This weeks’ spotlight was on Madoka, and I must say I am quite pleased with how they went about it. We were able to learn a lot about how she struggles to cope with her father’s pressure of always being perfect, and the suffocating lifestyle of a flurry of lessons right after school (archery, flower arrangement, tutor, tea ceremony and piano! AND THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT!). Interestingly, Madoka never considered her lifestyle to be a busy one until she met the girls and became a precure. Finding time  for herself, spending with her friends or hanging out just about anywhere outside of her own home can be difficult due to her amount of responsibilities she must complete. The girls were shocked when they learned she has never been to the Shopping Distinct before, nor has she tried the local’s famous delicacy, Star Doughnuts!

And we saw her perfect composure starting to crumble as she grows frustrated with her father’s criticism and feeling like she isn’t able to properly contribute to the group. We see her nodding off, being out of the sorts, wearing mix-matched socks, in daze, and while both Hikaru and Elena had both noticed something as amiss, it was Hikaru who made the initiative to step in and steal Madoka away to help her get a change of pace. And while they conveniently ended the episode before Madoka returned home, this is one of the times I agree with Hikaru’s decision to step in. Madoka desperately needed that change of pace, something to get the mind off the pressure of maintaining absolute perfection for the household. Being able to take a step back and have a breather for an exchange will certain help her regain her focus and efficiency that has gone astray.

Another thing I liked was how for once, we have Student Council President character who we witness struggle with the weight and amount of responsibilities on their shoulders. While Madoka has proven she is fully capable, it’s nice to see them shed the light on their vulnerabilities, as many of these type of characters are often portrayed to be flawless in just about everything they do. It does a lot to flesh them out and makes them more relatable.

Of all the episode so far, I would say this is my favourite one to date. I always thought Madoka was an endearing girl and had hoped to learn more about her, and I’m pleased with how well they delivered! I also appreciated seeing the girls forming a better strategy by understanding what kind of roles suit them best for combat. I also liked that instead of grabbing the pen out of the enemy’s hand, we actually got to see Madoka snipe it, which I liked better than the whole snatch approach. Needless to say, I hope the enemy would stops holding the damn thing and figure out a more secure way to keep it in their possession!

Next week, the girls are off to another planet, and it looks like the enemy will be getting a buff up of their own. I’m not sure if this will be their first boss fight, but as long as they stick to the usual pattern it is bound to happen between Ep 10 and 12! Hopefully this time their visit to the planet and their fight (thanks to the buff up) will be a lot more interesting than their last trip!


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  1. elior1

    this was my feivorite episode so far it nice to see madoka struggle since most of the time thos characters feel flawless. and yes I don’t think next episode will be their first boss fight as well

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