RobiHachi Episode 8

This episode was incredibly dull, to the point where I’m having trouble finding anything to say about it. Judging by the preview for next episode, Hizakuriger lore is imminent, but they decided not to bother with it this week. You know, because they were busy with all the other exciting plot points.

The planet of the week is Mulberry 8, where mechas rule over humans and occasionally go to war with each other. Although I’m not sure you can really call it war, since apparently there’s a strict no-killing policy called the Tao of Mecha that I guess everyone has just… promised to follow? What’s stopping someone from installing a load of lasers and slaughtering all of their opponents in one fell swoop? And why do the noble robots even care about bodyguards if everyone is apparently faithfully following this “no killing” rule of their own accord? What could possibly happen? Kidnapping is still a risk, I suppose? That’ll do.

Robby and Hatchi spend much of the episode holed up in Hizakuriger to avoid being discriminated against by the mecha supremacists of Mulberry, before being recruited as mercenaries for one of the kings in this Games of Thrones/Robot Wars crossover. Now there’s an idea. I wish I was watching that instead of RobiHachi. There was also a proletarian uprising or whatever, something involving a plucky Kid of the Week, I dunno. The kid character was about as memorable as you’d expect, which is to say I’ve forgotten basically everything about him at the time of writing. The humans vs robots plot is tired and I’m tired and this whole damn operation is tired.

Having said all of that, I am actually kind of looking forward to the real Hizakuriger episode next week, assuming the preview isn’t another inexplicable fakeout. I’m sure I’m going to end up being underwhelmed by whatever his deal is, but I’m hoping for at least some vaguely watchable fluff next time to make up for these past two grey blobs of episodes.

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