Overhaul’s introduction into the series in perfection.
He waltzes into the League of Villains is like “Hey, you kind of suck at organizing people and using them effectively. I’ll show you how if you work under me.” and when they attack him for his arrogance he just lays waste to them. When he’s done with that, he just drops his business card on the ground like ‘Call me’. Honestly, this scene couldn’t have played out better if it tried. The way he taunted Shigaraki, the way he just seemed so uninterested in fighting them and causing a scene.
I can tell he didn’t leave a favorable impression on Shigaraki and there was a loss on both sides. Fortunately, nobody I cared about when it came to the League of Villains. The clown looking guy who used his quirk to capture Bakugo lost his arm but that was basically the biggest loss. What was that other guy’s name even? Like, I can’t recall. Well, it doesn’t matter now because he’s dead. So, I’m really interested in seeing how this dynamic between Shigaraki, the rest of the league and Overhaul is going to pan out from here.

meanwhile, the other half of the episode is just filled with wholesomeness! For the most part.

Izuku trying to get a jump start on his work-study calls up Gran Tarino and asks if he can work for his agency during the work-study. Unfortunately, he’s too busy to take Izuku on but recommends that he have All Might introduce him to Sir Nighteye. All Might’s old side-kick, so Izuru goes to ask All Might to introduce them and is immediately denied for three reasons.

  1. All Might is against the idea of work-study and thinks that the first years should wait before jumping into working at real agencies.
  2. He thinks that Izuku needs more training and should be working on his special move more.
    and lastly,
  3. Personal Feelings.

It seems like All Might feels that he can’t face Sir Nighteye due to the fact that All Might ended up exactly where Nighteye said he would be. So instead, he calls in someone who can introduce Izuku to Nighteye. Member of the big three, internet meme sensation Togata Mirio. Who is surprised to be called in to see All Might, but understands once they express their intent to have him introduce Izuku. So Mirio asks Deku what kind of hero he wants to be. Of course, his answer is a combination of all of the things he’d been thought. The desire to be able to smile in the face of adversity, be able to save everyone and just to be stronger. In short, the greatest hero. Mirio agrees to let him meet with Sir Nighteye.

Thus, on the weekend they get together and head to the agency. Sir Nighteye is famously strict, on himself and others and has a piercing gaze. The way to his heat though is through laughter according to Mirio and with that in mind they head up to meet with him.
This, scene is weird. Like, I get the idea that they wanted to showcase how silly he could be but could they of done it without him strapping his side-kick bubble girl into a tickling machine? Well, whatever. Izuku walks in with the idea that he has to make Nighteye laugh and pulls out his All Might imitation.
It doesn’t work, Nighteye seems to think that Izuku is mocking All Might. Oh boy, well that’s where the episode ends. Will Izuku be able to come back from his bad first impression? Will Shigaraki call Overhaul back? Find out next time.

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  1. arisakazeka

    Overhaul is the jolt the series needs. I liked season 3, but I’ve been waiting to see some interesting villans again. Love that this man just walks in and shows that his bark is as bad as his bite. I’m looking forward to more!

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