Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 13: Something More Important Than Life

Zenitsu! T_T Am I a flip flopper ass bitch for suddenly turning to his side after shit-talking him for a couple episodes? Yeah, I am, and I don’t care. But he proved what I always thought about him. Even though his outbursts get on my nerves, he’s a very sweet boy with a good heart as he let himself be beaten by Inosuke for protecting Nezuko. And you have to at least respect him for that.

Stop it! T_T

But admittedly, this was a weird episode. Kimetsu no Yaiba has had some slow episode now and then, but I never really minded it that much. Sometimes the slow pace would actually add to the episode, or I would at least still be interested in what was happening. But this time around, I actually felt the slow pace this time. I mean, it was fairly obvious when they repeated many shots and scenes, and that strange slow-mo of Tanjiro at the end. Not too much really happened in this episode other than Tanjiro defeating the demon, so it was a lot more of a slow burn this time around.

We get to see the backstory of Kyogai, when he was human he wanted to write his own novel but his teacher/father/someone? harshly ridiculed him. Which in turn made Kyogai turn into a demon and kill him? Which confuses me, because it implies that Kyogai turned into a demon just from his rage and not from being bitten by a demon? I don’t quite get it. The fight ended pretty easily though it took awhile for Tanjiro to kill him. And again, Tanjiro shows at least some respect to Kyogai, complimenting him on his amazing Blood Demon Art ability but still not forgiving him for killing so many innocents. Typical nice guy Tanjiro.

That was the entirety of the first half, as the second half was strangely drawn out with repeating the part where Tanjiro finds Inosuke beating up Zenitsu. But I did like this half more because we saw who Zenitsu really is, more in an emotional light than a comedic one. We learn a little bit about him, how he’s always had exceptional hearing and how he could literally hear almost everything even while he was asleep, but that in turn creeped people out. Zenitsu can easily hear things pretty much no one can hear like all living creatures’ heartbeats, blood circulation, and such. Even though he can hear these things, and supposedly he knows what people think of by listening to these sounds, he’s always been deceived by everyone. But for once he hears a kind and gentle sound from Tanjiro that makes him emotional. Tanjiro is a very sweet boy and he won’t deceive anyone. He really is a pure soul, who I guess has a pure sound. It’s amazing that Zenitsu was able to determine that a demon (Nezuko) is in the box based on her sound, but since Tanjiro is so kind and pure, he guesses that Tanjiro has a good reason for traveling with a demon in the box. With Inosuke ready to destroy it, Zenitsu comes to the rescue and protects the box.

He doesn’t draw his sword or anything as his priority is completely protecting the box, so he takes Inosuke’s beating. It was very sad as we saw a battered Zenitsu reassuring Tanjiro that he protected the box, the demon in the box being more important than his own life. Aww geez. ;^;

Inosuke really lives up to his nickname, Mr. Impatient. Now my annoyance has shifted to pig head and I can see another fight about to start. Poor Tanjiro needs to rest his broken bones.

The content of the episode was fine, but the pacing of it was very strange and made it a little less enjoyable. If there’s a fight, or they want to completely focus on Inosuke, it makes sense that they would want to save that stuff for it all to be in the next episode. I just wish they could have done a better job in padding it out.

Also, hey, a messenger kitty!


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4 Responses

  1. ecarg312 says:

    I didn’t like the repetition of some scenes like Kyogai’s flashback and the scene where Tanjiro witnesses Zenitsu protecting Nezuko. Other than that, the pacing was slow but it was still enjoyable on the Zenitsu aspects.

    See? I told you Zenitsu had a reason for being so antsy and it’s a reasonable one too. I’m sure that if I were Zenitsu and was able to hear the sounds of everything in the world, I would also get anxious and not have any confidence due to people’s judgments of me.

    • Berry says:

      Haha I was waiting for something like this. I never hated him, he just annoyed me is all. I’m surprised he hasn’t completely lost it from being able to hear every little thing in the world. I can’t imagine how loud everything is for him if he doesn’t focus on certain things, but yes the worst is just hearing what people say about him. That really hurts. 🙁
      Zenitsu, you have my heart.

  2. Thong Do says:

    I think you misinterpreted Kyogai flashback scene. He a composer and he already a demon at that point. The guy he killed said that he haven’t been outside for sometime now, since demon can’t stand sunlight, it pretty clear why. Kyogai probably try to pretend to human even after been turned so that he could continue compose music, but the rejection finally snap him. The flashback mainly about Kyogai motivation, not his backstory alone.

    • Berry says:

      I’m sure he was writing a novel as Tanjiro said in his “Taisho Secret” section. Anyway, him not going out much does put two and two together but I’m surprised he acted human. From what we’ve seen, it’s pretty hard for demons to control themselves and not lash out. Either Kyogai was a special case, or his love for writing was strong enough that he pretended to be human to continue doing that.

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