Ah, this is has become quite a complicated situation, hasn’t it?

It’s interesting that, at first at least, everyone seemed to be mildly aware of the change that had happened. All of the Spirits, even the teacher had a brief moment of, ‘well that’s weird.’ It seems like it’ll either be up to Shido to convince them all of what’s happened or he’ll have to go rogue with Kurumi. I’m a bit confused on how Origami got to this state of mind, but I’m sure they’ll get to it later. A quick bullet to the head from Kurumi seems to be solving most of the problems this time around. I thought it was interesting that small things seemed to change. Like Tohka’s favorite food. Maybe they were just trying to impart on us that this was a parallel universe. Small details aside, this episode really shows that you can’t change fate. Only a year later, Origami’s parents died anyway and she’s still become the Spirit Hunter she was before. Maybe even a fiercer version. At the moment, we’re not sure where those strong feelings of resentment are coming from, but it’s clear she has some sort of split personality. This doesn’t bode too well for Kurumi, who was interested in changing time for her own reasons.

I thought it was kind of unfair that Origami kept feelings of anger against the spirits because of Shido sacrificing himself. Again, I think that’s just a testament to not being able to change the past, but I don’t see how Origami could hold the same levels of resentment against Spirits. The vengeance angle was from her parents dying vs now it’s a complete stranger. She did say ‘protecting’ was her motivation now, but there must be something else at play here…

Shido was more bummed out at the beginning of the episode then I expected. I mean, I knew they were friends, but he was crying at his desk. Is it just a coincidence that Origami transferred in the day he came back to the universe or was there a reason for it? Also, like, why can’t he remember anything from before this? Well, he did die already. Hmm, how did he come back to life…? Shit, so many questions. At least Kurumi remembers too.

There’s not that much else to say about this episode. I think once we find out Origami’s past we’ll have a lot more to go on. We also don’t know the full extent of what’s changed. Right now it’s small stuff, but maybe there’s a lot more to it that we’ll see in the next episode. Origami’s new spirit armor looks pretty cool and she seems crazy strong. Kurumi’s powers are kind of vague, or my memory is just that awful, but they’re on about the same level. Maybe Shido will have to date and seal her without any fighting. I think it’s safe to say that real tragedy of this new plot is that Origami has long hair. We need to solve this stat.

I’ve mentioned this once but I need to say it again. What the hell is the soundtrack for this show? I can’t tell if I’m just paying too much attention, but that scene in the beginning with the bikini’s… First off, that is not practicing good kitchen safety. But the soundtrack… It was like… animal crossing? Or maybe circus music? So bizarre. And compared to the heavy music at the end of the episode too. The comedy-drama balance is so funky. Also, how do you end up in this position, like, ever? The loli brigade doesn’t play around.

Also, November 3rd is my birthday. So now I’ll always associate this show with my birthday. I have yet to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.