Intro: A story about what happened after Finis’ route in the previous game, Future Blessings.

Finis’ Epilogue revolves around tying up loose ends of his past, and finding his new purpose of overseeing Isaac’s legacy as the Successor of the Truth, head of Daybreak, a new intelligent agency. It’s purpose is to ensure his technology and knowledge is being used for the greater good that improves life, as opposed for malicious purposes, or wounding up in situations where the machines go out of whack and descend the city into chaos like it had with the Knockers.

And I liked that this Epilogue focused on Finis and Hansel in particular. Ever since Hansel has been introduced, I have come to adore his character, and his friendship with Finis makes me love him even more. I adore how he cares so much about the twins that he would try to stop them from potentially destroying their own happiness, and stepping into dangerous waters where he might be ordered to have to kill him (when he doesn’t want to). He values their happiness as if it’s his own. But it also makes me happy that he is open-minded enough to be persuaded by their intentions of being responsible for Isaac’s legacy. Better yet, I absolutely love that he was the one who was appointed to join Daybreak (as per agreement to monitor Finis and Isaac’s works).  Though it drives Finis insane, it makes me happy to know he has a real friend there (unlike the likes of Aleister and Nemo).

Speaking of which, the Epilogue also focused on wrapping up various loose ends that were left unaddressed in Future Blessings. Starting with revealing after the Nautilus Battle, Finis had confronted Van and told him that he was not responsible for his family’s demise. This helps put a close to that loose end that wasn’t addressed in his route in Future Blessings (though I honestly wished they had, especially since they decided to have the Christmas Stories follow up on Finis’ alternative ending, instead of following their proposals/married life— which is admittedly, a bit of a shame.) Another was wrapping up Aleister’s fate. I would think it’s safe to say he’s probably dead in this universe now too, since Sholmes and Watson were hot on his heels.

But truth to be told, I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed this route. In reality, I found it to be incredibly stale, and among some of the most boring ones of this fandiscs. It’s not that Finis’ character was not interesting, it’s just felt the story and character interactions (for most part) were too linear for my taste, so I just wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t take my long to realize I was bored, and had to fight back the urge to skim through it. I was hyper aware of the time passing, recounting how many CGs had passed to get an idea how far along I am in the story (since there’s no chapters to mark it).

Final Verdict: 3/5

Overall it’s not a bad epilogue, but it wasn’t great or particularly memorable either, and I am unlikely to ever come back to replay this route again.

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