As with most season openers for My Hero Academia, we begin with something of a recap episode. Still, like before as well it puts just enough of a spin on the recap to make it a compelling episode to watch.

All Might, the number one hero and the symbol of peace has been forced into retirement. His final words, “Next it’s your turn.” these are words that the general public is struggling to grasp the meaning of. The general public, and the media. Queue the news reporters, trying to find a special scoop enter a freelance reporter offering his help to them. He has a theory, a theory that All Might has a successor among the students of class 1-A. With that theory in mind, the newspaper begs to get him in to interview the class.
Under the guise of reporting on dorm life and how they are adjusting to it.

Aizawa doesn’t trust this as far as he can throw this, but it’s principal Nezu’s mandate and besides. He can’t seem to sense anything malicious from the reporter, so he just allows it to happen.

Thus we get the typical rundown of the class and their powers as he observes them go through their day. It’s mostly the same introductions we’ve been before in previous recap episodes but the in-between scenes of them living their daily dorm lives are interesting enough.

Then we cut to the Freelancer as he thinks about his findings and what he already suspects. He has narrowed down the candidates for All Might’s successor to the people who performed the best in the sports festival. However, even from there it’s fairly easy to figure it out from the process of elimination.
Bakugo is a no, because despite his battle ability. He doesn’t have the attitude for it, also, he exclaimed that he would surpass All Might. So it’s hard to imagine that he would be the successor.
Todoroki is a no go because of his status as Endeavors’ son.
The others just don’t seem to fit the bill either and that leaves us with just Izuku Midoriya.

Honestly, the two best and cutest scenes from this episode come from this ending. First, All Might’s talk with Izuku as he drops off the meat buns that he wanted to give to the class after being gifted a ton of them when he dropped into a store for a snack.
Second, the talk between Izuku and the reporter.
Aizawa was right not to sense any malicious intent from the reporter. Despite his job, he’s not actually intending to reveal to the world the successor of All Might. It was more of a personal journey for him, something to assure himself that there was still hope in the world and he wasn’t lying when he reported that from here on out. The story of how his father was saved by All Might in a factory explosion was sweet.
Honestly, I really liked this character.

Also, I called he had a photography quirk! I knew it! I don’t know how I knew it, it was just instinct but I KNEW it! So he takes a picture of himself and Midoriya for the future when Midoriya is a famous hero and goes along his way. The only scoop being given to the newspaper, an exclusive picture of All Might eating a meat bun.

It was a cute and mostly harmless episode. Yes, it’s a recap filler but honestly, we should be kind of used to that by now for our season starts. The important thing is that it’s finally here and I am SO DAMN HYPED. The opening is fantastic, the animation is on point as always and while I can’t say anything about the new characters because of the nature of this week’s episode. I can tell you that I am all kinds of pumped up.

The character I’m looking forward too most? Sir Nighteye. Anyway!

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed

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  1. KisaChan

    Regardless of it being a filler I still quite enjoyed it. But glad its back and next week is when we’ll get into the juicy bits.

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