I have a hundred and one questions and while i’m being assured they will all be answered in the second half of the series, that does nothing to comfort me in the here and now.
We’ll get more into my questions later, let’s look at this episode. It begins from Giorno’s point of view of the events at the end of the last episode, following the ladybug that was attached to the boss. Speaking to Bruno on the phone and noticing that there was something off. He notices something is off when chunks of time around him seeming to vanish. Narancia eating chocolate that he hadn’t eaten yet, Fugo having water that Giorno didn’t have time to hand him, a dead fish eaten by cats that moved across Giorno’s lap that he didn’t see.
These are all byproducts of King Crimson’s ability.

This leads me to my first question of the episode. Exactly what is the range of King Crimsons abilities? Are the casting range and the effect range different? In the episode later, Bruno moves out of the casting range for King Crimsons abilities, but he is still closer then the rest of the gang when they were hit with the effects.
I’ve been told that King Crimson’s abilities are complicated, at their base though I understand them. He can create a space of time in the next 5 to 10 seconds where only he is aware of the movements around him and eliminate that time from existence. Things still happen, people still move and cats will still eat their fish but nobody will be aware of it except for him. At least, that’s how I understand it anyway.

King Crimson’s abilities give him the upper hand in the fight against Bruno, however Bruno is cunning and as always is willing to give his own life to complete his mission. He uses Sticky Fingers to take Trish and escape to the first floor of the building, however, he is extremely injured at this point and when Giorno finds him. He attempts to heal him with Golden Experience and recreate the parts of his body that are injured, however, he’s too late and Bruno Bucciarati is dead. Psyche, nope, he’s not dead.
Or is he?

Is this Bruno a zombie? Is this a product of Golden Experience? Is there another Stand at work? Perhaps Trish’s stand? Why is he suddenly not dead? Why isn’t he bleeding? Why can’t he feel pain? WHAT IS HAPPENING? I’M SO CONFUSED.

Well Bruno, or his zombie or whatever the hell is going on. Escapes from the building along with Giorno, Trish and the rest of the gang. The boss knows that even with King Crimson’s ability, if he attempts to take on all six of the stand users in the group that someone will discover his identity. So he is just going to have to mark them as traitors and let this work itself out over a period of time, rather then take them on here and now.
Speaking of being marked as a traitor, Bruno looks right as his men and explains that he won’t force them to come with him. He knows he’s marked himself as a traitor and that it is very dangerous for them and he will hold them to no obligation to stay with him.

Of course, since he joined with the intent to be a traitor from the beginning. Giorno is willing to go with him first, besides, he broke the orders from the boss first and marked himself as a traitor in helping Bruno to begin with. So he never had a choice.

Abbacchio is the second one to step up and join the group of traitors, saying that the only place he’d ever felt at ease was with Bruno. The next one is Mista, who believes in Bruno and says that he would never pick a fight that he didn’t think they had a chance of winning. So he would join in and when they brought down the boss and made the organization their own, he would become a capo.
This leaves Narancia and Fugo.

Honestly, I was a little scared as the credits started to roll that Narancia wouldn’t choose to join them. I haven’t been subtle in the fact that he is one of my favorite characters in this part [the other being Bruno], but instead of choosing a safe life where he isn’t marked as a traitor. He instead marks himself as my favorite character once again, as the boat begins to leave with the others. Narancia sees the blood leaking from Trish’s wrist and in Trish, he sees himself. He sees someone who has been abandoned and hurt.
“She is me, her wound is my wound.”
As he dives into the water and swims out to the boat crying out for them to take him along and how he relates to Trish. I was so proud of his decision, even if it came late. They stop the boat and pull him aboard and the only one left behind in all of this is Fugo.
I understand his decision, but deep down I can’t feel like there is something wrong with that. In particular after Bruno was so absolutely kind to him and saved his life. I get that it’s a big deal to become a traitor, you are absolutely putting your life on the line and it’s beyond dangerous. There is very little realistic chance that they are going to leave Venice alive at this rate and I can’t rationally blame Fugo for not wanting to go along with that. That does not stop me from being slightly bitter about it though.

God, I have so many questions and all my friend that read the manga will do is look at me sadly and go “I hope you enjoyed the happy part of the series.”
Next week is another ‘special episode’ so we have to wait two weeks for proper new Jojo content and for any of my questions to start being answered, I think we’re also finally due for our new opening with the themes of the story changed and Fugo missing from the group.


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  1. In my opinion, King Crimson’s ability is similar to The World, The World can stop the time of whole world but if Dio want to attack the enemy he needs to get close to the enemy. Same goes for King Crimson , Boss can eliminate the time anywhere, but he needs to get close to the Bruno and Giorno in order to attack them while using stand power. A stand’s range usually means how far that the Stand away from the user, such as Purple Haze’s poison affects in the radius of three meters, and the range of Purple Haze is five meters.

  2. BigFire

    King Crimson’s Erase Time doesn’t have a range. EVERYONE in the world will experience it. The limitation is how far into the future he can foresee, which is about 10 seconds. Within those 10 seconds, everyone except King Crimson and its user are locked into the future he have already seen.

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