A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode 11 + 12 [Final Impressions]


Decided to do both episodes at once since episode 11 basically was nothing. Accelerator is pissed as all hell, even more than usual actually, Esther has finally made up her mind to do something, Hishigata is still evil but wants to hurt the person who hurt his sister, and all is now well in the world. Summary over! To episode 12 we go!

Oh. Well, that was anticlimactic… I don’t really understand what spurned this perfect evolution. I guess we’re just going with whatever now. 10,031 deaths just didn’t cut it, but 10,41? Oh shit, that’s insane. Only a god could do something like that. What power did Isaac gain? Rainbow aura that gives you a headache and paper cuts? Fucking really Esther? You still fell for the Hirumi trick. How the hell did Misaka get from the coffin machine to the other side of Esther in 5 seconds? What even happened to Hishigata after? We just assume he’s dead? Sounds good.

All in all, this was such a bad ending. The art was amazing, the dimmed lighting in the beginning and then the use of vibrant colors afterwards was a really cool effect, and the soundtrack had me pumped but everything else was just soooo… meh. I can’t even tell if it felt super rushed or if they added in extra stuff just to fill the episode. Like I don’t know which way it swung, I just know that, whatever this was, I don’t like it. And thus goes another Index-related series in my book of, ‘ehh, ok’ anime.

Don’t throw Misaka in a nurse outfit and Last Order at me like I’m supposed to dance like a monkey and overlook that ending! I mean, that was nice, but I… what was I talking about?

Seriously though, the ending just felt kind of cheap. Not all bad though. Three things I notably liked happened too.

First, the justice thing that took over Isaac from time to time until they were able to stop here for good. In his quest for perfection, he chose some awfully imperfect beings. Eating up the DA members, I’m assuming at least, caused the strong sense of justice to take over Isaac’s body to the point where his efforts were thwarted. To be honest, after how much shit the DA went through in terms of betrayal and dying, I guess them inadvertently contributing to the downfall of an unrighteous villain is kind of redeeming? Like they all died, or were later captured by Anti-Skill, but they did technically bring justice to the city. So, that was nice.

Second, I like how Accelerator is basically becoming Touma’s #1 fan. How we kept referencing the actions of a hero was clearly him thinking about Touma and what he would do in the situation if he was there. It was this mixture of annoyance, jealousy, and rage when he talked about him that fit so well.

Last, I just like the bordering on edgelord behavior of Accelerator in this last episode. About walking the path of a villain and how it’s not a place for Misaka or Esther to be in. I just find it appealing in a character who knows what he is, doesn’t apologize for it, and especially when it’s on the darker side.

Final thoughts. I think I’ve gone over most of them. As a series, this was a pretty big letdown. If I learned anything from the manga readers though, this was apparently already a low-risk series and might have actually done Accelerator more justice than the source did. Which… is really sad. The show had lot of flaws, but I think we all knew at this point what we were getting into. The art was consistently good, especially good in this last episode, the OST I thought was a force to be reckoned with. It was just kind of boring. I wanted to see Accelerator fight more, not just run around and chase robots forever. Maybe that’s just what happens when you’re OP, but I think a little more effort coulda been nice? I’m glad they never used the battery dying as a crutch. I liked what action scenes we did get. I like Accelerator as a character and his references to Touma and their relationship.

If I had to give this show a score. Well, probably a solid 6/10. I’d never watch this shit again, but I made it through, we made it through, and now we can put the past behind us. Thanks for tuning in if ya did. Can’t say I’ll be leaping at the opportunity to cover another index/railgun/accelerator show in the future, but it was fun while it lasted!

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