Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 10

For the past several episodes, it feels like so much is happening that it’s actually hard for me to keep track of everything. But that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. Especially since this episode proved just how good the freaking Body Improvement Club really is.

The episode starts off where last ep left off with Teru down with a fever out of shock over his loss. Hilariously enough, he also got a fever after his first fight with Mob. Despite his character growth from last season, he still has an ego issue. He’s still putting himself in such high regards and I feel like his utter defeat was well needed for him to continue growing. How many times do you gotta be knocked down a peg or two, Teru? The guy is completely down in the dumps from his defeat and it isn’t until Reigen decides to bring the fight to Claw (even though it’s mostly because of fire insurance) that Teru realizes that he was the only one being overly negative. Still love ya, Teru.

In another corner of the fighting zone we have Sho’s little entourage. I found Sho’s little talk with Ritsu somewhat interesting. As he tells Ritsu that he has more latent power than his brother. Which as we all know is complete bull and Ritsu knows it too. Though it seems like Sho was trying to give Ritsu a little confidence boost as he’s doing the same thing by saying he is more powerful than his dad. There is definitely a lot of animosity between Sho and his dad and I wonder what could have happened that caused Sho to rebel. Considering the two were having a decent chat with each other over the phone in the season 1 finale. It seemed like they were on the same side at that point. Though maybe Sho was just trying to lure his dad out and was already planning to defeat him. But I guess that remains to be seen.

Reigen’s plans are put into motion and a couple groups are dispatched to try and infiltrate the get to the main base. While Teru is trying his best to act as a distraction, a familiar face appears. I actually forgot about Takeuchi. I knew there were a couple of former scars missing but this guy completely slipped my mind. Though it was probably because we didn’t really get to see what he was capable of in the first season besides changing his face shape when he’s serious.

I’m also pretty curious about the former shut-in. Since he seems like the only one that has doubts in what Claw is doing, rightfully so. At first I just pegged him as someone who is just naively following Touchirou, but it seems like there is a possibility that he may switch sides eventually. Especially since we find out that he actually held back when attacking Joseph in the last episode. But during Touchirou’s little speech about how he can be so positive, I couldn’t help but think this guy is just beyond impudent. He doesn’t care about what others’ feel and only has faith in his own abilities. Not to mention the guy believes the world is already his because he believes in it. This guy needs a salt punch in the face and a reality check by Reigen. Those two probably will be at odds and I’m excited to see what will happen.

Speaking of Reigen, the man ended up in quite the predicament. As Claw found their base and Reigen was forced to take Mob and hide, though he was almost immediately found because they could sense Mob’s esper abilities. But man, the fact that Reigen still had the cologne that Sakurai had back in season one was great and it actually came in very handy. Dimple wasn’t kidding when he said that Reigen is very lucky. The man truly is BEYOND lucky. However, luck certainly wasn’t on his side when the big guy, Shibata comes in and seemingly becomes more berserk each time Reigen tries to use the spray on him.

But Dimple proves to be once again MVP of this episode as he takes control of Mob’s unconscious body to dodge Shibata’s punch. Though I’m wondering why he didn’t do this in the first place. Anyways, after a scene of awesome fighting choreography from Dimple (as per usual), he unfortunately gets caught and nearly ends up in a really bad position. Though his shoe flying off saved him and I nearly died of laughter at how Mob’s body just gets flung everywhere except where Reigen is (who was supposed to catch him). I know I shouldn’t be laughing but the scene was just too good and too hilarious not to laugh. He was fine, so it was fine in the end.

Unfortunately, same cannot be said for all the different groups fighting. Despite the strength of these different groups, I couldn’t help but feel extremely worried for them. Yes, these guys were freaking powerful when they were the enemies, but the new enemies seem to surpass them by quite the margin. And I got even more anxious when they all started to get overpowered and cornered. First it seems like Terada is betraying the group. Though I have a feeling he may be bluffing to fool the enemy. But I couldn’t be totally wrong. Sho’s entourage is in danger and the underground group is ambushed by Shimazaki. Everyone is in a tight situation and I hope they all make it out. I’m especially worried for the kids from the Awakening Lab as none of them have any fighting prowess and could easily be taken as hostages. Please protect these small children…

And in yet another segway of protecting small children, I was NOT really for what was about to transpire between Shibata and the body improvement club. And thank GOODNESS for these precious boys because they were able to catch Mob after Dimple got uppercutted out of Mob’s body when he protected Tsubomi while she was freaking taking a video of Shibata. GURL NOW IS NOT THE TIME BUT IT IS SO REAL. This last scene had to be the best part of the episode. We already knew the body improvement club was amazing, but the way they desperately tried to protect Mob from Shibata was just… UGH MY FEELS. These poor boys try so hard to protect Mob, but most of the time they end up getting blown away by psychics. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE THEY HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG. ALL OF THEM ARE JUST GOOD BOYS.

But the moment that just won it all had to be when Musashi was desperately trying to prevent Shibata from crushing Mob’s head, using his entire body as a shield. Not only that, but the entire time while protecting him, Musashi talks about how inspiring Mob was for all of his hard work. You can hear his bones just crushing under the pressure and I couldn’t help but wince every time I heard them snap. It was heartbreaking, especially when he expresses how he refuses to let Mob’s example be trampled by someone like Shibata. MUSASHI IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD SOMEONE PLEASE PROTECT HIM FROM THESE CRAZY PSYCHICS.

For one moment, I totally thought Musashi was going to gain psychic powers or something due to the esper fighting music playing in the background. However, it was even BETTER that Dimple took over his body to expand his muscles to 100%. I absolutely love the part where you hear Musashi’s voice transition from his own to Dimple’s. It was so subtle, BUT IT JUST BROUGHT THE HYPE. And it showed that fake muscles produced by psychic steroids were absolutely no match for natural muscles that have been developed for years. And it was touching that Dimple admitted that Mob was right about how psychic powers can’t make you truly physically strong. It just shows that Mob is also teaching Dimple certain things, changing his own perspective little by little. If not for Mob, I feel like Dimple wouldn’t have used Musashi to fight Shibata. Considering Dimple always emphasized how more powerful it is to develop psychic powers rather than physical strength. And when Dimple took over Musashi’s body, even he was surprised by how much power he was able to use.

Man this episode made me super on edge. I felt like I was just worried for the well-being of everyone the entire way through. I’m still freaking worried. But I’m glad that Body Improvement Club seems to be doing alright after that entire ordeal (I could have sword Musashi’s arms were broken oh my gosh). I’m also glad Mob seems to be okay as well considering his body was tossed around like a bag of potatoes A LOT during this episode while he was unconscious. But thankfully he’s finally awake and I’m sure he’s going to give Claw a run for their money.

Though I was kind of disappointed we didn’t get to see Tsubomi’s reaction to Mob/Dimple getting in the way of Shibata before being blasted off into the sky. Oh well…

On a different note, it seemed like a bunch of people are pretty disappointed that the “gun scene” didn’t happen. I checked to see what the heck everyone was complaining about and when I saw the panels where Dimple pulls a gun on Shibata, it seemed… out of place and unnecessary. So I’m glad Bones didn’t do that because it really didn’t add anything besides shock value. I might have to read the manga to see what the real significance of it was, if any.

Also, was it just me or did Touchirou look like Izzy from Digimon when he was younger???

I mean, look at him.


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