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This week was the slow one of the sorts being an in-between of events. Chika needed time to recover, summer homework had to be done (bless Tetsuki for his hilarious strategy of motivating the boys to do math) and then comes around the preparation for the school festival. So what what better time for there to to shine the spotlight on romantic development than now?! FUFUFU~

The two who we got the chance to witness becoming more self-aware of their feelings were Hiro and Satowa. And what I  I absolutely love about this was how we are given the chance to see how differently the girls cope with it.

Hiro who has experience with love (and being burned by it) was quick to recognize how quickly her feelings for Takezou have grown. She doesn’t want to get distracted or let it cause any problems, so she is trying her hardest keep it bottled up. But it is a difficult thing to do when Takezou is such a lovable guy who not only forgiven, but also accepts her. He has also grown into a guy who won’t let anyone speak ill of his friends. It was such a swoon-worthy moment when Takezou stepped in to get Hiro away from the two people who scarred her trust in friendship. Boy, am I glad Hiro didn’t encounter her ex and the girl who manipulated everyone to turn their backs against her alone. Takezou handled their nastiness like a champ by saying, “I’m a better judge of people than you.” DAMN STRAIGHT! YOU TELL’ EM TAKEZOU! And how could we NOT gush about the way he took her hand!!!!!

As for Satowa, thanks to Chika’s assistance she has been able to make friends with the girls in her class, but it’s still hard for her to keep up with their conversations when she has a hard time relating to the topic of couples and romance. That’s why I really appreciate her friendship with Hiro, who she feels comfortable enough to open up about how she feels out of place and ask questions about these kinds of things. But she will certainly need some more advice when there’s a rush of emotions that is making her more flustered than usual. Her budding feelings for Chika are slowly but surely beginning to bloom when she becomes more aware of how endearing he has become to her classmates. I mean, how could they not? He freaking suggested strawberry daifuku to be on their menu for their class’ cafe! HOW MUCH MORE ADORABLE CAN HE GET?!

Well plenty, and Satowa’s heart knows it! When Chika delivers his endearing smile, and out of reflex she reactively concealed it from her classmates! (Satowa is so cute!) We also see how flustered she became when the two of them have a moment of intimacy when his lips accidentally brushed her forehead when she leaned in to prevent another injury, that tears just came out, so she bolted. Poor Chika, the last thing he ever wants to do is make someone cry, much less Satowa. Tetsuki’s expression of the whole scene perfectly sums up the meltdown that is taking place in Chika’s head right now.

MEANWHILE our favourite trio are blissfully unaware of everything that has just transpired, and are devoted to making the best costumes for their class’ Haunted House. Gotta love em.

Other than that, there wasn’t too much club activities this week besides Takinami promoting Sane to a 17-Stringed Koto  THAT’S MY BOY!!!! Actually, in the matter of fact, it was Takinami who did a lot this week.  For the first time, he is putting a lot of time and effort in his responsibility as their club advisor. He has not only composed a variety of medleys for them to prepare for the upcoming school festival, but is also taping into their passion and willpower by providing them a massive variety of CDs and DVDs of excellent music to help develop their musicality. It is so much fun to see him actually do his job properly and be super excited about it! It was also hilarious how everyone reacted to all of this, because it wasn’t until later that they learned about Takinami’s prestigious musical background through Tetsuki.

Overall despite how much they had taken their time with this episode, it was still so much fun to watch. It was fluffy, wholesome, and my cheeks were starting to hurt because I was smiling too much ahahaha! I’m looking forward to next week with the girls having to continue to deal with the surge of emotions that has taken over their hearts!


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2 thoughts on “Kono Oto Tomare Episode 15

  1. Glad to see you’re enjoying Kono Oto.
    Btw, do you plan to cover Overpowered Hero is Overly Cautious? I recall you mentioning it in the season preview.
    Toyosaki Aki’s funny as the naive but goodhearted goddess, but it also depends on what you think of Seiya as the powerful but dourly sociopathic hero.

    1. I am absolutely obsessed with this series hahaha! I am praying for the manga to be licensed, it’s one of those few series I never get tired of reading over and over and over again. <3 <3 <3
      As for Overpowered Hero is Overly Cautious, I have read a bit of the manga series and thought it was funny, but it’s not the type show I’d cover. For this season, I plan to only cover two or three titles tops. Chihayafuru S3, KonoOto are both guaranteed to be covered, and I’m giving Stand My Heroes three episodes to see where it goes. 🙂

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