CHOYOYU! High School Prodigies have It easy even in Another World – Ep 1 (First Impression)

So what happens when you take Dangan Ronpa and Dr. Stone, mash them together and throw them into a fantasy setting? You get this show.

The episode begins with a brief introduction of all of the characters.
Starting with Ringo Ohoshi. The Ultimate Inventor, okay, that’s not really how they refer to it. She is however, the best inventor in the world and she has a computerized bunny that speaks with her and gives her advice. How am I supposed to stop making Dangan references if it keeps giving me material like this? This is actually just the Monomi AI that Gekkogahara had in DR3 the anime!
Next we have Aoi Ichijo, who is so skilled with a sword she can take down a battalion of military men with guns. A true classic samurai, though a high schooler you will not find a more apt swordswoman. We pan from the battle field that Aoi is on to a medical tent, where we are introduced to Kaine Kanzaki. Who is a doctor who is so good, that they can save what would be considered unsavable patients.
There is also the ‘Devil of the financial world’, Masato Sanada, who is a prodigie entrepreneur.
The ninja who uses her skills to be the best journalist in the world, Shinobu Sarutobi.
Tsukasa Mikogami, the boy who stands as Prime Minister. The one in charge of all things political. (and my favorite character design), and last, but certainly not least. ‘Prince’ Akatsuki with the most dramatic introduction of them all. As the world’s most talented magician, he puts on a performance in which the Statue of Liberty disappears.

Tsukasa is the first to wake up, he finds that their airplane has been in a crash and they are being taken care of by, what I can only assume he thought at first was cosplayers. A rather, busty, elf girl was there to greet him and help him upon waking up. You know, I suppose if my only complaint about this episode was how completely unneeded the scene of the elf girl force feeding him the meat was and how sexual it was, I guess that means the episode turned out pretty well.
He finds out that the animal people in the town are not cosplayers, but real, and asks to see the crash site. Upon seeing the crash site, and a dragon fly overhead. He can only reach one conclusion, that they have in fact landed in another world.

We fast forward a month or so to when the rest of the group is up and about. Everyone has grown pretty accustomed to the idea that they are no longer in their world and now the only question is, where do they go from here? So, after a banquet. The group discusses what they should do, the prime objectives are as follows.

  1. Find out information about the land and their customs
  2. Find a way home
  3. Find a way to pay back the village for the kindness that they’d been shown

The first act of repaying kindness would come sooner then they expected, as corrupt guards come to the village and start threatening the women as the men are away. Tsukasa steps up to defend the women, Shinobu and Aoi cut  down a majority of the soldiers and Tsukasa threatens the last one. They run off in fear, however, there is still the chance of them telling the lord about this. Too bad Tsukasa predicted that they would be thinking as such and sent forward a little back up to ensure that they would hold their tongues.

A little bit of ‘Magic’ from Akatsuki is more then enough to scare the guards into not talking. Honestly, I can’t figure out if Akatsuki is my favorite or least favorite character so far. He’s so extra, but he’s also such a coward and is the only one left denying that they’re in another world. He’s very childish, once again, returning to Dangan Ronpa terms. I spent most of the episode referring to him as the love child of Himiko Yumeno and Kokichi Ouma from DRv3.

Oh boy, first impressions.
Well, I can tell you for sure that I loved it. The small bit of elf fanservice aside, I generally enjoyed this episode. I didn’t even get to discuss all of my favorite things in here. Such as Ringo modifying cell phones to work in a place with no cell reception. That’s so silly to me, what did she do? How did she do it?
Also, Tsukasa charming everyone with Mayonnaise. Food really can save the day.
I had some pretty high expectations for this anime and it managed to meet all of my standards. I will blog it for sure, but don’t think that half of my reviews aren’t going to just be me cracking Dangan Ronpa jokes. This show REALLY set itself up for them. ( a bunny AI…really…)

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of blogging: Also Guaranteed

2 thoughts on “CHOYOYU! High School Prodigies have It easy even in Another World – Ep 1 (First Impression)

  1. Source LNs written by Misora Riku of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry fame. (He’s the guy with the sunglasses.)

    Note this series is LN-exclusive (8 volumes and ongoing), there is no WN version. Choujin’s a concurrent LN work together with Rakudai.

    Although the manga version has an English licence, the LNs do not. You’ll have to know how to read Japanese. No active LN fantranslations either; barring a few chapters of Vol 1 (translators stopped due to their lack of time).

    Also, 12 eps confirmed.

  2. I am in love with Tsukasa! He’s easily my favorite character. I’m checking out the show more because I’m interested in him than anything else. Don’t know how I feel about the rest of the show.

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