Carole & Tuesday Episode 18: Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I don’t even know what this show is trying to be anymore. There’s too many subplots happening in this show all at the same time, that things keep getting jumbled up. What’s worse is that they keep adding subplots, and most of them don’t have any sort of connection with each other. Some subplots are more engaging than others, but most seem really pointless. I’m not too annoyed with Tuesday’s crush on Kyle, because I can understand her side, but I still think we could have gone without it seeing as how it didn’t really add to anything.

As of right now:

  1. Cydonia Festival is going to happen again. Ertegun is working with Tao to perfect the new song. CandT were invited to perform.
  2. CandT are working on their album.
  3. Terrorist attack —> which is tied to the politics
  4. Tao might get roped into the campaign?
  5. Angela’s stalker
  6. Tues’ crush on Kyle

I don’t know if I’m missing anything else, but ALL of this happened in a span of one episode, and all of this stuff has continually been “progressing” in the background along with other subplots like the meeting of those celebrities (where the heck did Flora go?), and Ertegun losing everything and trying to make a comeback. There’s just too many things going on right now, and I seriously have no idea in what direction the show is going in anymore. Yeah, the story is about CandT but what do they want? To be famous…is that it? And what is the Miracle 7 Minutes they keep talking about? They haven’t even hinted what that could possibly be. I feel like things are barely moving along (sometimes not at all) and what bothers me is that I still feel like we barely know the characters, and this feeling came back to me at the very end of the episode.

Tuesday forming a crush on Kyle wasn’t entirely random as I could see what they were doing with them having the same interests, like them both using notebooks. It’s been said before and it was shown that Tuesday is a very sheltered girl. And from how she was describing her mother, she’s also a girl that grew up in a household without much love, but that wasn’t entirely a surprise. She’s always been a very lonely, sheltered, and impressionable girl. I mean, the first song she and Carole come up with is called “The Loneliest Girl” for shit’s sake! Her home was just bad. Abusive, neglectful, and just sad. So it’s no surprise that Tuesday would form a quick crush on the first good-looking man that treats her nicely, and who happens to have the same quirks as her. Sadly, it was definitely a one-sided crush. Kyle never led her on or anything. He was just acting like himself and showed genuine concern for her after she was frozen in fear from the explosion. Nothing to lead her into thinking that he was into her too. Also, I’m sure many of us have been in Tuesday’s shoes. Humans form crushes pretty quickly, but Tuesday fooled herself into thinking it was love.

My problem with all this is while it makes sense for her character, it didn’t really add to anything. Again, like other subplots from the show, it felt pretty pointless. Also, that ending with Carole coming to comfort Tuesday? It was a nice moment, and those glowing umbrellas are awesome, and yet I couldn’t really come to care? At all. I still don’t feel a strong friendship from Carole and Tuesday so while the hug at the end was cute, it was…whatever. It’s true that the girls have had some pretty good moments, but the character writing is still poor.

Tao and Ertegun have had entertaining interactions, and I’d like to see more of it but I doubt we will. The subplot with Angela’s stalker is still the most interesting to me, and yet we’ve seen so little of it. Also, what is the point of Angela’s character in this show anymore? Seriously. She’s supposed to be CandT’s rival, right? It’s hard to feel that way when the girls have barely interacted with each other, and they don’t really talk about the other (except for their song’s placements, but that’s brief). I just don’t know what the point of her is anymore, which is sad because she’s always been the character that I was interested in most, along with Tao. And again, we’re more than halfway into the show and we still don’t have a firm grasp of who Tao really is. He’s mysterious, he’s weird, sometimes he’s funny. Nothing else.

It’s just so frustrating. I’ve had problems with this show from the beginning, but at first they were very minor. Then the problems just kept growing gradually, and now we have this jumbled mess with barely any plot progression or any direction at all. I’m going to stick with this until the end, but I’m honestly not the biggest fan right now. There’s so many things they could have done differently, but there’s no point lamenting that right now.

Also, what is this room? Is this Valerie’s office? Why does it look like something from Star Wars? 😐


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  1. Hi everyone! I didn’t have time to get Episode 19 out on time and I’m going to be gone for a con this weekend. Episode 19 will be a double post with Episode 20 next week. Thanks for the patience!

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