Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 27: King Crimson vs. Metallica

Midnight’s at a con so I’ll be helping her out with this week’s episode. She’ll be back and take over next week!


I love how people are pissed off at Narancia but I can’t blame them. Risotto was so cool and he died in the most embarrassing way. Doppio/the Boss was too cunning, though.

Remember that really ugly Narancia episode? That was just so this episode could look as phenomenal as possible. I was really excited for this fight and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. It was creepy, gory, and intense. The art direction this episode was one of the best, especially with the color change at the end. Usually the color changes in Jojo are bright colors but the end with Risotto’s death was especially dark, matching the dark mood of Risotto’s defeat and Boss’ victory.

Doppio uses King Crimson’s ability to try and figure out Risotto’s movement, as he’s able to turn himself invisible. Even though they’re one and the same, Doppio isn’t used to using King Crimson’s ability so the fight becomes very terrifying. But once he’s able to figure it out more and slice off Risotto’s foot, he gains a new sense of confidence.

Risotto’s Stand is called Metallica, which comes in the form of these sort of cute-looking squiggly ghosts. Metallica’s ability is extremely cool and gruesome, where it can take control of iron in living things. There’s iron pretty much everywhere and anywhere, but the easiest and best way to get iron for an assassin like him is from the human body. The iron in blood. Taking control of the iron in the blood, he’s able to manipulate it and turn it into any metallic object like razor blades and scissors. On top of that, he’s also magnetic which is what forces the blades and scissors in Doppio to rip out of him. He also can hide himself with iron powder and make himself invisible. Metallica is one of the most terrifying stands because of this, and the possibility of deaths with its power is endless. The blades. the nails, the scissors. Oh god the scissor scene was horrific. A round of applause for David Pro for making the scene so disgusting, making Doppio’s skin stretch and rip as he pulled the scissors out. There are a lot of gruesome moments in Jojo but the way this scene was handled made it one of the most horrific, so much that it made me cringe and shiver.

The way Doppio figured out his ability thanks to the frog was smart, but again disgusting. Poor frog. Risotto’s stand gets even more scary as the more iron he uses up in a person’s body, the less oxygen the person has. Iron is what helps transport the oxygen around the human body, and without it the blood changes into this sickly yellow color and leaves the person breathless. No matter how hard he was breathing, Doppio couldn’t get any more oxygen. The anime did great in making him look physically weaker, especially with the color of the yellow blood. Also, thanks for the biology lesson, Risotto.

As an assassin, I can’t imagine how many times Risotto toyed with his victims. Did he kill them outright, or did he play with them and make them die by asphyxiation? Risotto got the reputation of being one of the most elusive assassins of the mafia and it’s real easy to see why. He’s just so damn cool, him and his stand! And his stand being named after such a great band too.

The whole fight looked like it was totally in Risotto’s favor, too. If Narancia hadn’t gotten involved, Part 5 would have ended a lot sooner. What Risotto didn’t consider though was Aerosmith. Aerosmith’s ability being related to oxygen and one’s breathing, while Doppio was breathing heavily he had very little oxygen. With Bruno and the gang making extra sure the enemy won’t attack them, Narancia sent Aerosmith to scan the area. And he was only able to find one person on the radar, which was Risotto. Doppio/Boss used this opportunity to send knives flying to Bruno and the gang, making Narancia use Aerosmith to find the enemy. With Risotto not even predicting this, right as he was about to send the finishing blow, he gets shot down. In a way, it’s really anticlimactic. Risotto definitely had the upper hand in the fight and to just be taken down out of chance by Narancia…hmm, I don’t know how I feel about that. Also because I just really like Risotto.

The flashback of La Squadra was a nice touch before Risotto died. It’s always nice seeing the villains as more of a team than just typical weekly bad guys. I wish we had seen more of it, but this was still good.

This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season, up there with the King Crimson reveal. It did everything right when it came to animation, direction, and OST. The voice actors are phenomenal too, Soma Saito is a great Doppio, and I wish Risotto’s seiyuu would do more stuff. I always love the deep rumbly voices. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) They adapted the fight very well, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Things are really going to speed up now, but it looks like David Pro is going to take another break I think next week. A little frustrating at this point, but if they’re going to make these last batch of episodes as good as this one, then I can wait.


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  1. BigFire says:

    Aerosmith is tracking CO2, not oxygen intake. Still Doppio is not taking in oxygen, and probably not exuding CO2.

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