Star Twinkle Precure Episode 26

After receiving the message from her twin brother Lolo that they had found the princess power (pen), Lala (who didn’t really want to bring them along) and the girls are off on a trip to Planet Samaan! But to my surprise, the trip did not go as planned. Due to the lack of sleep, Fuwa’s warp failed and is presently out of commission, Hikaru suggested they host a pyjamas party.

And goodness, it was so cute and wholesome to watch! I really liked that we actually got an episode where everyone just sat down and talked a bit about themselves. It was great because this not only helps us (the audience) learn more their characters, but it also gave them the opportunity to deepened their bonds. It was also fun just to see the girls interact with each other in a way they  hadn’t before either. Hikaru had brought a video tape (I can’t believe they actually used a VCR, and somehow managed to hook it up!!!!) of a scary movie, and sure enough we got to see how each of them are about it. Hikaru was the hyper-builder, Lala was bored (because it was low-budget to her), Elena can’t handle scary movies at all regardless of its quality, Madoka thought it was amazing and would get upset whenever Hikaru would blurted out spoilers, and Yuni… well she slept through the whole thing hahahaha!

But of all the conversations that were held, the one that stuck out to me the most was Hikaru’s. It made me opened my eyes to appreciating her character even more than I had before.

Hikaru is a heroine who was content doing her own thing instead of hanging out with other people her age. While it’s nothing new, I think it is fairly uncommon, especially in these type of magical girl series when the main protagonist is either already has a friend or two, or harbours the strong desire to find friends. Hikaru is that type of character who is right in between the two. She has been fine either way, and it’s a characteristic that I admire about her. It also goes to show that it’s not impossible to have fun on your own, especially when you are doing something you are passionate about or engrossed in. They also reminded us, how while that’s fine and all, having a group of friends who you can share that with makes it all the more sweeter.

But this circle will not last forever. The daunting reminder their inevitable separation was brought up today by Madoka, who shared she is due to study abroad in the near future. Interestingly, nobody seemed to pay too much mind to what that meant for them as a group, but I can understand why. In their heads, that day is probably still far off, when in reality… time flies by when they are having fun, and before they know it, they will all have to part ways to either return to their home planets or follow their own path, where Hikaru will find herself mostly alone once again (with the exception of Elena who will remain in the city, but always puts family obligations first). So it will be interesting to see whether or not Hikaru can still keep up that independence streak when everyone has to go their separate ways. It can be hard to go back to the activities you used to do on your own after getting a taste of what it’s like sharing the experience with others. But I suppose what makes Hikaru different from other heroines is how this isn’t exactly new to her. She has already gone down a similar road once before by encouraging her father to pursue his dreams, so I imagine as much as she will have that sense of loss, she will also cherish the memories and adventure they shared together.

Overall, I would say this episode is probably among some of my favourites from this series so far. Just having simple conversations and getting to know each other really goes a long way, especially when friendship plays such an important role in the story. It looks like we won’t be arriving to Samaan just yet with the girls taking a detour to bring their unsuspected hitchhiker Yanyan back home in exchange of their getting rocket fixed! But it looks like we will be seeing the return of Ayewan! I wonder what she has been up to?

PS: When it comes to watching scary movies, which ones of the girls are you? I would say I’m probably a combination of Yuni and Elena! I’m too scared to watch it so I’d hide behind a pillow or would just go to sleep instead, hahaha!


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6 thoughts on “Star Twinkle Precure Episode 26

  1. I really think that Hikaru won’t hold her independence streak for long, sure she has experience this before with her father, but her father and her friends are 2 different groups of people and different individuals in the end. Also at the time, Hikaru was very young at the time when her father left, so experience might differ. We’ll see how she reacts when the inevitable separation happens, especially Lala who seems to be the closest to Hikaru.
    Another thing to note in this episode is that the space battle is lame.

    1. i realy like hikaru so far in the show her independence feels so real her emotions of opening up to others about not have any freinds to the group was good

  2. NOTICE: Star Twinkle Precure entry will be postponed again.
    I usually try to avoid releasing a triple entry, but I got nothing to say for Episode 28 either. Fortunately we’re back to the plot next week, so my coverage will resume with Episode 29 entry!

    1. the only thing I liked in episode 28 is elena and madoka team work to try and repair the rocket. what do you think eva?

      1. Unfortunately these type of episodes rarely resonate with me, and episodes 27 and 28 were among the ones that didn’t. They just bore the daylights out of me. It also didn’t help that this week’s (ep 28) “conflict” Madoka and Elena had to overcome felt terribly weak. It didn’t feel like it actually added anything to their characters or relationship. And it’s a shame, because it would have been nice if they came up with something more memorable that could really flesh them out for the better.

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