I have to start by saying in this episode that Taiju is probably the best anime love interest in anything I’ve ever seen. He confronts the idea of confessing his love to Yuzuriha again since she doesn’t have memories of her time in stone, and then has the greatest character moment of all time. He doesn’t confess to her again because he doesn’t want her to have no choice but to see him and accept his feelings. He’s literally prepared to restore the world so if she doesn’t want to accept his feelings, she doesn’t have to. This guy is the biggest class act in all of the universe. I love him and I want him to be happy. What other guy would go 3700 years and then not understand he isn’t entitled to the affections of someone else? I’m dying here.

The rest of the episode is the race we anticipated. Senku uses most of the gunpowder at his disposal because, surprise, it seems there might be other humans in the world! But inevitably leading to some very heartfelt moments in the show. After the first few minutes I was sure nothing would make me feel more than Taiju, but I was wrong. Seeing how Senku has viewed science his whole life and how his father sold his possessions to get him scientific tools? That was heartbreakingly beautiful. How can Senku think that all adults should be killed if his father nurtured him that much? And how can he give up what his father worked so hard to nurture in him?

I don’t know how Dr. Stone does it. A show about a scientist who acts like a jerk should not make me feel this much emotional attachment, but every episode has me screaming that I’m in. Yuzuriha isn’t willing to be a victim, Taiju always does the right thing, Senku loves people even if he cares about science and he damn well has a good reason to love science. Every character has a beautiful part of them and even Tsukasa doesn’t want to kill Senku, seems sad he has to do it for his screwed up ideals. “You can accomplish anything through the diligent/determined utilization of science” Don’t make me cry over math you stupid anime, don’t make me cry over the scientific method. WTF.

Anyway of course the episode ends on a ‘cliffhanger’ where Senku ‘dies’ so we don’t know what he did to cleverly avoid death until next week. Come on show! I got dreams! And I know you’re just trying to make me cry over graphs and nitric acid! Stop it!


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  1. Nano

    I agree I don’t know how Taiju does it… holding back his true feelings is tough. He’s stuck between a rock and hard place (literally) LOL =p

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