Dr. Stone Episode 15 [Married and Divorced]

Within 5 minutes of the start of this episode I was proven right: thanks to the mad power of anime reviewing I was able to ascertain that somehow it would be the main character to win the tournament instead of one of the other characters. My god, what infinite power I must possess to predict this. It is definitely not a bad reason though: Chrome literally got the crap beaten out of him by Magma and we learned this is more akin to real life where you can’t just magically overcome your pain and suffering because you won a shounen tournament. What a concept! I have to love Senku for his reaction to all of this: “Well I guess we’re married now ruri. Wait, I have to celebrate my wedding? I’m divorced now.” This all happens within seconds and Senku of course knows that Chrome is in love with her, so of course he would, but what a freaking troll.

While half of this episode is seeped in humor and sarcasm the rest is a confrontation of the facts: Senku knows that if this is not the kind of illness that can be fought then they might be screwed. He wants to cure Ruri, he even makes the sulfa drug, but it will be a hard and difficult thing to confront if they went through all of this for nothing. There were a lot of tears on my end as I knew it would be something he could deal with, and watching Senku being able to beat diseases with science was basically a ‘science is my shounen favorite’ right now. I hate that this show makes me love science but right now, jesus, Science is the All Might of this animu. Science is here!

Much of this episode leads into confirmation of something incredibly cool: Something in Ruri’s stories identifies Senku by name, and in fact the village is named after Senku’s last name. ‘Ishigami Village’ is the name of the village. I lost my mind when this was revealed: and it makes me incredibly sad. If the person who left this information was one of Senku’s relatives, that means that he has permanently lost a relative and even if he restores the world he will never ever get them back. That thought makes me so sad because really most people from the ancient world can be restored and won’t permanently lose their lives. But Senku might have lost someone and on top of that, there is an entire group of people who have kept parts of humanity alive that would otherwise be lost.

Gosh dang it, science. Stop making me cry. I’m not crying, you’re crying! The culmination of human knowledge is crying! Shut up! But now that Ruri has been healed and Senku is the village chief…….what’s next? What is the first goal in the Kingdom of Science now that Ruri is saved?

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