Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 35: The Requiem Plays Quietly, Part 2

The body swapping shenanigans continue, and just when Bruno is about to grab the arrow, Sticky Fingers stops him. Everyone pitches in to try to help but to no avail as somehow all of their stands come back to attack them because Requiem has now become a defensive stand. Because of this, Silver Chariot Requiem is able to grab the arrow again and leave the Colosseum. They don’t go after it immediately because of other…pressing matters.

Rest now, you angel. T_T

Narancia was one of the characters that I was mostly indifferent towards to when I read the manga. He got on my nerves but I didn’t hate him like I did with Abbacchio, but I will admit that I wasn’t so upset with his death in the manga. I understand that I was a fool. Now, because the anime made me change my mind about him and I grew to love this little orange boy, I’m just sad, even though I still have the complaint that his death still kind of came out of nowhere, and too quickly. At least with Abbacchio’s, there was a bit of a build up (kind of), whereas Narancia’s just…happened. Of course, there were the obvious death flags as Narancia celebrated their victory early with wishes of going back home, going to school, eating his favorite margherita pizza, and hanging out with Fugo. Any time a Jojo character starts talking like this, you know something bad is going to happen. Narancia looks to have a brighter future, and to finish it off, he turns to Trish and promises he’ll protect her until the end, which touches her. One thing I would have liked Araki to have done is really flesh out the bond between Narancia and Trish. Narancia saw himself in Trish with being alone and cast aside by their own family and he vowed to protect her. Trish has a great bond with Bruno, and Narancia with everyone else, but it would have been sweet to see a little friendship between them ever since that moment. I really do think there could have been something special there. Narancia was a loud and kind of dumb and aggressive boy, but he did have a big heart. He har a really hard life growing up and didn’t have family. The moment when Bruno betrayed Diavolo is such a great moment for Narancia, especially when he swam for the boat. Even though he was terrified of what their future held being on the run, and even though it would mean leaving Fugo, Passione was his family. And, again, his connection with Trish was very touching. He let go of his fears for the people he considered to be his family and I don’t think he ever regretted the decision he made. He looked on with a smile on his face, but unfortunately his time came to an abrupt end.

I think Giorno always had a bit of a soft spot for Narancia and I could feel the pain as he felt the empty husk of his own body where Narancia used to be. The two boys had a similar upbringing. It was incredibly sweet of him to wrap his body with flowers, even promising to take him back home when all of this is done. So for now, leave him in a bed of lovely flowers so no one can hurt him anymore.

The anime also added an original scene of Aerosmith flying through the sky and into the clouds, and of Fugo turning to look at the sky as if he knew Narancia was gone. I’m glad David Pro did this, just so show that Fugo isn’t completely forgotten. And it just twisted the knife for even more pain, reminding us how close Fugo and Narancia were. I think the anime handled Narancia’s death much better, probably because of the OST and the anime original scene. It also felt more emotional whereas in the manga I felt like they didn’t spend much time on it. And because of the circumstances, I guess I get it. But thank you, David Pro.

The group is completely stunned, and very upset. The entire time, they thought that Diavolo was in Bruno’s body and he’s too far away to use King Crimson on them. Diavolo targeted Narancia because of his Aerosmith, which is probably the most dangerous and useful stand out of all of them. Narancia mentioned before that no one was around coming to help Diavolo, so the group is confused. But Polnareff mentions that Diavolo suffers from multiple personality disorder, and he brings up Doppio. Since Diavolo has two personalities, two souls?, what happened is that the person in Bruno’s body isn’t Diavolo, but Doppio. Well, was Doppio. Mista hurt him enough to kill him, so Doppio is out of this without any last words.

But where’s Diavolo? He has to be nearby, most likely in one of them without any of them knowing for him to use King Crimson. But right now they have to get the arrow from Silver Chariot Requiem, so leaving Narancia behind for now, they race off after it. It should be easy but it’s not as SCR won’t even let them touch the arrow. It doesn’t attack them and Bruno is easily able to trip it, but they just can’t grab the arrow. Giorno tries but Gold Experience pops up when his hand gets close. But Polnareff brings up that it only happens with stand users, but what would happen if a non-stand user were to grab it? Not having a stand now with SCR out of his control, Polnareff grabs the arrow and yells for someone to pierce their stand with it before SCR gets it back.

A very emotional episode this time. This is a very weird “final battle” with Bruno in Diavolo’s body. Shout out to the voice actors for doing an amazing job with these episodes, by the way. They’ve been doing amazing playing as each other and making it very believable, making this whole body swapping stuff even more entertaining.  I’m still depressed over Narancia dammit. At least he won’t be alone, he can still hang with Abbacchio up there.


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