Carole & Tuesday Episode 5: Every Breath You Take

After their failed plan B, they move on to plan C which is performing live somewhere. Which is probably what they should have done from the start, but it’s better late than never. Again, while Gus does have connections, he can’t really get anywhere with them. So Roddy becomes the hero again of this episode with getting the girls a gig in a small bar, and we also get a glimpse of Angela starting off her career.

I like this show, I swear I do, but there’s always been something nagging me from this show that keeps bugging me. I like the anime but there’s something holding me back from really loving it. It wasn’t until I read someone’s post that it hit me. The show is gorgeous visually, the music is mostly nice, the AI vs. traditional music theme is fascinating, and you can really feel a genuine love for music from the show. But while it seems like a whole package, it’s still missing something. The characters are fun to watch, but what I’m missing is the connection to them. I really do like Carole, Tuesday, Gus, and Roddy. But I’m not super attached to them, and I also don’t feel a the connection the characters have for each other, save maybe Gus. I can feel that Gus really does care for the girls and really wants to help them out and make them famous, but I can’t totally believe Roddy. I do understand that he was immediately enamored with their music just from listening to them once, which isn’t unheard of. But I’d like a deeper look into Roddy what exactly it is about the girls he cares about so much. There hasn’t been exactly moments where Roddy and the girls interact with each other. He exclusively shares conversations with Gus and Ertegun but we’ve never seen him share a nice conversation with either Carole or Tuesday.

And it’s not with just Roddy this is a problem with. Though they had great chemistry from the start, Carole and Tuesday also don’t feel as connected? We know that’s not true because they’ve been living together for awhile, get along great, can make songs easily, and perform in sync. And yet I still don’t feel that they’re “close”. What the show is missing is just simple character interaction, just to show us on screen that they really feel like friends. Don’t keep it off screen, actually show us. That can also give us a connection to the characters too.

Getting that rant out of the way, I did like the episode. Again, it was pretty simple with the guys helping the girls get their feet in the door to stardom. Gus tries to get help from an old buddy of his, Hofner, but it didn’t go well at all. Roddy manages to secure the girls for a short gig where they would be the opening act for a band in a small bar, and their performance went really well. It was only ten people in the bar, but they all gave them a great round of applause. These ten people are a small group, but it’s a start.

We come back to the Angela side of the story this week. I wasn’t really a fan of the song with its repetitiveness that most pop songs are, but the singer’s voice was very nice (though I’m still not used to the sudden English). The Angela segment started off a little tense when her mother confronted Tao, admitting that she did some research on him. Apparently he used to be a neuroscientist that specialized in mind control. Learning that made me pretty nervous. His attitude, treating Angela like a guinea pig, not necessarily treating her right, and making her undergo weird “experiments”…it all makes sense. Tao didn’t take offense to this though, because he also did research on Angela’s mom, who has been charged for assault more than once. I’d like to see how that’ll connect in the story later, along with her martian androgyny. Tao takes them to a mogul and introduces Angela as his new talent and wants him to invest 2 billion on her career. Angela sings the song he made for her and impresses the mogul, and just like that her career has taken off!

The Tao/Angela side of the story continues to fascinate me more, even though there’s still lots of mystery and a little bit of an unsettling feeling. I still can’t really make out what kind of person Tao is.

Another interesting and surprising thing that happened, and didn’t happen, was Tuesday’s brother’s search for his sister. He found the Instagram post online and was able to track down where she is living with Carole, but surprisingly the owner denied ever seeing her. But eventually he found her performing with Carole in the bar and watched. And with a smile on his face, he walked away. I thought we were going to get the typical scene of him trying to bring her back, possibly interrupting their performance. But instead, he seems to understand and see his sister’s happiness and left her alone. Maybe the music affected his heart too.

The episode ends with Gus getting a phone call with a big “Nani?!” moment. Next time we’ll see who he got the call from, and what big news he got.

Also they need money but they suck at working.

2 thoughts on “Carole & Tuesday Episode 5: Every Breath You Take

  1. About Carole and Tuesday’s relationship, I think the issue is that it hasn’t really develop a nuance yet to to be truly compelling. There’s not a lot I could say about them at the moment besides “two good friends who met through their shared passions” which is… a lot of sports anime relationships lol. There’s definitely more time for the show to develop their dynamic, and as it is they’re really cute together. The last two episodes have just been more of a character focus for their two fellows.

    As for Roddy, he doesn’t really have a clear reason to be invested in the two, but I think that was the point of the episode to begin with. He was just struck with awe over their musical performance in Episode 2, and now he just stans. He doesn’t really know why, he just kind of do. I guess I can relate to that.

    That said, this episode wasn’t really my favorite (it’s hard to top the sheer hilarity of last episode’s MV), but I like C&T’s new song 😀

    1. Yup, that’s exactly it. There’s not much to say about their relationship or about them as individual characters. I don’t really know how to describe them other than one is nice and poor, and the other is nice and rich, but both are good at music lol.
      And yeah, I guess I can understand Roddy.

      Maybe it’s too early to complain since like you said, there is still more time to develop their characters more. Thankfully it’s a two-cour show so I hope they put the time to good use.

      Hmm, C&T would be a good group name!

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