Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 1 [First Impressions]

I first learned about Chuunibyou as a concept a few years ago while reading Umineko no Naku Koro ni and afterwards, with the airing of the hilarious Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita I must say this trope has become one of my favorite things in anime. It was a matter of time until they came up with a cute boy concept like this and I’m excited about it! If you’re unsure what Chuunibyou is, let me give you a quick description, it basically refers to a sort of change in behavior and personality in adolescents when they go through the 8th grade and in their most extreme examples they just become delusional or act a certain way in order to feel and appear unique. Fun, right?

The characters for Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy are all quite a bit cliche in their designs and personalities, but in a sense that makes the situation refreshing. It’s a bit unexpected that this cast of characters would get together, in my opinion, but I guess their strong delusions already give them a lot in common. I may have a bit of trouble remembering their names now, so I’ll go with the color code names, bear with me, okay?

So Red is typical sporty, energetic, small, nice, dumb MC kind of guy with ridiculous reflexes and equally ridiculous ideas. He looks like a Pokemon trainer with overactive imagination. Yellow is absolutely hilarious. I feel he’s going to be the one trick pony I will like the least, but it is really funny that he’s an ikemen obsessed with 2D. ‘What a waste’. Black is my favorite so far just because I’m a sucker for dark haired glasses guys and he even has the dark magician, past life curse, can’t control my powers delusion which is my favorite. Purple is still quite a mystery, but I’m guessing he might have a fursona. I really like his design! The girl MC Pink is actually quite cool. She has a very simple, but memorable design and it fits her demeanor of wanting a peaceful school life. I also like her personality because she seems pretty genuine. Her reactions to the boys’ antics are pretty funny too.

I must admit not all the jokes were funny and a couple things feel clumsy or overkill, like her being targeted, but I think the show is trying to go for that level of absurdity. I’m not a huge fan of that, but just reading the ridiculous lines these guys come up with during their delusions is more than enough to make up for anything I perceive as a flaw. What can I say? I’m a bit easy to please when it comes to comedy. A couple parts even had me laughing out loud! Like when Black gets introduced, for example or when they try to pass Red’s miraculous jump from the second floor as good reflexes and Pink calling attention to the fact that just isn’t natural.

From the more technical aspects of production I must say the voice acting is pretty good, I like the bgm and pacing, but I must admit I did expect the character art to be a little nicer. The animation is all right, too. Nothing to complain in that regard. This show was in a few ways pretty much what I expected, although I must say I wish it were a little bit more polished. It might be a matter of the premiere not quite landing all the time, but I’m willing to give it a chance for a couple more episodes to see where it goes!

Possibility of watching: High unless it becomes fairly repetitive.

Possibility of blogging: Moderate. It will depend on the next couple of episodes.

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  1. Chuubyou started as a Vocaloid song, then branched out into LN/manga adaptations. Something like how Mekakucity Actors got started. Here’s the original song. 

  2. I want to like this show. It’s so cute and I enjoy most of the characters (Like Yellow and “Pink” because lord knows I’ll never remember her real name), but Red is everything I don’t like about those kinds of tropes (which I get is the joke but I still don’t like it). Maybe the next few episodes will be better, but I don’t know

    1. Oh, I get it. He is the most annoying and he even seems like a bit more of a main character, so it might be hard to stomach the show if you truly can’t stand him.

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