Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Golden Wind: Episode 36 (Diavolo Surfaces)

This episode answers us the most important question we’ve had since Chariot Requiem began switching every ones souls. Where is the boss hiding? Whose body did he take?
Well, Giorno figures out the answer sooner than anyone else after an incident where King Crimson is used to destroy Mista’s revolver. Giorno pieces this together and guesses that the boss needs to be near by, however, they’re in a wide open area where anyone else would be immediately seen. So the only clear answer is that the boss does as he always has and hides as a second personality, in the back of someones mind.
In short, Diavolo is within one of them and Giorno is the only one who can venture a guess at who. With Golden Winds ability, he should be able to sense the amount of life force/soul a person has and see if there is more than one. He explains this to everyone and goes to begin checking, however, Mista is rightfully paranoid that the one containing Diavolo could very well be Giorno himself. This is a risk all around, one wrong move and everyone could die. It’s tense, but they have to start somewhere and Bruno volunteers himself. It honestly makes the most sense, with him being in the bosses original body.

Though as Giorno approaches, King Crimson attacks.
Not from Bruno in his own body, not from Mista in Trish’s body, but from Trish in Mista’s body and he springs as soon as she uses Spice Girl. somehow in all of this mess to get the arrow. I’d put it into the back of my mind that Diavolo’s main goal from the beginning has been to kill his daughter. Though rather then kill her right out, he uses King Crimson to control Spice Girl and thus control Mista’s body to go running after Chariot requiem. He’s figured out through observation how to get the arrow from the out of control stand.
Which involves taking away the light source of your own soul, since Chariot requiem creates a reflection of your own soul. It’s kind of meta-physical and I don’t understand the logic behind it at all but that’s Jojo for you. So he does it and manages to knock the arrow away from Chariot Requiem. It would appear as if he has the upper hand in all of this.
If it was not for Trish once again reminding us how much of an absolute badass she is.

She has grown so much from when we first met her.
In this moment, as she uses Spice Girl to make the bullets that Mista fired elastic and knock the arrow away from her father. As she rejects him and her past, she shows an amazing strength of character that I wouldn’t of expected from her when she first entered the series. It’s been a long time since I thought about my first impressions of Trish, it’s been interesting to really see her grow as this series has progressed. I honestly hope she won’t be the next to fall, as Spice Lady takes a fairly nasty hit from King Crimson, I can only hope she won’t join Abbacchio and Narancia in the list of casualties of this part.
The arrow flies towards Trish’s body and Mista goes flying for it. As does King Crimson, who will catch the arrow? How will things pan out? We won’t know for now, but it’s been a pretty tense couple of episodes to get us to this point.

A final thought about this episode goes out to Doppio. As his soul lays dying in Bruno’s body, he looks at a phone and thinks how much he desires a call from the boss. From the only other person that he can trust, himself. His other half, his stronger half.
I can’t help but feel sorry for him somehow. It’s tragic, but that’s just how it has to be.

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