Guys, we’ve come all this way. We’ve seen so many things, learned so many things, experienced so many things. It’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for. The title name drop! …What? Did you think I meant that we’ll learn if Senku lived or not? This is a shounen you know he is fine. But now we finally get the reason for the title, Doctor Stone! The story is finally hinting at an idea: When the petrification is broken, all the cracks and injuries are healed. So is it possible that the cause behind the stone phenomenon was not an attack, but something else? Something…meant to heal humanity?

We have another flashback sequence this episode that details what Senku tried to do in order to get Taiju up. It wasn’t just fate that woke up Taiju, it was Senku working tirelessly to figure out how to get him out of that stone state. I loved how he went through the trial and error to figure out that his thought process for the 3,700 years really impacted his ability to wake up. I also love that he went looking for his friend: it mattered to him to find him and wake him up. Eventually it cuts to the future and we do see that Senku is indeed alive, the stone on his neck saving his life once it is cleared. He has a pretty outlandish plan: he wants Taiju and Yuzuriha to join Tsukasa’s army as spies.


What is great about this is: I was not expecting that, it breeds tension- and- now we finally get introduced to a new character after many episodes of only focusing on the four currently introduced ones. As Tsukasa is skulking through the forest he is challenged by a woman who declares she saw him kill the sorcerer who protected a woman. This of course tells us, and Tsukasa, that she is likely a descendent of someone who woke up a long time ago. She is actually very capable in battle but is eventually thrown to the side and Tsukasa literally uses a tree falling on her to stop her. Woah.

But the best part of this episode is that Senku finds this girls and uses the power of physics to get the tree off of her. After seeing this the girl becomes seduced by Senku’s science powers and expresses she’s into him. Look, this is what I am here for. Senku gets a girl to like him by using ~science~. Nice guys, sorry, girls like using astronomical implementations of physics, duh.

Excuse me, everyone meet my waifu.