Oh my god this episode was so stressful! Right at the beginning, they dropped us a time bomb that would be ticking for the entire episode. GOD DAMN IT KOHARU! Man he is such a dangerous Another! Even though he knows Izumi is Miyako’s friend, what does he do, “Hey buddy, I found a Human who can fulfill your conditions!” WHAT THE @!#& KOHARU?!?! Well it shouldn’t surprise us, this guy likes to watch people kill each for the shits and giggles, it was naive of me to think those around Miyako would be safe, or see him cooperate with them. In other words, nobody is safe. Nevertheless, Miyako is justifiably furious about this and was quick to realize Koharu had a hand in this, as the god had been mysteriously absent for the entire week. Koharu got some nerve to say he didn’t do it, when he was the one who made the suggestion. So yes, Koharu, you are just as much to blame!

Sasaki opened up to Miyako this week about the kidnapping of his sister. The two of them lost their parents to an accident, and were living in an orphanage together when one day at the park, an Another brazenly swept her away right before his eyes. The only traces of his appearance was the black sand that surrounded them. But as agonizing as it was to be powerless in that situation, it also served as an important lead as, especially after a victim who had been missing for years suddenly re-emerged and shared the same detail.

As it turns out, the case of the missing girls were all connected (or at least it is believed to be at this point) to the same Another, a devil who resides in Hell. He has a wish, of a happy marriage with a Human woman. However the woman seems to be in a state of comatose, or maybe she’s actually dead. In the mean time, for the sake of their eternal love, he goes around gathering the ‘pieces’ from various girls such as their ability to use their voice, leg, and even eye for sight. However while he is able to take these things, when they are sent back to their origin world, it looks like nothing happened to them, until they realize they can’t do something they used to do, such as the ability to sing, move their left or right left, and in the case of the victim who lost an eye, will end up losing sight. But it seems many of the girls were also with-held within the realms of Hell until they full-filled their purpose. Shiba Yuko, the victim who lost her ability to sing, was born in 1965 and should be in her fifties right now, and yet is still the teenager she was when she was kidnapped.

This is what leads to Miyako’s glimmer of hope that Sasaki’s sister might still be alive. And if she is, the chances are, she hasn’t aged at all. But truth to be told, when Miyako said that, I was shaking my head thinking, “Oh dear, Miyako be careful what you say. It’s over if the dude took her heart.” In fact, that’s the thing that really worries me the most because in order for the Devil’s lover to function, it’s very likely she will need a heart, and what better way to maximize the drama to make her serve that purpose? I do hope I am wrong, for Sasaki’s sake.

Which leads me back to Izumi, who I was screaming about the entire episode. I really hope they are able to save her before the devil makes use of her. He needed a left hand, and Koharu found Izumi as the perfect candidate to do just that. It didn’t matter that it was obvious from the get go that Izumi was going to be taken away right before Miyako’s eyes, it was because we knew it was happening and we couldn’t do anything but watch, just as Miyako did is what made us all feel so helpless when it finally happened.

Now the question comes of how they are going to save her. Unfortunately, she is in an entirely different realm: Hell. It’s certainly not a place Humans can simply waltz into even if they are granted access. Unless Miyako has a way to force Koharu to cooperate and guide them there, they are certainly in a pinch. It will be intersting to see how they will ‘negotiate’ to get there, because if they don’t hurry, Izumi is going to lose her ability to use her left hand.


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