Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 120 [FINAL]

My heart is a mess right now. Here I am sobbing once again during the finale, but this time it’s because of the epic feels. The final moments between Ai and Yuusaku was so intimately beautiful, so satisfying, my heart can’t can’t take it, I’m just drowning in my own tears. Just when I thought I couldn’t cry even harder, Ai calls Yuusaku by his name. Fuck, that really got to me. God damn it I love these two so much, and they have both come so far! I knew we were in for a tragic end, but it doesn’t lessen the pain. The duel between them was so touching, and the talk about the importance of their bond and the way they are shaped and how they evolve and overcome the obstacles they have to face. Damnit all, Ai truly meant it when he said he was ready to surrender, AND IT’S NOT FAIR TO BE SO PRECIOUS IN SUCH TRAGIC CIRCUMSTANCES! You’re making even harder for all of us! And gods, don’t even get my started when Yuusaku told Ai what his name meant. Damnit, here comes the waterworks again. I absolutely loved that they always intended to use his name in such a profound way, rather than simply being used as a pun because of his initial form as an “eye”.


“Ai’, means ‘to love people.”

Ai had the path to victory, but he didn’t take it. He didn’t want to make a choice. He also revealed he never fought Yuusaku in the simulations, but rather it was because Yuusaku was trying to protect him, he ended up getting killed. Although they didn’t show it last week, I did have some suspicions that Ai was the reason for the war (as source of conflict for power) which would result Yuusaku’s death. This further sheds light onto the reasons why Ai felt he needed to disappear. He loves Yuusaku dearly, he is his best-friend and most trusted partner, and he doesn’t want to be the reason for his death. It is such a cruel, tragic and heart wrenching predicament. The worst part about this is the fact in a way, Lightning may have lost, but ultimately he had succeeded in at least one of his objectives: Breaking Ai’s heart. You could almost hear Lightning laughing gleefully as he had successfully manipulated him onto this path of self-destruction. Had he not left that so-called “gift” to him, perhaps life would have continued, blissfully ignorance of whatever the future may hold. However, if the simulations Ai had seen were to come true true, it would only further cement that fact Yuusaku and Ai were never going to have happy ending, so as long as he continued to exist.



This also adds a whole new perspective as to why Ai suddenly extended the offer for Yuusaku to become on with him. In a way, that was the extreme alternative to protect him, all while without having to separate. Ugh, this makes me tears up just processing it. Excuse me, I need a moment to collect myself.


While I am quite happy with how Ai’s and Yuusaku’s story was resolved, I have to admit, it slightly irked me to see that Yuusaku disappeared and embarked on a journey without really telling anyone about it. And for the past three months, nobody has since him since. The reason why I find it a bit frustrating is because Yuusaku isolated himself again. While it could be reasoned to not wanting to trouble anyone with his own quest to find a way to recover Ai, it just saddens me that he chooses to do this alone. Luckily, the last cut certainly implies that he does in some way or another, still exist and is waiting to be found. Whether or not he possesses the data to remember Yuusaku remains unclear, but it’s nice to at least end it with the glimmer of hope that they will one day be reunited.


On that note, since Yuusaku did not interact with anyone else in the epilogue it was interesting to see everyone else has gone about their lives. Jin has made huge progress in his recovery and is now working with Kusanagi at the food truck, which has also become Aoi’s latest hang out spot. Her brother Akira has become SOL Technology’s new CEO (jeez, this guy keeps on getting crazy promotions) and Link VRAINS has evolved yet again. As result Takeru, who has returned to his home town is able to access it from there, and this time has brought along his girlfriend (they are totes dating, you cannot tell me otherwise, let me be my headcanon damnit THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. LOOK AT THAT BLUSH!). Gosh, they are so adorable together, it’s a darn shame we didn’t get to see them interact more throughout the show. I am sure she could have been such a charming character! …But I digress.

Ryoken and his fellow Hanoi Knights buddies gotten a bigger boat. They are the “observers” of Link VRAINS to make sure no funny business happens. We didn’t hear Pandor say anything this episode, so I guess she decided she will stick around and help out.

And finally we of course got to see Yuusaku doing his search and Ai mysteriously appearing, confused. Gotta say, that was one hell of a way to end it. Admittedly it was a bit abrupt to my liking, but I’ll take it since it indicates they will be eventually reunion. [SOBS]

Final Thoughts

Goodness, what a great and crazy ride this has been! It certainly felt like they learned a lesson to some degree from the travesty that became of Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V. Instead of having an insane amount of characters and the dreadful cameos from the past, this time they stuck with an extremely contained set of characters, and also had an incredible set of villains that puts ARC-V’s to shame.

However, it is terribly unfortunate that even though they worked with a smaller cast, only a handful of them had been granted the opportunity for good character growth. And to make matters worse, with the exception of Yuusaku, Ai and Kusanagi trio, and Flame and Takeru as a duo, up until the very end, the cast barely interacted with each other. As result, they really didn’t have a true relationship with one another besides coming together for a common cause.

And this is one of my biggest criticism with this series. They sort of dug themselves into this hole by failing to present better opportunities for the characters to properly socialize with one another. You can’t tell me they are “friends” when they pretty much stuck to their own respective circles for pretty much the entirety of the series. Hell, with the exception of maybe two occasions, (one each with Yuusaku and Takeru, and the other, Yuusaku and Aoi), we never actually got to see them get to know each other, period- I MEAN, AOI WAS LEFT IN THE DARK ABOUT YUUSAKU’S TRUE IDENTITY UNTIL VIRTUALLY THE END OF THE SHOW! Actually the most ridiculous thing about this, is how not once did we get to see everyone be in the same place at the same time to hang out and just chat. The only times we did was when they were able to fight Ai. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. That’s why it’s really hard for me to believe in their friendships with one another since they were never given the chance to properly nurture it to fruition.

However when it comes to true friendship, there are only three in my books: Ai and Yuusaku, Kusanagi and Yuusaku and Flame and Takeru. That’s it. 

It goes without saying that the strongest and most authentic bond in this series is between: Ai and Yuusaku. The two of them had undergone tremendous growth that led us to this heart-wrenching finale. They learned from each other, Ai evolved from someone who fought for his own survival, to somebody who was willing to give up his own life in hopes that he could advert the tragic fate that seemed to be in store of his beloved best friend. Yuusaku went from the lone wolf to someone who was more open to working with others, and formed a unique and irreplaceable friendship with Ai. That’s why he refuses to give up in searching for a way to bring him back.

Kusanagi and Yuusaku isn’t as showy and obvious, but the quiet support of Kusanagi simply looking out for him and having a friendship that exists in the real world is something I really appreciated.

Flame and Takeru were probably second fair pair of buddies. Flame’s wit and charm meshed with Takeru’s personality always made their interaction so much fun to watch. My favourite thing about their bond was how Flame served as someone to help guide Takeru through some of his most difficult times when it comes to facing his trauma.

Then comes down to the character’s respective growth. Again, Yuusaku and Ai both has the strongest and best development of all the characters in the entire series (and thank god for that). But when it comes to the others, they weren’t as lucky.

Aoi had a real rough one. It took her a long time to finally be properly involved in the fights rather than being caught up in a mess and turned into a victim. Sadly, even though she somehow was able to undergo incredibly strong development, she ended up being sabotaged by the writer (yet again) because either she had to be a ‘necessary sacrifice’ all over again, or it was already far too late into the series for her to actually get involved properly any further. Don’t even get me started on her terrible record for the duels. She has put up some amazing fights, and much to my dismay she lost the majority of them. It’s a darn shame, because I really liked her character development.


Then there is Takeru, who had the opposite problem: Lots of airtime, and yet his development felt nonexistent or at least incredibly shallow. Asides from overcoming his past, trauma and guilt, I sincerely had wished they spent more time fleshing him out properly, such his guilt about what had tragically turned out to be his last interaction with is parents, something I had wished they had touched on much earlier. Another reason why he didn’t appeal to me much was definitely because of his lackluster duels. Goodness, for a guy whose’ theme is fire, many of his duels didn’t feel exciting at all, and when they were we were all like “FINALLY!”. They seem to have always lacked that “oomf” that makes a duel fun for me to watch. In fact they were so forgettable, unlike other duels, they are nothing more than faint blur in my memories.

And it’s not that I dislike him— mind you I do think he is a precious cinnamon roll, but I never found myself truly invested in him. He kind of always felt more like an “extra”, specifically made to accommodate Yuusaku and Flame. Ironically, it is is Flame who is my third most beloved character of this series, and it was only with him that Takeru’s character became a bit more fun to watch because the two of them had good chemistry with each other.

Of course they individual growth weren’t all bad, but they weren’t great either. Ryoken comes to mind of how far he has come. Lost Incident whistle-blower, ruthless leader of the Hanoi Knights who will do anything at all cost to complete his objective of purging the Ignis. Well he turned out to be  an interesting dude. Complicated, but intriguing all the same. There were times when he was an idiot for failing to look at the bigger picture of how his actions will instigate the very prophecy he and the Hanoi Knights were fighting to prevent. But like Takeru he didn’t really hold my interest too much. I did at least consider him to be a pretty badass character. Took him a while to come around, but when he did it was worth it for most part.

We also can’t forget about Onizuka. Besides the dumbass who calls himself Brave Max, despite Onizuka being probably the second most unpopular character in this series, he had undergone a fairly intriguing take of development. It was because of that it really took me a long time to figure out just what they were trying to do with him, especially when his character would just keep on getting worse and worse when he lost sight of himself and became obsessed with obtaining power by whatever means. But one of the benefits that came out of that was serving as a contrast to Aoi’s development, who had undergone a similar humiliation of losing (and morE), and yet she was able to become stronger and a better person rather than for the worse.

Then we have Kusanagi, Akira, Emma, Spectre and the Hanoi Knights all had very minimal development (though to be fair, among them all, Emma probably had the most after being screwed over by Revolver). Jin basically was a damsel in distress for the entire series, so he wasn’t able to ever grow outside of that. At least the kid is set free I guess.

And finally, the last of the bunch: The Ignis and Bohman.

Aside from Ai, character development wasn’t really the focus for the Ignis. It was more about what they thought about Humans, and what was going to become of them. And God damn it, if it weren’t for Lightning, perhaps this tragedy could have been avoided altogether. Even though we had longed and hoped for the Ignis to have somehow be saved, tragically they were gone for good. As much as it pains me to lose such wonderful characters like Flame, Aqua and Earth, the payoff was absolutely worth it. The execution of these Ignis demise was far better than what had transpired in ARC-V, that (when you think about it) just so happened to have really similar circumstances! Of the bunch, I would say Flame and Earth had the most tragic death, as they perished in such an unexpected manner. Ai, at the very least, we had time to mentally prepare for (not that it made it any easier).

Although I despise Lightning, I absolutely love him, as a villain. He was exactly what we needed, an antagonist who is incredibly intelligent, has a clear motive, manipulative and solid foundation of the reasons behind his horrific actions. He was deliciously evil, played every underhanded card in the book, and even continued to have an impact, even after his demise. Windy and Bohman were great sidekicks for him, both being creepy and intimidating in their own rights.

As for the Story Arcs, most noticeably VRAINS didn’t have major transitions, and (correct me if I am wrong) for the first time ever, no official tournaments. I found this to be particularly interesting because by doing so, it prevented bringing in extra characters that otherwise wouldn’t really help drive the plot forward. So instead we were given streak of battles (every one of them had something at stake) that would follow right after the other. Truthfully, there were times when pace of what sometimes felt like there just wasn’t time to breathe made it exhausting to follow. Luckily, that didn’t happen too often.

The first major arc was the Hanoi Knights Arc. It did a good job of covering a lot of things because of the way they all tied together. It started off with Yuusaku “capturing” Ai to use as a hostage to lure out the Hanoi Knights, and eventually uncovering the truth of the Lost Incident, fuelled by his desire for revenge and justice for him and the other victims who gone through the same horrors he did.

The second major arc which immediately followed was The Ignis War. This was without a doubt the peak of the series (and my favourite arc), driven by the incredibly well written villains that I loved to hate. It was brutal and cruel but damn it, it was so well done, I loved every second of it!

And finally the aftermath of the Ignis War, where Ai disappeared and set the stage to motivate Yuusaku to destroy him. Even though it was apparent we were close to the end, there was a part of me that was hoping it wasn’t. But before long I realized that there was not going to be a Pandor rebellion of the sorts (despite how creepy she looks in the Opening), but instead Ai and Yuusaku’s story was likely either going to have a tragic or bittersweet end— and we got a bit of both.

Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS had a fairly rough start due to the sudden change in staff (as of Episode 14: Hosoda, Masahiro was no longer the Director and was replaced by Asano Katsuyaand struggling with the shortage of animators. However the change seemed to have been exactly what was needed at the time, as it felt like there was a number of improvement made in the series ever since Episode 14, and for the better, such as the transparency of the situation, and taking a risk to resort using recap episodes to provide more production time. The series had a grand total of seven recaps (Episode 13, 21, 29, 38 (Shortage of Animators), 59, 83, 103 (hybrid, 5mins of new content). I’d be lying if the recaps didn’t frustrate me a bit, but it was a tradeoff I was willing to make if it meant better quality for the series as a whole. Not to mention, I always appreciated the effort of trying to make it humourous as much as they could, and finding ways to mix it with new content so it wouldn’t feel like a total waste of time.

That being said, knowing how many episodes were sacrificed for that makes me wonder what kind of other development we could have possibly played out. Perhaps a bit more time for character growth or group interactions? Well, no use about thinking about it now. But on the flip-side of things, this also forced them to keep up the tempo of the plot. Of course there were some times when it did feel rushed, but more often than not, I didn’t find it to be the case. I am also glad they didn’t unnecessarily drag out the series, nor did the ending feel rushed. Although it ended sooner than most of us had initially anticipated, and felt like it was probably planned to be 120 episodes (25 episodes shorter than usual), especially since they clearly needed more time in the beginning of the series. Hopefully now, since they ended earlier than usual, they will have a bit more breathing room to not rush the production of the next series.

Final Verdict: 7/10

While Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS was certainly far from perfect, and there were still a lot of things I would have liked to have seen them expand on further, I am so happy to say I really enjoyed covering this series. I am also incredibly relieved and thankful it didn’t turn into a dumpster fire like the last one did (God, that was awful!). Instead, the tears I cried today was because of my favourite character, Ai’s demise, and the bond between him and Yuusaku. These two are such a great duo, and they never ceased to make me laugh and cry when they work and fought together, or against each other. Their partnership, bond and character development made it such a rewarding journey to be on. That alone is enough to motivate me to watch this show all over again the future.

If you are interested in checking out a Yu-Gi-Oh series, even though it’s not the best one of them all, I still would recommend this one just because of how good the relationship is between Yuusaku and Ai, and how fantastic the villains were. It also so happens to be one of the shorter ones as well. Of course there are better ones such as YGO 5DS (which is my top recommendation and remains my all time favourite YGO series to date.)

Thanks for being a part of this journey, and I hope to be back to cover the next installment in 2020!


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9 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 120 [FINAL]

  1. 25th September 2019, the day where VRAINS ends is also the same day that Aqours releases their 4th single. Coincidence much?
    Anyway, moving on. Remember when 2 years I pointed out how the initial impression of VRAINS was “Sonic Riders” in the Yugioh universe? Today was where VRAINS reached its (sadly) unfulfilling conclusion. I’ll say it right here, after they did Revolver dirty during his duel against Lightning I instantly lost the motivation to watch the series… until 2 weeks ago where I binged through everything. Regardless, let me point out which Yugioh endings I like the best to the worst:
    1) Yusei vs Jack: Nuff said, this one was simply an amazing sendoff duel to Yusei & Team 5D’s in a broader sense with everyone deciding what future paths they chose to go with. The final turn clashes of Shooting Star & Scar Red Nova, and with Junk Warrior delivering the final blow against Red Demon Dragon still echoed deep within my mind and truly an unforgettable conclusion.
    2) Yugi vs Atem: The one everyone remembered the most and still easily the best “ceremonial” duel to date. Especially in Yugi’s perspective who went through most of the show behind Atem’s shadows but finally emerged as a duelist of his own right, toppling the classic Dark Magician & Dark Magician Girl duo & even overcoming the 3 Egyptian Gods along the way, that’s the pinnacle of the original series.
    3) Yugi/Atem vs Judai: A source of comfort and closure for Judai of course before he departed for a long & unknown journey. After the traumatic experiences of season 3 the man who finally succumbed to loneliness and found no more joy in dueling while facing inevitable separation from his friends upon graduation, Yugi served as his first & final motivator to reignite his spark to never backtrack from his joy for dueling anymore and that iconic scene of Neos ramming into Slifer was still legendary.
    4) Yuma vs Astral: Funny, back when Zexal concluded 5 years ago I wasn’t satisfied with this final duel at all. Mainly because everyone returned back to life & live happily ever after before marching into a new adventure seemed too childish and only served to stomach Yuma’s stupidity & selfishness. But time sure changed my perspective and I’m not mad anymore, besides he’s the one who actually got his girl (Kotori) in the end, something his 3 predecessors couldn’t boast about.
    5) Yusaku vs Ai: Sighs… For a duel supposedly befitting to close up their character arcs, I found myself unable to invest into this duel at all. Even the Link-6 Arrival & Accesscode Talker seemed so tame in comparison to the other big guns splashed out by the opponents of the past and the multi-summoning spams by Yusaku & Ai truly lacked the punch when it mattered. Sorry.
    6) Yuya vs Reiji: Hahahahaha…. No, just NO. I hated this final duel SO much I still couldn’t stomach it. Not only it was ridiculously short (taking up only 1.5 episode), but the build-up towards it was absolutely idiotic (never forget the “Making Reira smile again” bullshit). In all due respect that duel could’ve ended on the 2nd turn when Reiji foolishly rammed his Hell Armageddon into Starve Venom whose effect would’ve nuked Reiji’s board and burned him with 9000 damage, but alas Yuya’s nasty habit of spamming endless Action Cards dragged this borefest for a much longer time and when it ended the audience were already fed up and (rightfully) painted Arc V for having the worst Yugioh ending ever.
    Regardless, what a pity that VRAINS ran out of time so fast. Now embrace the 6-month wait for another new Yugioh series, huh that’s something you don’t usually experience whether you like it or not.
    My final verdict of VRAINS: 5.5/10

  2. I think Link Summoning is a terrible idea- there’s nothing unique about it and revamped rules to make Link Summoning work made the game extremely confusing. I don’t play the game but I believe the boring complexity of Link Summons to be a major reason why VRAINS provided lackluster duels. If it weren’t for the revelations in the dialogue during the duel I would just skip the duel entirely. In fact, Link Summoning as the main focus made doing a tournament arc difficult, so I guess I have to be pleased about that (like Eva, I’m not a huge fan of tournaments).
    While Ritual, Fusion, XYZ, and Synchro came back, Pendulum did not. I wonder if Pendulum got kicked to the bucket or if in general Link Summoning was created to erase Pendulum and its’ anime’s dark past. It’s fun to see all the special summons animated, except for Link.
    Hopefully when the new series airs, if they are gonna think of introducing a new summon it’d better be something pretty, fun, or interestingly complicated that works with all previous Summoning methods- Links did not fulfill the requirement.
    With that said, I’d rather rewatch Vrains than deal with something like Arc V ever again. It’s number 3 for me, after 5Ds and Yugi/Atem. I can’t help but think though, Vrains might have done much better had the staff took a break first as they are now before resuming with the new series.

    1. I for one was happy to see Pendulum summon not return just because I didn’t want to be reminded of ARC-V whatsoever. But I was also delighted to see Ritual Summons, sadly we didn’t get to see too much of it, nonetheless, I’m glad it was featured.
      I wholeheartedly agree about the importance of valuable dialogue during the duel. This was something I always found Takeru’s duel had lacked, so that explains a lot why it felt so lacklustre. But if there’s one thing they absolutely nailed this time round were the Animation of Summoning Sequences. Man, the revamps were SOOOOOOOOOOO NICE, especially the XYZ. That had to be my favourite. I also really adored the personal touches for each duelist, it was a cool way to add some extra flair, and I hope they will carry that art direction into the next series.
      It was really refreshing to not have a tournament be used to drive the plot this time. It was a good chance of pace.
      I too believe VRAINS would have benefited more if the staff were able to rest and had more time to sort things out. Hopefully the next series will benefit greatly from this, and if it has a good pay off, perhaps it will become a new pattern that will help resolve the problems of not having enough time to get things done and so on forth in the future.

  3. I cried for real when watching this episode. This settles it. This duel is the saddest, most tragic, most heartbreaking last/ceremonial duel in YGO history. The feels, the emotions, everything is just so…I dunno how to put it into words…(TT_TT)
    Yusaku and Ai have truly shown the true extent of their friendship in the past three episodes. Ai’s character, in particular, is shining. While Ai indeed felt lonely and afraid to become like Lightning and Bohman, his main drive for his entire actions was to save Yusaku from his tragic fate. Yes, he can try to find other paths that may prevent destruction of mankind and Yusaku’s death, as Yusaku said that simulations are merely data. But Ai’s love for Yusaku is so strong that he is unwilling to take such a risk, he wanted and needed something that will entirely ensure Yusaku’s survival.
    While it saddened him to know humanity will be destroyed because he exist, Yusaku’s death in the simulations is what truly drove him into despair. He already lost his Ignis friends, so he certainly doesn’t want to lose his one and only best friend because of him. Wanting to carry out Lightning’s wishes, wanting give other A.Is a chance to make their own choices, those are just excuses to make Yusaku fight him and end him for real. Everything in the end was for Yusaku’s sake. Knowing Ai was doing this for his sake must have broken Yusaku’s heart more.
    For the epilogue, well, I am happy to see Jin is finally getting a proper line to speak, and he is back to living a normal life! But too bad that they didn’t show Miyu at the end. I was hoping to see her even if she doesn’t have any line. Everyone, well, maybe except Yusaku, got their happy ending. Takeru and Kiku especially, is what I like the most! They are so cute together!
    I absolutely agree with everything you said about the characters in the review above. They have learned well to keep the cast smaller than the previous series, but unfortunately still neglected several potential characters.
    Honestly, I found the ending rather confusing. Rather than closure for the series, it’s more like a cliffhanger that hinting a continuation. And it’s never confirmed why Yusaku go on a journey. While it may seemed Yusaku is lookong for a way to recover Ai, we don’t know that for sure. I’m not saying it’s bad, and I’m not going to hope there’ll be a continuation or the sort despite the possible hint given by Yusaku’s voice actor, but it’s just still confusing to me.
    And we’re waiting for YGO7 in 2020. That’s a long time to wait. I hope they at least give a teaser of what the anime is going about. There are many speculations, the most popular ones are it’a going to be a crossover between YGO protagonists and DM reboot.
    Eva, thank you for your VRAINS all these times! See you next time!

    1. IKR? Even after the episode was over, I was still a sniffling mess for as I was writing this up and then had to do the screencaps— oh my god my heart, I DIDn’T ASK FOR THESE FEELINGS DAMNIT!!! [GROSS SOBBING] It hurt like a bitch, but damnit it was beautiful wasn’t it?
      I was surprised that they didn’t show Miyu, but I ain’t even mad because they gave us Takeru x Kiku fanservice and it absolutely delighted me to see their cute interaction. askdhakjdha they are so adorable together! > w < ////
      Yeah the ending was very confusing, almost jarring in a way of how they just ended it with hinting Ai may somehow or another still exist in the network. There was almost a part of me that had wished they were able to find each other again before the end of the episode, but at the same time, I also think it was because they didn’t, it made it a lot more satisfying since they didn’t water down their partings by having them reunite again.
      It’s been my pleasure! And thank you too for sharing your thoughts as well! <3

      1. Yeah! It’s beautiful beyond words! A truly beautiful friendship moment!
        Come to think of it, maybe they could have more times for the epilogue if only they didn’t include the OP. That’ll give them a minute or two to show more of the characters in the epilogue. If I recalled it right, some of the previous series didn’t use OP for the final episode so they can focus entirely to wrap things up. And absolutely agree about Takeru x Kiku! Seeing Takeru and Kiku like that makes me wanting to see more of them! If they did this sooner, we could’ve seen more cute moments between them! XD
        Yeah, I don’t think making Yusaku reunite with Ai at the same episode he dies would make a satisfying ending. If that happens, all the feels from their parting would be meaningless. And, Ai’s possible survival also kinda make me hoping that means there’s still a chance for the other Ignis to survive somehow…

        1. many people saying the end with AI will explain in the next series since it an anniversary and i tend to agree since maybe all the main characters of all shows will be there

  4. Couple of questions:
    1. Anyone else notice that Jin is a victim of minimum wage?
    2. Where was Miyu? (Seriously, she wasn’t even with Aoi WTH???)
    3. Why did Revolver put his mask back on?
    4. Will these questions be answered????
    I n terms of “Ceremonial Duel”… Zexal’s Manga had the best one in my opinion. Otherwise, the rest were okay.

  5. With this season over, I can officially say that this season is the most heartbreaking in the entire Yugioh Seasons not because of quality (that spot belongs to Arc V season 3) but because of the story.

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