Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29: Get to the Roman Colosseum!

With the loss of Abbacchio, the team is a little frazzled but are quickly searching through databases to find the Boss’ identity just from the imprint of his face Abbacchio left behind. They have no luck, until a mysterious voice takes over their laptop and starts talking to them, knowing the identity and stand ability of Diavolo, while also giving us some knowledge about the arrows.

It’s so nice to finally call Diavolo by his name. As if this guy couldn’t get more menacing, his name literally means “the devil”. The man from the laptop claims over and over that he’s on their side, and to prove it he tells them Diavolo’s name, his stand ability, and the history of the stand arrows. I completely forgot these arrows are space virus things. I know the Jojo universe is a bizarre place but I don’t know how I feel about this space virus thing. I feel like we could have done without it, but what other explanation could Araki have thought of? I don’t know, he admits he forgets many of the things he comes up with. But sure, I guess I’ll take this virus thing. As Bruno, Trish, and Giorno listen, the mystery man explains that the arrow can defeat Diavolo because it holds a special ability that even he doesn’t know about. However, he won’t tell them until he can meet them in person at the Colosseum in Rome. But on one condition, that he can only tell the secret to only one of them as he doesn’t want the secret of the arrow’s power to spread further than it needs to.

With their trust in him since they’ve got nothing else, the group decide to head to Rome. Bruno, Trish, and Giorno stay inside the turtle while Mista and Narancia head out for Rome themselves. But they immediately come across a stand problem.

Diavolo contacts Doppio and fears something is wrong as Bruno’s group doesn’t seem as devastated as he thought they would be. He enlists Cioccolata and Secco to go after their group, but he also wants Doppio to follow those two because they’re pieces of shit and Cioccolata can easily go berserk and do more harm than he needs to.

Which is exactly what he does. Cioccolata is a creepy mofo. We got a quick backstory for him, simple and sweet to show us how much of a scumbag he is. He used to be a doctor and was fired after “accidentally” killing a patient, but it never was an accident. Cioccolata thrives from seeing people die, even more if its from his own hands. He volunteered at an elderly care facility at just 14, whispering words of hate to the patients and driving them to suicide. He eventually became a doctor and purposely performed surgery on patients that were actually healthy, administered less than enough anesthesia so they would wake up during the procedure, and…it’s disturbing. He loves watching people’s faces as they die and documents it with journals, drawings, and video tapes. Before he would record himself, but now he has Secco by his side to do it for him (apparently an old patient of his?). His Stand Green Tea Green Day secretes a mold that takes effect when someone lowers themselves somewhere. Seeing bodies ripped in half and melted was not a pretty sight. Thankfully Mista did some quick thinking in making the boat explode to boost Narancia back up before the Stand could kill him and everyone in the turtle. Oh, and Giorno figured it out because he studied bugs or something. Oh Giorno, what would we do without you?

With a Joker-like grin, Cioccolata is ready to take on the group next time! There’s really a lot of disturbing and disgusting characters and stand abilities in this part, how on earth did I forget some of these? The next episode or so should be exciting with this next fight, and then we’ll finally meet him. Soon.


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  1. BigFire says:

    Chocolata has the largest body count on screen by far in Vento Aureo. He probably killed more people than the rest of the casts combine. And to think, he’s a suspiciously similar substitute to Fugo in that both have a very lethal stand. The differences is that Fugo actively hates his stand and the stand does not differentiate friend from foe (or himself). Green Day also doesn’t distinguish friend from foe, but at least Chocolata is not only immune to it but can use it on himself in very creative fashion.

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