We start off the episode with the rarely-seen yellow card! Hyuga my dude, I love you, but are you really going to call someone out for fouling you right before a big play? I guess it’s only okay when he does it. And why has this ref suddenly decided to start doing his job?

Damn though Takasugi was kinda killing it this episode. I forget sometimes but he’s actually a very solid defender. I kinda felt sorry for him with that yellow card. I mean yeah he deserved it, but everyone else does way worse shit without getting caught.

Anyway, all that aside, this was another pretty dynamic episode, both in terms of plot animation (the animation at the end was so pretty!). Tsubasa almost got taken off not once, but twice, but he managed to stay on the field. Imagine my shock, the doctor’s stern warning from last episode turned out to be an empty threat after all. But to be fair, I guess he’s fine, since his injuries were magically healed by this absolute nonsense Hyuga pulled off:

Like he can’t move Hyuga, why do you think launching a ball full-force into his stomach is going to change that? But I guess it worked, so I shouldn’t question his methods. Hyuga’s a better healer than the actual doctor.

Honourable mention goes to Ishizaki for stopping a Tiger Shot the only way he knows how. If you did a statistical breakdown of all Ishizaki’s successful plays, how many of them would be headers? Probably at least 80%. To be fair he was actually kind of cute this episode and he won me over a little bit. You have to admire his willingness to keep on truckin’ in spite of his lack of talent. Also there’s something about this shot of him and Tsubasa chilling on the grass together in the middle of a match that I find really funny.

Btw this is one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen:

And it’s also my desktop background now.

I had a good, sensible chuckle at the doctor at the end there, thinking he actually had the power to take Tsubasa off the pitch. Sir, you and I both know perfectly well that that boy is playing extra time, and if you have to pump him full of drugs for that to happen, you’re going to do it. Because it’s his dream and you have no backbone. So let’s not keep up the charade.

Anego got a really sweet scene with Tsubasa at the end too and I was glad for her. I like that she gets more shipteasing with Tsubasa in this version, more because Anego deserves happiness than because I actively ship them. I can’t fully find it in my heart to ship Tsubasa with anyone because of how boring he is (except maybe Hyuga but even then only because it’s funny). But at least if they get married Anego is pretty much set for life.

Next episode is the first bit of extra time, with the score at 3-3 so far. How many more times will Tsubasa collapse into a heap on the ground? And will he score more drugs? Find out next time.