Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 24: Notorious B.I.G.

He’s big, but there’s no way in hell I’m calling him Big Poppa. Carne looks like the cryptid version of Pesci, and I don’t fuck with that.

Gross. And I hate that his name is Carne, which means meat. And…yeah, that’s a lot of meat on him and…okay, I’ll stop.

So what’s the lesson we’ve learned after watching five parts of Jojo? Airplanes are always a bad idea. ALWAYS. Something terrible happens in planes, but this time Joseph isn’t involved. Wanting to take a plane to Sardinia, the gang make absolutely sure no one was in the plane or around them until Narancia noticed someone approaching them from afar. A strange man that didn’t speak or do anything but was suspicious nonetheless. Mista ended up shooting him down easily, but Giorno went up to him to make sure he was dead. With no other problem other than that strange incident, they all head into the plane and leave with Abbacchio flying it with skills he learned in a movie. Totally not terrifying.

Trish and Bruno share a conversation and he tells her what he thinks happened between the Boss and her mother. That they met before he became a gangster, then once he did become one he had to leave and disappear without a trace. Trish mentions a beautiful resort called Cala di Volpe where they met, which is somewhere they can start. Her mother never even knew his name so either he was extremely secretive, or it was a one time thing. Thankfully from this point on, Trish becomes more of a character which I’m very happy about. This whole journey is related to her and her father so of course she would be more involved in it and not just the silent girl in the background. She’s even seeing the sacrifice the guys are making on this journey of betrayal and commends them for their reasons for doing this: which is them doing what they think is right, not something that she can totally understand. Understanding her position, it makes sense she feels this way. It’s nice that she’s getting more screentime and will get even more next episode. My pretty pink daughter deserves it!

The strange stand this time around is Notorious BIG, a gross flesh stand that is activated once their user dies, that was brought on the plane accidentally by Giorno who brought Carne’s fingers. Even though they disposed of it, it did what it had to do. They react to movement and will latch onto anything moving the fastest. Giorno realizes this when the stand moves around when someone else in the plane does. He was also able to know the name of the stand and how it works because it was written there. Annoying that the subtitles didn’t translate since it added to the creepiness, but what some of it said was (thanks to Google):

Potremmo essere divorati da un morto. Aiutateci! = We could be devoured by a dead person. Help us!

E una energia che si genera dopo essere morto. Un energia che neanche lui stesso aveva mai visto. = It is an energy that is generated after being dead. An energy that even he himself had never seen.

E gia un morto. Percio non possiamo ucciderlo. = He’s already dead. So we can’t kill him.

Aiuto. Per favore. Non ce la faccio piu… Prima di morire, desidererei mangiare per ultima volta una pizza della mia citta natale, Neapolis. = Help. Please. I can’t take it anymore … Before dying, I would like to eat a pizza from my hometown of Neapolis (Naples) for the last time.

Really creepy, but what doesn’t make sense is the stand’s ability. It goes into action when it’s stand user dies, so how the heck did Carne learn that he could only use his Stand once dead? That means he’s never used the stand since the writing on the plane said so, so again, how did he really know? It doesn’t really make any sense and I don’t think we’re going to get answers. Just one of those Jojo things you have to accept.

Poor Giorno took the brunt of the attack. With the stand on his arm, Mista shot his arm off. But once he moved Mista got hurt, and once Narancia attacked, the same happened. To protect Trish running for safety, Giorno attacked again with his other arm and it latched onto him. It was a crazy and bold move, but he ripped his arm off on the broken window to send the stand away. But it left him horrible injured and out of commission as he needs his arm to use Gold Experience. At least that’s what he wants us to think, because he actually managed to recreate his arm in one of his ladybugs before he ripped his off. Unforunately, Trish is alone in the cabin with the stand that came right back because it doesn’t necessarily detect human movement. It’s also following the movement of the plane. And that jump scare actually got me even though I saw it coming. :/

With Giorno, Mista, and Narancia in the turtle and Bruno busy talking to Abbacchio, Trish is on her own against this stand. This was a really gross and gruesome episode and it’s only going to get more crazy. Next episode ought to be very spicy. 😉

Jojo Fun Facts:

  • The Notorious BIG, also known as Biggie Smalls, a very famous rapper that I think most people know. Very talented, great music. Gross stand.


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