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Sato is worse with guitars then I am. At least, when it comes to knowing what things are and the terminology. I wouldn’t have to ask what an amplifier is for example, I kind of thought that things like that were common knowledge. Even to people who don’t play music. Uenoyama (who I am going to refer to by his first name of Ritsuka from now on, because it’s easier to remember) to his credit is actually a pretty good teacher, despite not having experience. He helps Sato to use the amp for the first time, also has him strumming his first cords.
In particular, the one that Ritsuka played in the first episode. However, the episode can’t be all guitar practice and fun and games. They need to sit down with our dear Sato and talk about one of the most important things a budding musician can have.

A part time job for money.
Music isn’t free. Instrument maintenance, venue fees, and other expenses rack up the debt quickly. So they grab a bunch of magazines and head out to start discussing getting Sato set with a part time job. They all have one, Haruki models his hair for a stylist, Ritsuka and Kaji work together at a convenience store. Kaji works at least four jobs or at least has at one point in the last little bit, some of them his bandmates didn’t even know about. Haruki says that he wishes he could of seen him working some of those jobs and Ritsuka wishes he could of joined in.
Too bad there is a limit on what kind of jobs that High School students can take.

Speaking of High school, at school, the rumor mill begins to fly as people catch Sato and Ritsuka hanging out together more often.
Honestly, seeing as they are both carrying their guitars around school, i’d think it would be pretty obvious why they are suddenly hanging out with one another. Still, High schools will be High schools I guess, so the girls and the boys are wondering the reason. Ritsuka provides no answer as they run off together to their spot on the stairs to practice.

When they are there, Ritsuka does the natural thing and wonders. ‘Why does someone who is just starting to play guitar have such a nice model?’, I know nothing about guitar models, but I can tell that it’s a fairly nice one and probably not cheap. Of course, the natural guess would be that he got it from someone, so Ritsuka asks if Sato got it from his father. Sato says no, that he doesn’t have a father and that’s about as far as that conversation goes. I think I would of dropped it and moved on to a lighter subject like favorite song after that too.
Still, it leaves us wondering. Where did he get the guitar, well, i know, because I accidently stumbled upon a few manga spoilers. Still, I wonder how Ritsuka will react when the truth comes out. Setting that aside, as they change the subject to favorite song.

Sato begins to sing, it’s only a tune, he can’t remember the name of the song and i’m not sure if he knows the words (if there are any). However, as he begins to sing this tune. Ritsuka can only sit in stare in awe and amazement. This complete beginner at guitar, is wonderful at vocals.
The next words to slip from his mouth are this, “Join our band.”

That’s where the episode wraps.
I honestly, adored this episode. In particular, the absolutely stunning shot composition and colors in the final scene of the episode where Sato was singing. It really brings forward the beauty and significance of the moment. The emphasis on the dust particles in the air, making it look like it’s shining. The way that Sato is framed in the light of the window, while Ritsuka is in the shadow. It comes together as a breathtaking moment for Ritsuka and the audience.

Haruki and Kaji continue to provide a beautiful compliment to Ritsuka and Sato, they are basically the ‘dad’s’ of the band and it’s really funny to watch them and their younger band mate.
A guitarist, bassist, drummer and now a vocalist. They are coming together to be a pretty solid band, I can’t wait to see how this band and the character relationships develop from here.

2 thoughts on “Given – Episode 2

  1. The part time job information are actually extra panels at the end of the chapters, so it’s actually interesting to see how they squeezed them into the episode. It doesn’t feel too squished in and gives extra info about characters.

    Oh boy, this episode is basically the start of a budding love between Ritsuka and Mafuyu. Honestly, Ritsuka’s growing love for Mafuyu is gonna make you sick to your stomach of how cute and sweet it is later on.

  2. As a Manga reader hearing Mafuyu humming was just as I imagined it to be and I feel in love with it, the VA did a great job. Can I just mention how cute Mafuyu is still in this episode, he is just so precious ^^

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