Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 9

Oooookaaaayyyy… You don’t understand how RELIEVED I am to find that Mob’s parents are not dead. But man, it felt like a lot of things happened but in reality not much did. Mob is certainly picking up the pace as the series is heading into its climax.

I have to admit, I really appreciated Dimple in this episode. Though to be honest, I’ve been appreciating Dimple a lot more this entire season. But anyways, Dimple has been constantly acting as a voice of reason for Mob this season, even more so than Reigen. In the moment where Mob nearly lost it after seeing the remains of his “family”, but Dimple (despite lying in the moment) was able to calm him down. Props to Dimple this season for being such a mental and emotional support. Despite Dimple claiming he just wants to control Mob from the shadows, this guy has gone above and beyond simple manipulation. He is looking out for Mob’s emotional and mental state, being a support that keeps Mob grounded and not spiral out of control. And honestly, if Dimple hadn’t done what he had done, who knows what would have happened if Mob were to go berserk in that moment considering how destructive we know he’s capable of being.

I actually really liked the part where Mob uses some sort of tracking ability to find the guys responsible for setting his house of fire. Mob has shown to be able to pick up on different abilities really fast, even when it’s his first time trying it. Such as overriding the command signal on the vines and have an out of body experience. Mob really is a force to be reckoned with.

But man, I’m not sure how I feel about Mob’s 100% Obsessed mode. He felt extremely different compared to his usual self. Going as far to go after and beat up the guys who set his house on fire. Which is a HUGE difference from his usual self where he never actively goes after someone with violent intentions. But if Dimple had not calmed him down, they probably would have died. So they better be counting their blessings. 100% obsession is kind of scary as it is shown that Mob has a one track mind and will not deter from his initial goal. As he just flings the psychics to the side when he sees that they are not capable of dummies of his family.

One of the tropes that I love seeing in anime is when former antagonists team up with the protagonists to defeat the bigger evil. And that’s exactly what I got from the former Claw members that were OWNED in season 1. I’m actually glad we get to see them as allies because they were a very interesting and likeable cast once you get them out of their own little worlds as Reigen put it. Though it is a little hard to overlook some of their crimes and I found myself giggling when Mob was just glaring at the two former Claw members after he got in their car. Mob’s little band of misfits is ever growing and I’m glad these guys came on board. Though I’m glad that the complete loons and psychopaths from the division didn’t make it here, such as that pyro maniac and the illusion guy. Especially the illusion guy. He freaked me out.

But man, it was like a Season One reunion with the former Claw members and the guys from the Awakening Lab at the little hideout. Even more hilarious that Reigen was heading it. Speaking of Reigen, he did a great job giving Mob the reassurance he desperately needed, telling him that he believed his family was alive and well. While he did kind of piggyback off of Dimple’s lie, he could tell that Mob just needed to rest and give himself a break. To which the poor baby passed out right after feeling a wave of relief. If his family really was dead… hoo boy, that probably would have bitten Reigen really hard later on. And despite that, he took the risk for Mob’s current sake.

It’s both hilarious and touching that the former claw members took what Reigen said to heart and were trying to start a new honest life. And also viewing Reigen as this amazing person after the whole fiasco with that press conference. Thus making him the leader of the organization that is trying to stand against Claw. Better Reigen than anyone else I suppose. Though when Reigen said they should probably contact the police after finding out about Claw’s plan had a pretty hilarious reaction from the others. All of them had a look of “we made a mistake” painted on their faces.

And then we have the true head of Claw show his face. Suzuki Toichiro proclaims war on the world and honestly hearing him say that in this series, it really DOES sound super childish. Reigen has rubbed off on me it seems. But it seems like not very many people were taking his claims seriously either. The internet was just bashing him right and left as a hoax while Shinra continued eating peacefully while watching the broadcast. Only a few people seemed shaken by this declaration. I mean, in this day and age, how would you react to someone proclaiming world domination?

We finally get to see the continuation of what happened after Sho turned up at Mob’s house. And apparently he sent Mob and Ritsu’s parents off to a free hot springs vacation to get them out of harm’s way. I was not expecting this, considering the look of insanity he had when he first appeared. The bait and switch was real… However, Ritsu makes a very valid point over if Sho did something to really piss Mob off. Which could be foreshadowing of what may come to pass if Mob finds out it was Sho that tricked him. I guess it all depends on what kind of mood Mob is in. Though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised over Sho acting as sort of an ally due to the opening. But you never know. The kid does seem a bit… unstable at times. Though I did find it hilarious how mortified he was after his dad pulled “I’m going to take over the world” announcement. It’s like a more twisted version of a parent embarrassing their kids.

Back at Claw HQ, things seemed to be getting serious as a mutiny occured within the forces. Though they were quickly dealt with, showcasing the power of the Ultimate Five that Toichiro had nominated. However, the one that stood out the most was definitely Shimazaki for being a stud freaking powerful. Voiced by none other than Sasuke Uchiha. This guy is OP as all heck with his ability to predict movements and attack despite being blind. Along with being able to teleport with outstanding speed, which he used to kidnap the Prime Minister. And judging from the Prime Minister’s reaction, it seems like even he didn’t really believe the world domination slogan Claw was coining.

But man did I miss Teru fights. I’m not sure why I’m always excited to see Teru nowadays. He’s not even my favorite, but I suppose he has been growing on me. Especially when you look back at how he was at the beginning of season 1. He’s become a good boy, if not still a little cocky. Now that I think about it, his haircut makes him look like Naruto… WHICH MEANS IT WAS A NARUTO VS SASUKE FIGHT. I’m sorry… I had to. ANYWAYS, Teru seems to have developed a lot more battle prowess from when we last saw him. Being able to use pyrokinesis and being able to produce several barriers over each other. Unfortunately, Teru can never win with a cocky attitude and got his butt handed to him on a silver platter. And while I’m always down for a good Teru fight, the boy was severely outclassed by Shimazaki. Thankfully he’s not dead, but just put out of commission for a while and was picked up by Sakurai and Koyama afterwards.

Episode was pretty simple while setting up a lot of things to get ready for the climax of the season. However, the most concerning thing I found was this was the first time we see regular people react to psychics. Though I guess you can count the middle school thugs who got beat by Ritsu and Koyama, but it seems like they were mostly oblivious to the supernatural powers going on. In any case, I feel like regular people were vaguely aware of psychics, but I don’t think they expected these people to hold such a great amount of power. If they did, I don’t think they would be letting them run around all willy nilly. Not sure if this series will go into the direction of people being fearful of psychics after the Claw invasion, but we’ll see. Hopefully Mob will wake up soon.


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