The duel we all knew was coming happened in today’s episode, the long anticipated fight between Eugeo and Kirito. I’ll be honest, it was a bit underwhelming compared to the previous fights (mostly because they were so good), but it was solid. Not the flashiest like Fanatio vs Kirito, or as emotional as Eugeo vs Synthesis One, but still decent. I was half convinced this wasn’t Eugeo they were fighting but a doppelganger of sorts, since Alice pointed out how it was impossible for a novice to have learned such advanced arts in such a short time span. Eugeo even whips out the burst element straight into Kirito’s face, and if Sword Art was a more gorey show, Kirito’s head would definitely have holes in it.

The fight ends with Kirito stirring up Eugeo’s memories, forcing him to use his enhance armement and freezing the battlefield. However, it’s quite clear that something is up with his head since his eyes are constantly shrouded, a dead giveaway when it comes to anime. Another hint is how the blue roses aren’t blooming, indicating that Eugeo didn’t plan to kill them at all. He returns to Quinella, who removes the memory core from Eugeo’s head, at which point it becomes painfully obvious that Eugeo has returned to the good side. I was just a bit thrown off by how he gave in at first, but now he’s returned to his senses. Quinella herself is surprised at Eugeo’s treachery, and removes her clothes for fanservice’s sake. Seriously, I cannot see why she has to be naked for the entirety of their conversation. ‘I’m hoping there’s some form of explanation.

In a rather stunning fashion, Eugeo throws himself at Quinella, determined to take her down. Unfortunately for him, she uses Rho Aias from Fate, and Eugeo only manages to shatter through with will power. Now I’m calling a bit of hacks here since this is an extremely ancient sacred arts user, who should have no trouble reflecting someone like Eugeo, but perhaps she hasn’t had to fight in forever since the Integrity Knights would always handle the situation. Nevertheless, Eugeo breaks through the shield but is sent flying away by the same burst element that he used on Kirito. This wind sends him flying into the wall, and things are looking grim when the cavalry arrives!

Alice and Kirito ascend from the lower floor, and the final showdown is drawing near. Alice takes control of her fear of Quinella, and stands her ground, even going as far as to accusing Quinella of endangering the Human Empire for her own benefits. Eugeo is relieved that his friends have arrived, but perhaps even more so because Kirito is acting the same way even though Eugeo just betrayed them.

The biggest yikes part of the episode comes from Chudelkin begging Quinella to let him sleep with her, which is honestly just weird. I’m not sure why every season of Sword Art needs someone like this guy to be nothing but weird and very creepy. Whatever, he should be either dead or gone within the next two episodes since I can’t see Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice really losing to anything but Quinella herself.

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  1. zztop

    If you think Quinella and Chudelkin are freaks, wait until the 2nd half of the Alicization arc introduces even freakier folks.

  2. Vamoss

    After watching the episode then coming here to read the review I can think of three reasons Quinella fights naked:
    1. Intimidation: While it may seem stupid at first, consider this: At this point both parties (Quinella And Kirito) know how Quinella came to power. Maybe it’s her way of saying “Come at me bro!” .
    2. Trickery: Her scenes with Eugeo portray her as an “Innocent” woman who just wants to love everyone (Except Chudelkin). Maybe when they hit her shell be like “H-How could you hit me!? I haven’t done anything wrong!” And manipulate Eugeo again. I mean…. It could happen.
    3. System Prevents Her From Wearing Clothes: This may seem stupid but consider this: Considering Quinellas a “Goddess” maybe the system is overloaded by her Object Control Authority (Don’t know if I got that right) and her “Divine-ness” overloads the system. It’s not impossible.

    The shows creators are into fanservice. Again. It’s not impossible.

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