Dr. Stone Episode 5 [Welcome to the Stone World]

So when last week ended I was sure that Senku was going to magical karate chop his way through the episode or something, but it was actually far more clever. Once again the entire dynamic and the plot of this show only works because Senku loves his friends and trusts in their intellect. Given that Tsukasa is always figuring out the plots Senku has I figured there was no way that his friends didn’t have a plan given to them by Senku- but no. They actually had ideas and pieced together his hints very cleverly.

So this episode doesn’t end with the surefire ‘Senku survives’ plotline. There is a heavy implication that he will survive while also showing us how it was for him when he woke up. That part of the episode more or less lost my attention because it was told through the narrative of wild monkeys. This part sort of lost me but by the end I did at least appreciate what Senku has experienced.

I think this episode sort of exemplifies the difficult to talk about shounen episodes. We’ve now been left on two episodes of cliffhangers about Senku’s survival and now there isn’t really tension so much as me going “yes, and?”. I did appreciate that Yuzuriha was useful and showed her craftiness, her thoughtfulness, and her usefulness. It does feel like she finally came into her own and wasn’t simply a hostage for Taiju to not go bananas on people. On top of that they worked together to get away from Tsukasa, a task that has been no small feat before.

I’m fairly certain from here what will happen is that they meet the other people who have been awakened in this world, or their descendents, and form an alliance that semi protects them from Tsukasa. This is my speculation, otherwise the episode just leaves us going: Yeah, you did it guys! You’re showing your guts and that you can exist and put together facts without Senku force feeding you information! I’m not complaining about that part, but hopefully we don’t have another monkey cut scene…it could be funny but I was just so bored watching it.

But hey, perfect waifu Yuzuriha and best husbando Taiju could to do cool things and set the bad guy on fire. Of course he makes no sense so he’s fine, but it was cool! He’s even… hotter than before! HAhaha.

it’s a pun!


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