Yumeko’s reactions were top tier as usual.

This one in particular was amazing.

Yumemi’s bribed crowd was bribed again so then they move on to the next game, which was decided by Natari. Death Macaron, where they each have to eat three macarons in order. But the catch is that one of the macarons is laced with tabasco. They each have to guess which macaron (A, B, or C) was the death macaron based on the reaction of their opponent. This plays into Natari’s acting skills with trying to stifle their reactions of the terribly spicy dessert. Natari had the same smile on her face, but Yumemi seemed to have eaten the spicy one first. But it turns out the spicy one was B and for A she broke her own finger to try to trick her. Which is insane and Yumeko loved it. Yumeko was the one to guess which was the spicy one for Natari and it was also B, because of the number of times she chewed. But it really was a 50/50 guess between B and C and since this is Yumeko we’re talking about, she just guessed.

The third game was a card game decided by the commitee where they all grab cards and set them down, saying out loud what the card is. Of course, they could just lie about it since the others can’t see. They keep adding cards and attempt not to get it over 63. When two people end up passing if they think they’re close to 63, the last person goes into the showdown. If it’s below 63, they win but if it’s over, they lose.

This third game was a total mess for Yumemi. Before the game started, she told Yumeko that she didn’t have a plan anymore. She’s basically given up because even she can see that she’s no match for Natari and that she actually wants to lose to her. They’re too far apart, she’s not worthy, there’s just no way. She’d be perfectly content to lose to her. But when Yumeko hears this she gets insanely angry at her for giving up. Things become no fun for her and she doesn’t even work together with Yumemi in the last game. It looks like Natari is going to win but Yumemi has a change of heart when one of her fans tells her not to give up. We see her in a flashback when she first became an idol and she says that she only became an idol temporarily just as a stepping stone to be an actress, but then she realized that she liked being an idol. She does want to lose and knows she’s no match against the person she looks up to, she still pulls a cool moment and tells Yumeko to pass so they can win. Yumeko thought Yumemi was acting the whole time but she wasn’t, but at least her mindset changed a little bit.

So in the end they won. The episode was kind of entertaining but it was kind of…meh. Natari was pretty cool and I liked their gamble competition but again, I was never a big fan of Yumemi and I wonder if the show is going to make her more of a recurring character now? I mean, why else would they give her her own mini arc? That means she’ll be more important later I guess. It’d be annoying if she wasn’t though. We’re halfway into this season and I feel like not much progress has been made to the main plot. It looks like Terano is going to make her move soon so at least that’ll be exciting. I don’t know what could possibly happen in this next half though, since we haven’t even met all the -bami members yet, and Mary hasn’t done much either.

I’m not really sure what to expect from this show anymore. While some of the gambles are entertaining, I’d like to see something huge actually happen.


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