Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 13 [Final Impressions]

MOB IS SUCH A GOOD BOY OH MY HEART UGH. Bones does it again with a magnificent finish to an awesome series with a powerful showing of fantastic animation. While I felt this last episode was a little too rushed for my liking, it was still an ending I can accept. I mean, considering how great this series has been up to this point, I can’t complain too much. In any case, let’s get into the review, shall we?

The episode picks up where it left off with Mob attempting to take out Touichirou in his 100% rage state. And holy crap was it unsettling to hear Mob start laughing and smile with that crazed look on his face when his powers started to take control of him. I feel like that was the first time he’s laughed and it was not at a pleasant moment. It honestly freaked me out as I was scared for what Mob was becoming during the fight. It was as if Touichirou was influencing him by just attacking him with his powers. DON’T TAINT MY BABY.

I’m thankful that Mob was able to snap himself out of his power high though after seeing Ritsu looking at him in horror. It was such a simple and short scene but I absolutely loved it. The sheer uncertainty and fear in Ritsu’s expression just made my heart hurt. Especially when Mob recalls the time where he ended up accidentally injuring Ritsu as kids, causing Mob to nearly have a mental breakdown in the middle of his fight. However, afterwards it just shows how much Mob has grown as he doesn’t condemn or look down on Touichirou for what he has become. He actually feels sorry for the guy (despite him being a complete psychopath) and even sympathizes with him. Mob knows how it feels to be trapped in your own world, living in complete solitude, in fear of hurting others. He must have been so lonely for so long… T^T

Precious baby even started crying for him… Not wanting to hurt him because he reminds him of him so much… all the while throwing massive buildings at him. Though I suppose at this point, he has no choice but to try and stop him with all he’s got. And man was the animation crazy during this scene. Bones… you are a godsend. But I can’t believe the amount of destruction this fight created. All those buildings that were thrown and destroyed… When a fight causes collateral damage, I can’t help but think “…It’s going to take so long to repair all of this.” I know it’s not the point, but it’s a very big concern I have when seeing stuff like this lol.

However, this had to be the first time that Mob is almost completely overwhelmed. He had a hard time with Mogami, but this had to be the first time that he just flat out gave up at one point. Mob has always been able to appeal to the hearts and reasoning of others, but Touichirou has just become a hardened shell of a man who just doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Though one of the most disturbing scenes happen when Mob starts to twist Touichirou’s body into a pretzel. To think that Mob would be pushed to his emotional limit that he figures he cannot reason or appeal to his heart, that he would use brute strength to force him to submit. It honestly made me feel sick to see that happen. It was as if Mob was letting go of his morality in that moment, allowing Touichirou’s rabid influence to take over his reasoning.

Thankfully, Mob regains his strength to keep fighting so he can protect his friends. And it was pretty nice to see 100% courage (aka bishounen) Mob come back to grace us with his beauty. I also got some All for One vs One for All vibes from that fist-to-fist punch Mob and Touichirou did. That punch even caused Mob’s arm to be messed up from the impact. And can we talk about what the heck happened to Touichirou? The guy became a literal monster and I’m assuming that his power just went out of control, just like Mob does when he reaches ??? status. However, it seems like it was a lot more unstable as the guy’s ability basically threatens to explode after 100% output. I actually didn’t really understand what was happening while watching so I had to look up that Touichirou’s biggest weakness was that his power gets harder to control the more he uses it.

And while I’ve said it so many times, I have to say it again. I love Mob so much. When Touichirou was at his limit, Mob finally has his chance to have a heart-to-heart with him. Finally finding the moment where Touichirou is most vulnerable and willing to listen. And honestly, I think sometimes in order for someone to listen, you need to wear them down and out first. As strange as that thought is. I love how Mob stays with him and forms a barrier around the both of them, essentially sacrificing himself to contain the explosion to save everyone in the city. And hearing him say “I’m the protagonist of my own life” just hit me so hard. He’s not just a mob character… SHIGEO KAGEYAMA IS THE PROTAGONIST OF HIS OWN LIFE. That made me so emotional and just an overwhelming proud feeling for how far Mob has come. For so long, this boy has always thought himself someone who isn’t worth anything and for him to say that… UGH HE’S SO GOOD. And the final verse the opening “your life is your own” rings true with these words. WOW THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD.

Mob achieves true shounen protagonist status by shoving past his animosity and reaching out to help the big bad boss of the series. All with such a gentle yet determined expression from our favorite little esper. UGH MY HEART. But he doesn’t just stop there, he actually tries to absorb all of his unstable energy to save the both of them. And my heart just hurt seeing Mob in so much pain even when he was telling Touichirou that he needs to express his feelings out loud, something he wants to do eventually too. QAQ

I’m actually a little surprised that we got to see Touichirou’s wife and that he shows actual regret to pushing her away. How they even got married is beyond me considering how kind she seemed to be.

After the explosion is where I got confused. What happened to Touichirou? How were they able to find Mob? How long has it been since the explosion? WHY IS THERE A GIANT BROCCOLI??? Honestly, I felt like the last half of the episode was really weird, but I feel like we needed some levity and fun after what just transpired. Despite it being at the cost of Ritsu’s physical and mental well-being lol. Also, a moment of silence for Teru’s apartment.

It was also a little weird that the scars on the ex-Claw members disappeared. Though I guess it had to do with Touichirou branding them somehow and once he was defeated, they were able to be rid of them. I won’t question it too deeply… Though I am surprised that Touichirou turned himself in at the end of the day. Mob’s true power really is speaking from the heart. Done like a true shounen protagonist. However, I do hope that Touichirou and his ex-wife can talk again someday. Not sure how I feel about them getting back together as Touichirou has a lot to fix about himself and make up for. But hopefully they can start by being on speaking terms. Especially since it’s hinted that his wife was the only true bond that he made before he threw it away in favor of power. I did like how he made the motion of taking Mob’s extended hand though. Finally accepting the idea of needing other people.

The mystery of the giant broccoli was solved and I can’t help but cackle at the fact that Mob left those seeds in his pocket for WEEKS. Did you not wash your uniform??? Or did he wash it with those still in there??? MOB PLEASE.

It was really nice to see that Serizawa will be working for Reigen and thus becoming a more prominent character if there is a season 3, which I hope there will be. But man, shaving and a haircut made the guy look like a completely new person and rather spiffy. I’m glad that Serizawa was able to turn things around for himself and actually be surrounded by good influences. I’m sure that Reigen can help set the guy on the right path, just like he did Mob.

Final Impressions:

I love this series. I love it so much. This season felt so much stronger than the first. Bones did an AMAZING job animating it as per usual. But it definitely felt like they went above and beyond in some episodes. Especially with the Mogami arc finale and the episode of consecutive epic fights. I even heard that the animation team got in trouble because the fights were too intense lol. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO INTENSE WITH FIGHT SCENES. You can just tell that the team loved this series and put the utmost care into making a fantastic sequel and continuation of One’s work.

This season definitely excelled in developing the characters, namely Mob, Reigen and MVP Dimple. All three of them shined this season and it was great to see them get more depth and dimension to their already great characters. I also appreciated how we got to see the development in action from the first season with Teru and Ritsu. Those two were a strong support for Mob and I couldn’t help but like them more because of it. The other characters got to shine as well, especially the Body Development club and the ex-Claw members. Though I will continue to complain over the lack of Emi. (She actually made a cameo in the marathon episode and I didn’t notice until I rewatched it whoops) However, if I had to pick a favorite, hands down it was Mob. HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY. He has gone through so much this season, far more than any middle schooler should. But I’m glad he’s surrounded by such supportive people.

I am a huge stickler for pacing and for most of the season, Mob nailed it. There are times where it felt a little rushed at times, but is easily overlooked. Especially when some episodes were just so well paced that it was near perfection.

I am so glad I got to watch and cover this season. I’ll definitely miss seeing my precious esper boy. It’s unclear if there will be a season 3 though it’s obvious that there is still more to explore. Especially since we never got to delve too much into the Helmet Cult or whatever. Not to mention we still don’t know too much about Mob’s ??? state. However, considering how well this season did, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more Mob in the future. If not… well I guess I’ll be reading the web comic of it. I can’t thank Bones and one enough for this absolute treasure of an anime. This season was an absolute blast from beginning to end and easily a solid 10/10 in enjoyment, feels and animation. Definitely putting this down as one of my favorite anime of all time.

“I’m the protagonist of my own life.”


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