Carole & Tuesday Episode 22: Just Like Heaven

I am absolutely livid. I’m so angry at the ending. I was anxious the entire episode because I had a bad feeling something bad would happen in the end, and it did. And I’m just so angry that no one seems to give a damn about Angela.

Her mom dies, it’s confirmed she was adopted (from who and where?), and Tao didn’t answer her plea for help. Which makes me even angrier. Goddamn it Tao, I’m so disappointed in you. I’m just…disappointed in general. I wish the hint of Angela being adopted was built up, or at least mentioned sooner because all of this is so random. And I wish she would get a break and Tao would actually give a shit.

The Carole and Tuesday portion was the usual. Good for them, they wrote a nice song and Crystal performed with them on stage and people loved it. Yay. Good things always happen to them, and it’s fine. I just personally never found them as interesting. Also was disappointed Crystal didn’t have a bigger role in the episode. Such as, it would have been nice to see her also work on the song with Carole and Tuesday and not just the girls writing it themselves. A little teamwork from the three of them would have been great, but…whatever. I’m just surprised that the Mars Grammys was this episode. I would have expected the Grammys to be the final episode, but instead it happened already and the Best New Artist award was the very first award they gave away, so the rest of the ceremony doesn’t even matter.

So what the heck are we even going to get in the last two episodes? Will Angela actually die? What I’m trying to wrap my head around is, what even is the point of all this? What’s the point of making Angela go through all this, and her learning about being adopted? What exactly does that do for us, too? It’s not like we’re going to get all the answers in these last two episodes. The same goes for all the other plot lines in this show what with the politics, Kyle and Spencer getting found out, whatever the fuck Tao is doing, CandT’s album coming out, and…whatever else is going to happen to them. I guess get even more famous? I get it, it’s the Miraculous Seven Minutes. I won’t even bother trying to guess what it is anymore, because my guess of We Are the World is dead (possibly).

The last two episodes really ramped things up and looked like it was building up to something good, but this episode just kind of ruined it for me. It’s just so frustrating that the one character I cared about in this show is getting treated like this, and we’re most likely not going to get much closure in regards to Angela. Again, I don’t know how all the plot points will come together in the end but I’m not positive it’ll be satisfactory. I’m just waiting for this show to end. I see people saying that a second season would be needed to properly wrap everything up, and I think I agree but I don’t know if I would even watch it. I’m not invested in Carole and Tuesday as characters, and their story. Again, I’m just disappointed that a show with so much potential in the beginning, ended up being a slogfest for me in the end (and middle tbh).


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  1. shinichiro watanabe Doesn’t really make season 2’s to anything he directs. (Space dandy was just split up so not really a second season)

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