Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Episode 3

For episode 3 we finally learn more about Purple, and boy what do we learn! I still like Black the best, but his act about the others faking it and him being the only one with actual powers and also how tsun-tsun he is about hanging out with the rest of the gang are both pretty hilarious traits.

This time around we have another crazy emergency that the Hero Club has to take care of. First there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Purple, but what we can gather pretty fast is that his timing is so good his routine is perfectly synched with the traffic lights and the sales. Hijiri is the only one who could realize this while the guys in the club came up with the craziest theories.

As they follow purple around, their regular shenanigans ensue and they end up losing Faust, Black’s parakeet. After some time doing some super embarassing stuff, they find Faust hanging out with Purple and his family. It turns out his little siblings are down by a shrine and they lost their cat. The kids are super adorable and hearing their sweet lines along with the guys crazy delusions is very satisfying.

The Hero Club vows to rescue the cat from the hands of whatever monster each of their little heads is imagining and they set off to search for it in the forest surrounding the shrine. When Black and Red have a join delusion, good job, show. I like that the animation in those bits is not super amazing because it gives more of a amateurish-fantasy feel to the whole thing emphasizing the delusion aspect.

I liked that they made Hijiri realize that as eager as she is to get away from them, she’s also curious about the stuff they’re involved in and she was ready to go along with the Hero Club to find out more about Purple. It was also a little adorable how he has this brash personality to hide the side he shows his family and that he sticks to black coffee just to be cool even if he doesn’t actually like it! It’s a little sad, but still cute.

In the end they all get basically KO’d and Purple cowers in fear behind Hijiri for a while before we find out the priest in charge of the shrine is the one hanging around them. I must say his shadowy self looked sort of like a gundam for a bit. Then, the most embarassing part is finding out his family is huge, he has three older sisters who order him around into submission. As the members of the Hero Club mumble apologies for having seen something so unexpected, Purple blushes in cute embarassment.

The episode ends on an exciting note when we get introduced to a brand new character, Blue, I’m assuming? No name yet. He seems to speak like a foreigner… I wonder if that will be related to his own flavor of chuunibyou…? Another thing that has been hinted at is that Hijiri maybe has powers? There have been a couple of situations where she gets a sort of ‘feeling’ and Mr. Priest at the shrine commented on it. Maybe that will be the case!

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