Breaking, Breaking, read all about it. Amatsuyu Kisaragi, also known as ‘Joro’ is stringing along three young women. At least, that’s what the article that Asunaro wrote says. Which she presents to him dramatically on the roof of the school in the ominous return of the ever menacing Bench-kun. He obviously denies it, because, if anything it’s not true yet. So she decides to tail him and find proof that her story isn’t real, thus begins this episode’s lesson in shenanigans.
First Joro meets up with Cosmos, who informs him that he has been chosen as the guy for the Flower Festivals dance. Thus, he has to dance with three beautiful women and as the legend says one day he will probably marry one of them. He’s not thrilled about this with the press on him, but he doesn’t have much choice. So Cosmos and Joro agree to go pick up the first year that was chosen for the dance together. They do get to meet alone in the library while Asunaro is busy in the club room and he asks Cosmos to be firm with him, like someone trying to pass important information from senpai to kouhai.

He should know already though, that Cosmos is awful at acting or pretending anything and goes full samurai. So he just ends up embarrassed, to make it worse, the first year that they go to pick up is horrified of Joro and seems to think he has some kind of shoe licking fetish. So they luck out there, of course, the next girl to be picked would obviously be Pansy right?
Well, that’s what you’d think but instead, Cosmos gets permission for a guy to dance the final girls part and we end up with a party of Cosmos, Himawari, and Sun-chan to be the people dancing with Joro at the flower festival.

So the group settles into a pretty steady pace of practicing, studying and having fun together. Until somehow, a few days before the festival the newspaper article drops. Joro is suddenly once again the subject of ridicule from his classmates and the situation doesn’t get any better when Cosmos runs in and tries to dispell the rumors. Outing herself as one of the girls mentioned in the article just by having knowledge about the situation. Of course, Asunaro claims that the story got published on accident but I honestly have my doubts about that based on her behavior after the group disbands in an attempt to squash out any rumors that the news paper started. Cosmos, Himawari and Sun-chan keep their distance for now and Joro is encouraged to not visit the library for a bit.
Leaving him alone again, except for his newly budding relationship with Asunaro. Who offers to help him with his dance practice for the festival. They practice on the roof, all the while it seems that Cosmos is watching them.

So my theory is that Asunaro published the article for the express purpose of keeping Joro all to herself for as long as she can. It’s obvious from the beginning that she’s kind of into him, so of course, she needs to throw off the competition. It’s dirty, it’s backhanded and that’s where I predict it will head in the next episode as Cosmos or all of the people from the other group call her out and discover that the publishing of that article was no accident.

This show gets so much better every week and honestly, Joro is the protag we all needed. A real refreshing take on the rom-com protagonist.

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  1. arisakazeka

    Poor Joro can’t catch a break! I was a little pissed that the article just “happened” to get released but other than that, solid episode as always ^^

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