Well, that was an interesting part to end on, though it makes sense. It would have been a terrible idea to pad out until Giorno activated Gold Experience Requiem (or GER as the fandom shortens it). But the wait for the finale is going to be tough with that cliffhanger.

But first things first…

I was waiting for this moment to happen, and a man this beautiful deserved this beautiful parting as sad as it was. Bruno is such an amazing character, definitely one of my favorites in Jojo in general. His final speech to Giorno was touching as he thanked Giorno for giving him life when they first met. Even with a heart as big as his, he felt it slowly dying. He had always wanted to betray the boss but it wasn’t until Giorno came around that he was finally able to take this big step. He has no regrets. It’s amazing that while Bruno saved all the members in Passione, he was saved by Giorno. It’s all around a very nice moment between them, but Giorno of course has to bear the pain of his passing as he’s the only one that knew about Bruno’s secret. But he won’t let him down, and he’ll face Diavolo. With resolve!

Ari ari arrivederci~

I’m still mad he couldn’t tell the real Trish about his wishes for her…

Diavolo made it seem he killed Chariot Requiem, but he only made it seem so as the light was still there. As Bruno really did destroy it, everyone’s souls went back to their respective bodies. Bruno without a body passes on, and Diavolo is angry. I actually couldn’t help but laugh at his desperation, basically telling Bruno “Think clearly! Give me the arrow because I’m better than all of you!” Very convincing.

In the end, the arrow chose Giorno as he held it in his hand (which the OP basically spoiled). Diavolo makes a run towards him, insulted at Trish for saying he would run away (and he was about to). Using King Crimson to predict the outcome, he attacks Gold Experience right as Giorno pierced it with the arrow. At first it seemed like Diavolo was able to stop him, decreeing himself worthy of the arrow, but it was too late. Giorno was chosen and he was able to pierce Gold Experience and turned it into Gold Experience Requiem, and they got one hell of a power boost.

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with this “final fight”. I know my memory is off but this is basically the fight, and I know more will happen but I can’t say because it hasn’t happened yet. This whole stuff leading up to this moment was very strange, albeit a bit entertaining with the body swapping. But I do admit that it was kind of dragged on, only for the fight between Giorno and Diavolo happening so quickly, and Diavolo getting screwed over so quickly as well. Other fans had the same complaints, and some still do, though they’re lessened because David Production did an amazing job visually with this episode. Always seeing the stuff in action with the colors, voice acting, and OST makes things a lot better, but the source material is still the same so my complaints are as well. Diavolo predicts the next outcome of him killing Giorno, but as he stops time to attack, suddenly he’s not able to. King Crimson’s fists just stops right in front of Giorno’s face and suddenly in a trippy scene, finds himself going back to the beginning. Gold Experience Requiem’s ability makes it so Diavolo never makes it to whatever end he wants. Any action that he does gets completely reversed to zero. Diavolo wanting to punch and kill Giorno? GER says “No!” And with that he gets completely muda pummeled.

Is it a bit of an asspull? Yeah, kind of. I guess I can say that it was built up ever since Polnareff explained the truth of the arrow’s power, but it happened so quickly and conveniently. To beat Diavolo’s OP stand, you have to make an even more OP stand. I guess you could also compare it to Jotaro and his ability to stop time suddenly like Dio with that also being an asspull, but he at least had to adapt to it and it wasn’t perfect in the end. shrug

In typical Jojo fashion, there was a lot of monologuing and such making the episode a little eh, but it was still pretty entertaining. Again, praise for the stunning visuals, as well as the voice acting. Unfortunately, we’re going to have a long wait as the hour-long finale won’t air until July 28th, a Sunday! I don’t know the reason for all of Part 5’s delays, but the wait is going to be a lot longer but at least I know they’re working hard on it. On that note…

Important notice: I actually won’t be around for the finale since I’m going to be gone on a trip and won’t be back until the week later. So that means I won’t be able to leave my final impression for the finale along with Midnight. What I’m going to do is make my own separate final impression post once I return, so I’ll appreciate you guys being patient and waiting for my opinion until then~! 

So with that, look forward to the finale and Midnight’s final impression of this crazy Jojo part. She’ll leave another reminder of my status in the finale just as another heads up. Thanks, and have fun! Arrivederci~


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