Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 2

As I’ve said before, when something aligns with my tastes I’m ridiculously easy to please and this week’s episode of Chuubyo demonstrates that. It was a bit of a weak start, to have the actual culprit out himself in the field, but it just got better from there! The hero club quickly finds out that the one harrassing Mizuki was no other that Sekiya-senpai, a guy who likes Nanako, Mizuki’s classmate and first friend.

They theorize that Mizuki became the target of Sekiya’s jealousy and he’s been stalking Nanako for a while. I really liked the scene where Nanako confesses that the whole situation may have to do with a confession she received from him a month before. I must say, this show is so pure! It really heals me. The guys’ antics are the same as the previous episode, but this time around they decide to focus on Black. It was a great way to start, in my opinion, because his brand of chuunibyou is my favorite so they guaranteed my stay for one more episode!

It was fun for the whole group to visit his house since we got a closer look to his private life. His room was truly impressive with his collections and that haunting picture next to the entrance door where he’s posing like some distinguished lord from a fantasy medieval time. He also seemed very happy and proud to show off in his house. His parrot is a star. The part where they find his writing was truly great, both because it was hilarious and a little impressive. One thing I truly enjoy about chunnibyou characters in anime is that they are completely unashamed by their behavior and the people around them are usually split between feeling extreme second-hand embarassment and genuine admiration! I can sympathize with all parties involved in these kind of exchanges, although I’ve never been this level of delusional (or so I’d like to think, at least!).

As they try to hatch a plan to deal with Sekiya and his stalkerish behavior, Yellow suggests the questionable, but in this case ‘genius’, idea of Nanako having a boyfriend to discourage Sekiya from hanging around her. It is sort of expected that he will be the one playing the part of the boyfriend, even as he’s having a mental breakdown from the posibility, so when Nanako decides to ask Black for his help and cooperation, everyone is bordering on shock. Not me though! And probably not you, viewers.

Her reasoning for choosing him is also one of the most ridiculous, idiotic and pure things I’ve seen in anime and Mizuki keeps providing real nice straight-man comments that elevate the comedic value. I didn’t know what to expect from there on, but I knew it was going to be comedy gold and boy, it didn’t disappoint!

It seemed a little weird to me that she would invite Sekiya on a date with the both of them, but well, what do I know about modern dating culture? Either way, as the rest of the hero club worried about Black being late, he made the most memorable entrance ever. Was it cringy as hell? Sure, but you must admit it left quite an impression. I must commend Nanako for being such a cute, kind and accepting girl, she really made the best choice.

It was also pretty funny that Mizuki would be blown away by both Nanako and the girl at the cafe understanding the way Black speaks, but well, maybe they’ve had their share of delusional boys in their lives! Anyway, what I learned about Black this episode was that he’s actually a good storyteller! Sekiya suspected a ruse, but in the end even he was convinced as he saw the story Black was telling him virtually materialize around his eyes. My respects!

In the end all went well and two missions for the hero club were dealt with on the same day! Nanako got rid of her stalker and Mizuki got her first friend. There still is something up with Purple who is super mysterious and edgy on purpose and I’m wondering what really will be up with him, whenever they decide to focus on him. My only regret is that they focused on Black too early and I can’t tell if we’ll get more focus on him later on, hopefully yes.

I’m looking forward to fun antics and plenty of laughter for the next episode too! I hope it’ll live up to my expectations.

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