Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? S2 Episode 3

After two intense episodes, Danmachi pulled on the breaks and slowed down quite a bit this week. With Bell undergoing training for the War Game, we got to see how Hestia (with the help of Miach  and Takemikazuchi ) had stalled out the War Game meeting , and organizing Lili’s rescue mission. What I really liked about the episode was the use of its time. I liked that we were spared of Bell’s training, and the story was able to make progress of resolving unfinished business, in particular with the Souma Familia.

Although I did find the whole thing a tad underwhelming, it was still interesting to see that what it took for Lili to be officially released. Souma is a strange God. Up until now, he just let Zanis (his commander) do whatever he likes, making him nothing more than a figurehead, which is a terribly reckless decision since Zanis is a very dangerous individual. But luckily for Lili, Souma gave her an opportunity. He challenged her to drink the addictive Divine Wine, and repeat what she had just said while she was sober. It was not an easy feat, but Lili’s inner strength of her resolve to protect Bell and Hestia from getting hurt was able to repeat her pleas to stop the fight. And to make it all the more sweeter, Lili had finally been set free from the Souma Familia, and is now part of the Hestia Familia.

But she isn’t the only one to join the party! After they had successfully rescued Lili, Welf and Mikoto both made the decision to leave their current familia so that this way, they can properly support their friend in the looming War Game. They are incredibly lucky that their God/Goddess are on good terms with Hestia, otherwise this request wouldn’t have been an option to begin with. That being said, between the three of them, Mikoto is the one we know the least about. But considering how she has been committed to righting the wrongs, and her new friendship with the party, I can understand why she would be willing to make such a move. With that in mind, I am looking forward to seeing more of what kind of chemistry she has with the group.

And having three new members of the big deal for the Hestia Familia, especially when we consider the circumstances they are in. Unfortunately due to Hermes’ poor luck of the draw, he ended up pulling one of the worst options: Seige, which presents a major number disadvantage with Bell (at the time) being the sole child of the familia. It’s also an understatement to say, even though they now have a total of five members, they are still at a disadvantage, which is why Hermes made a proposal to allow other familias and their children to assist Hestia in this challenge. Apollo of course, was having none of it until Freya succeeded in mocking him about being afraid of “helpers”. (Of course we later learned that she had thought about crushing Apollo, and I burst out laughing because I knew she was thinking of that!) That isn’t to say Apollo caved into their, rather he made an incredibly petty counter-proposal: The Helper must be an adventurer from outside of Orario.

…Well he is certainly going to regret making that counter proposal, as the one both Hestia and Hermes had in mind was none other than Ryu herself. And we know just how powerful and badass this girl can be.

Overall although it was lacklustre at times, I still had a lot of fun watching this episode. It was a good change of pace before the crazy war game that’s about to ensue. We also don’t know what Hestia will claim from Apollo when they emerge victorious, though if the OP were to indicate anything, perhaps considering their home had been destroyed by his children, they will take over his mansion. Kekeke, that would be a sweet payback. And of course there is still Zanis, who is unlikely to go down quietly after-this. We got a taste of just how freaking bonkers the guy actually is!


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4 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? S2 Episode 3

  1. I don’t think Soma’s maliciously evil, just very negligent. He’s so focused on wine-brewing until he lets his followers do as they want.
    I still remember how when Danmachi first came out, there was a big explosion of fanart/cosplay revolving around Hestia’s boob string.
    Which also led to some weird ones like this:
    Or this:
    (Petition to put this into the next Deadpool movie?)

    1. I don’t think he’s evil either, but he’s definitely allowing the Familia to be exploited by not being more responsible. We’ll have to see what becomes of Zanis after this, and whether or not this event will make Souma reflect on what has become of his familia.

  2. Howdy!
    I am enjoying not only your review, but your response to comments.
    I have a slightly different take. I like to watch unfolding politics, and we got that in spades, in episode-3!
    1). Hestia.
    Who not only has a new hideout (er… uh… bunkhouse… something); but she has thought very hard about her course to steer, in dealing with the upcoming War Game.
    She rightly appreciated the emotional states Bell Cranel can put himself in, and she understands that his loyalties to his friends are sometimes very complex or conflicted. Lilliruka Arde has to be free. Even if she’s not on the team, at least Bell’s mind would be at ease knowing she was safe. That matter was taken care of, with a massive attack upon the Souma stronghold, which ended in Souma himself, taking an active hand in righting the mistakes of his juniors. WOW!
    Please see the point. This was not fighting in the traditional sense. It was politics between equals; Souma and Hestia.
    2). Freya. Did no one notice the elegance and malicious malice, in which she pitted Apollo’s ego against Apollo himself? No matter what Freya wanted to do about Apollo, she likes messing with people’s minds even more. Apollo was flummoxed with one simple, well placed line. Again politics at its finest!
    And let’s not forget the contributions of Hestia’s friends, keeping the meeting going long enough for Hestia to stall the whole thing, in Bell’s behalf. Some of the reparte’ was nothing less than delicious.
    3). Mikoto and Welf! Wow!
    Mikoto’s feelings in this matter, are very conflicted. But all of it, at this point is built around the notion of not letting little guys get crushed by big guys without evening the score. And she’s going to get her chance too! Her power as a level-2 is massive, when she wants to use it. AND SHE WANTS TO USE IT, to crunch the Apollo clan just as much as possible. They need a little leveling of the playing field. After all, it was she who trapped the floorboss in a gravity well for at least 10-seconds, almost crushing him to death, using magic only she can use, in season-1!
    Welf Crozo is nothing less than epically solvent in his conversation with his own Goddess! “…what would my Goddess say, if I didn’t leave?…” He knows he can build weapons anywhere, and after all this unpleasantness, he can always go into business in competition with his old employer. Grist for the Goose, with his friend Hephaistos laughing about the irony. They will never be enemies. Never.
    4). Aiz Wallenstein.
    Here’s a girl that, while very conflicted, decides in Bell’s favor every time. Because Bell is the one Adventurer that has his brain screw’d on straight. Her partners, the Amazons, are also on the same page. Many laugh at Bell Cranel (Beta Loga), but these three girls see quality, where others see lameness. Besides, all three find him cute, in their own ways. AND THEY CAN’T BARE TO SEE HIM KILLED for something this petty.
    And so they train him. And then they train him. And they train him some more. In extreme ernest, and as quickly as they can. Not only giving him the moves he needs, but the reasons for why and when, and how; to use them. It is obvious, by the end of the episode, that Bell is learning. He can now stand up to Aiz’s attacks and feints, like an expert, for several seconds. Unthinkable in season-1.
    This too, stands as political tactics, and it is important to the outcome of the War Game. It is also delicious that this happens right under the nose of Aiz’s Goddess Loki. Embarrassment for Loki, will never get enough cover for this one.
    5). Ryuu Lyon
    Here’s a huge twist. The one thing that makes Ryuu a loner, is the one thing that makes her eligible to be the assistant to Bell Cranel. Before she was ejected from the Adventurer’s Guild, she was a certified Level-4. She knows every dirty trick in the book. She’ll need them, if she hopes to change the score with the Apollo Familia.
    Ryuu Lyon is an Elf, betrayed by another Familia, during a monster hunt in the Dungeon. The other Familia entrapped and murdered her own Familia, and Ryuu was the only survivor. After she escaped the Dungeon, she went on a private hunt, to destroy that other Familia, murdering them any way she could. For these acts, Ryuu was ejected from the Guild. At this point, when it is necessary, she can fall back into psychopathic behavior and teach some very hard lessons; and sleep just fine afterwords.
    The only concern, is Ryuu’s employer, Mama. She’s the one that found and rescued a starving, dying Ryuu; after Ryuu’s revenge hunt was finished. And she will have some choice words to say, in episode-4.
    I am hopeful!

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