A world where humans, dwarves, elves and vampires live together in peace and harmony. A perfect utopia where, crime still happens, because you know humanoid creatures can’t chill out for a god damn minute.

It was Nanatsuki’s first day on the job or more accurately, his day off before starting. When he got caught up in an unfortunate bank robbing and got mixed up with Ichinose. He was doomed before that day though, since he was caught up in a terrorist attack in middle school. As soon as those things happened, his chances at a normal career were all but shot.
The bank robbery, conducted by mercenaries was pretty standard. They were wearing animal masks to cover their faces, but that’s really all that stuck out. As the diamond that the robbers were after is found, they take three hostages. The Bank Manager, His Mistress and I suppose an assistant, maybe? Well it would of been just those three if Nanatsuki hadn’t been an idiot and tried to trade himself for the girl, while admitting he was a cop.

Oh boy,  I hope he doesn’t suffer from twinkly eyed rookie cop syndrome for long or it’s going to get old fast.

Thank goodness Ichinose is there to balance him out. Ichinose is the jaded senior cop from the moment you meet him, he knows in the situation that there is really nothing they can do. Neither of them have guns, and it would be foolish to try to play the hero. When Nanatsuki does inevitably play the hero, Ichinose slides a headset in his ear. In an attempt to find out who is the ring leader and who is the ‘traitor’ among the hostages. Ichinose tries to use Nanatsuki.

Honestly, the best conversation in the episode thought has to be between Ichinose and, the elf on the team, Nijō. As they discuss strategy for stopping the armored vehicle that the robbers are getting away in. Plan four involves using Nanatsuki as a distraction and causing a commotion from the inside. Nijo seems generally against this, since it’s in bad taste to sacrifice a hostage. The quip that really got me was the ‘You get promoted two ranks when you die’ from Ichinose.
I love dark humor like that.
In the end, this is basically what ends up happening. Not because they told him too, but because he’s a greenhorn rookie with a strong sense of justice that hasn’t been tainted yet and he stands up and decides to fight to protect one of the other hostages.
The computer genius girl/ninja/small child blows a hole in the road. The old sniper takes out the weapon on the top of the tank and the samurai vampire (yes, you read that right) fights through a thing of bullets to bring down the one guy in the group not wearing an animal mask. The get away driver and gunman.

With the robbers caught with nowhere to go without fear of losing their lives, they surrender and we turn to finding out who the traitor among the hostages is. If I had to be honest, I thought it was the girl/the bank manages mistress. I just felt like she seemed like such a random hostage that it made sense, but it was the assistant.

Who, proceeds to go off the rails and start screaming about the ‘9’, how they will return and how those of their blood are true justice. Yeah, naturally, this pisses Nanatsuki off and the assistant gets punched in the face and taken away. At the end of the episode, Nanatsuki is formally transferred to the Special 7 unit. He’s caught in too deep and now can no longer work criminal investigations. So he’s with them now.

Okay, overall impressions is that I love it.
I really like Ichinose as a character, he kind of has a reverse pallet Spike Spiegel thing going on. I like his aesthetic, I like his wit and I like his attitude. Nijo is another one I just generally love the aesthetic of and I enjoy the way that him and Ichinose play off of one another. I couldn’t really get a feel for the rest of the team in this episode, so i’m going to have to reserve my opinions of them. (but Samurai Vampire, that’s just really hot no matter how you slice it. She’s really pretty too.)
I think my only struggle with this series will be Nanatsuki early on, i’m sure he’ll grow as a character but I’ll spend the early bit of the series being frustrated with him for being so green and stupid. That being said, i’m REALLY into this. I’m so glad it was as good as it looked in the PV’s and in the promotional art.
I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Possibility of watching: Absolutely, you can’t stop me
Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed

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  1. arisakazeka

    Ichinose is the best thing about this show! I’m into the world and the story. characters are going to take some time to grow on me, but I’m here for the animation and everything else!

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