Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 31: Green Day and Oasis, Part 2

Bruno is a zombie, he’s a zombie, he’s a freaking zombie. Ever since the King Crimson episode, I’ve been internally screaming because I knew what had happened to him and I haven’t stopped screaming yet. At least I can say he’s a zombie now without it being a spoiler, even though it was pretty obvious. Screw you, Diavolo.

With Bruno being busy handling Secco, Giorno and Mista go after Cioccolata after Giorno used Gold Experience to hold the helicopter with branches. They run up to the roof of the building and Mista sends Sex Pistol to take him out, but of course it was a bad idea. The bullets weren’t able to find him and they ended up getting attacked, which meant that Mista got himself badly injured. Thinking the best way to fight against Cioccolata is face to face, Giorno climbs the branches to try and find him, but just like Pistols, he can’t find green nasty except for some doctor tools covered in blood. As if Cioccolata couldn’t get any more fucked up, we see Giorno gets attacked by his severed arm. Because he’s a doctor and he’s insane, he’s experimented to see where on the human body he could slice up and still keep the human body alive. And he knows which veins to close up with his mold so he doesn’t bleed to death. It makes zero sense but who cares. With one arm and his lower body detached, he was crawling around with a single arm and his spinal cord sticking out. It was even weirder when you saw him wag his spinal cord around like a dog’s tail. Everything was wrong in this scene, the villains in this part are just disgusting.

Honestly, there’s not much to say for this part. Giorno looks like he’s about to lose, he sends one of the bullets towards the helicopter propeller, which perfectly shot his head. Giorno turned it into a beetle, which then turned back into the bullet. It looked like Cioccolata was dead but he was playing dead. But of course Giorno knew that but he had his own plans. Even with so many broken bones, he calls Cioccolata a piece of shit, diagnoses him with dead, and unleashes a flurry of many punches and MUDA MUDA, and a WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

A beatdown so long, it competes with the Steely Dan beatdown from Stardust Crusaders. Giorno’s is pretty hilarious though because it was literally seven whole pages of MUDA MUDA in the manga so a lot of people were looking forward to it. This scene lasted about a good 40 seconds, and Kensho Ono tweeted his script for this scene and it was literally just “muda muda” over and over. It’s hilarious. To compare it to Jotaro’s beatdown on Steely Dan, I kind of like that one more because I hated Steely Dan with ever fiber of my being, and Jotaro beating his ass after being humiliated so badly was probably one of the most satisfying things in Part 3. I could actually feel the strength behind those ORA ORA. Though the sheer length of Giorno’s beatdown is still something to applaud, though the animation was a little crusty. Still, very good. It was also better when there was a bit of a callback from the Black Sabbath fight when Giorno asked Number 5 to move a bit to the right so he could kick his ass. God, I really love snarky Giorno.

And said beatdown landed Cioccolata’s corpse where it belongs. In the trash.

Meanwhile, Bruno is trying to escape Secco. Secco realizes Cioccolata is dead after a “heartwarming” (I guess) voicemail from him, and coming up to the surface to see the mold disappearing. The fight with Secco isn’t done just yet, but at least one enemy is gone. But there’s still much more to go. And from the Colosseum, someone is watching them through binoculars.

Is it…YES, YES IT’S POLNAREFF. I’m not even going to pretend I don’t know who he is, I’m pretty sure anime onlies can obviously figure out it’s him! He has the same hair, still the same earrings. Yes, Jean Pierre Polnareff is here. He’s the one behind the mysterious message, so we know his message wasn’t bullshit! I don’t think they introduced him like this in the manga from what I remember, so I guess they just wanted to treat the manga fans a bit by showing him a little early. We’re very close to properly seeing him again and that should be a great treat, but once we do, things are going to get crazy quick. :’>


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