Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 11

Holy crap was this episode good. It honestly should have been called the Episode of Awesome Consecutive Fights or something like that because all of the fight scenes were just AMAZING. So much happened this episode but it felt so well paced where everything just flowed seamlessly together and I didn’t feel lost at all. Also I apologize that this will be a long post. I JUST HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT.

I’m honestly really glad to see that Teru’s group wasn’t done in like it had seemed especially after Terada claimed to have been a mole, only to reveal he had duped both groups and was with the good guys the whole time. Though it was hilarious that Teru constricted him while one of the twins had to use a lie detector ability to make sure he really was on their side. And can I just say how freaking proud I am of the espers from the awakening lab? Here I thought they were still the little weaklings from season 1, but they managed to show me up by demonstrating just how hard they have been working to strengthen their skills. They have certainly come a long way and I’m glad they got to show a little of their stuff this season.

But man did Ritsu get a BEATING from Shimazaki. This little tousle was a lot more violent than the first one with Teru. Though I guess Shimazaki was more or less just playing around with Teru that time since he just needed to kidnap the prime minister. On one hand, did you really think you could win, Ritsu? Don’t get me wrong, Ritsu is more powerful than your average esper, compared to the ones at the Awakening Lab initially. However, Shimazaki is a full grown man who probably has went through years honing his skills. Along with two very powerful abilities, Ritsu really didn’t stand a chance. And it was sad because I had really grown to like Ritsu and seeing him get beaten so badly was hard to watch. Even if the cinematography was on point… However, what I love about Ritsu is the amount of character development he went through since season 1. As he comes to realize that he looked up to Mob not because of his powers, but it was his determination to give everything he did everything he had. And that’s freaking beautiful.

While on the other hand with Sho, him suplexing one of main five into defeat was just a gift. The guy came off as the pre-boss before the final boss only to be beaten in a second of his appearance. And what was the cherry on the top was Sho was still thinking about how he was going to defeat his dad during this. He didn’t even give this guy a single thought! So much for this guy being one of the Big Five.

Otherwise, I dunno, I’m not a huge fan of Sho. Maybe it’s because of his cocky attitude. And while I know part of it is him just trying to hype himself up, since it would do him no good to think lesser of himself in this situation. But it also feels like he’s not being very responsible as he’s just kind of throwing himself into the lion’s den without that much of a plan. Especially when he fired off that charged blast he had been saving for three months. Did he really expect to beat his dad so easily? Maybe we’ll get more backstory on him to help me be a little more sympathetic towards him. In any case, I expected his plan to backfire pretty badly. Which it did.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Mob again in this episode? He specifically goes through a list of whether or not these espers can make the things you find a convenience store all the while stating how much work goes into making them. And he brings up a great point on an almost pointless subject. Mob sees the amount of work and effort that goes into making things, even everyday things we take for granted most of the time. And for someone to just steal these things is like trampling over that person’s hard work. The moral of not being special just because you have powers is brought up again because, even if you do have a special talent or ability, what good is it really if you don’t do anything with it? Especially since it’s how you use your gift that makes it special. But dang, if Minegishi hadn’t shown up, Mob would have definitely knocked some heads because he knows how important it is to not use your psychic abilities for yourself or to force your will on others. He wanted to make the lesson known since what these espers were doing would only hurt others.

I actually cheered when Matsuo showed up to aid Mob in his fight because I’m all about having more of the Former Claw members aid our heroes. And after his help in the Mogami arc, it was nice to see him again. SPEAKING OF MOGAMI OH MY GOSH. I legit forgot about him for a hot second as I dumbly thought: What spirit can’t Mogami control??? And when that familiar ominous figure showed up I was like: …Oh. I did not expect to see Mogami again this season and BOY did he make a big reentrance. I also think this may be the first time we see people die in this series as Mogami legit steals the life energy of those Claw espers. I also appreciate the frantic arm wavements Minegishi did before attempting to fight off the evil spirit. In that little detail, we can just see how terrified he is in his body language and with good reason. As soon as Mogami came back, that bright day became dark and ominous red.

When Mob told Mogami to stop, I honestly thought: why not let him rampage and take down all the Claw espers? Though in hindsight that definitely would not be the best thing to do so Mob definitely has a better head on his shoulders than me. Though it would be really interesting to see Mogami square off the with the Claw leader.

Anyways, Mogami constantly feels like he’s testing Mob on a moral level, giving him situations that aren’t easy to answer or get out of. However, what I love about Mob is that while he sticks with his ideals, he isn’t above taking what Mogami has to say to heart and learning from them. Despite his very naive take on having faith in one another to get through life, there is a large truth backing it. Because honestly, we can only go so far on our own. We need others to grow beside and if we can’t do that, there is no hope. Mob believes in the hope that people can and will change and it even strikes a cord with Mogami a little despite him scolding him a little that certain things cannot be solved with kindness. He even leaves Mob with some parting advice of being hard on people is necessary and if can do that, he will be invincible. Which is some pretty solid and almost hopeful advice coming from the man that wanted Mob to just destroy everything initially. It always feels like both are learning and growing from one another in small ways and I feel like Mob’s hope in change finally started to rub off on Mogami. And while he seemingly disappeared, I don’t particularly trust the guy is gone since you have to be at peace to pass on, to which I feel like Mogami just doesn’t have the will for that. And can I just bring up the part where Mob brings up that people should believe in each other and when Mogami relents, light suddenly starts to shine on Mob’s face. MOB BRINGS HOPE TO A DARK SITUATION.

Also, I 100% relate to Mob saying “I’m not very good at that” about being hard on people. You definitely have to develop some thick skin for that, especially towards those you care about.

NOW LET ME TALK ABOUT MY FAVORITE PART OF THE EPISODE. Now, all of the fight scenes in this episode were gloriously choreographed and animated. However, my absolute favorite fight had to be hands down between the former Claw members, Teru, Ritsu and Shimazaki. I honestly felt like last episode’s fight with Shimada, while it had the right emotional impact, felt like it was a little lackluster. But when these sequences came up in the episode I was like: WHOOP THERE IT IS. The type of beautifully crafted fight scenes I know Mob Psycho is known for. Fast paced and allowing you to see every movement and impact with little to no cut corners. The camera work of showing the POV of each character was masterfully done and I just loved finally getting to see the ex-Claw members strut their stuff. Even if they were bashed around by a single guy. It just showed just how dangerous and powerful this one member of the Big Five really was.


Especially when Shimazaki started beating up on Teru again. And I thought his fight with Ritsu was brutal. Oh no, he was out to obliterate Teru this time around and it was TERRIFYING. However, I’m glad that Teru was able to turn it around after he figured out the pattern behind Shimazaki’s attacks. This boy definitely needed a win after several brutal beatings he got prior. Even taking note on how he relied on his powers too much and even calling him just an ordinary man, something he definitely learned from the first season after his fight with Mob. Shimazaki is definitely a prime example of what Teru could have become if he stayed in his own world, viewing himself as the greatest esper out there. And it was awesome to see Teru just kick this guy’s view of himself to the curb. Which is then proceeded by a satisfying beatdown from all the former Claw members. This whole scene was just so good with all the dynamic camera angles and just being able to see all of the action and where it’s coming from and where it goes. Man I love this series. Every hit and impact felt like there was weight behind it, making it believable.

However, I think the greatest standing moment had to come after Shimazaki got back on his feet and retaliated using his Mind’s Eye. At first it makes it seem like all is lost until Mob enters the scene. And then it feels like: OH BOY WE GONNA HAVE AN ULTIMATE ESPER SHOWDOWN HERE. Basically just hyping the expectation of Mob going against Shimazaki. Only for Reigen to casually walk up to the guy and BEAT THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIM while shouting “self defence.” Since Shimazaki blocked out everything in his vision besides espers, he couldn’t see Reigen. I think what just nailed the moment on its head was that Shimazaki thought Reigen was powerful enough to hide his esper’s presence. THE LIE JUST KEEPS GETTING BIGGER AND IT’S GREAT. Reigen was only in this episode for like 2 minutes and he stole the show again!

I love this show. I love this show so much. This episode was just so good. Not just because of the awesome action Bones yet again masterfully produced, but because we got to see the character growth from Mob, Teru and Ritsu as well. Especially when Mob traumatized Shimazaki with just saying a few things to him and also telling the others to stay back to let him handle things because he doesn’t want them to get hurt any further. But I am so glad that Mob is finally reassured that his parents and Ritsu are fine. Because this poor boy has gone through so much and is going to go through more since there are only two more episodes in this season. I’m glad he was able to get some levity during this dire situation. I’m definitely excited to see how the next two episodes will play out because things are definitely going to get even more serious because Reigen is holding a freaking gun in the preview.


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