Special 7, a crime investigation unit formed to look into cases related to ‘Nine’ a terrorist group that worships the dragons that used to rule the earth. Years ago, at the terrorist attack that changed Nanatsuki’s life the supposed leader of the ‘Nine’ organization, Warlock was captured and cases related to Nine have dried up.  So they’ve been reduced to taking cases from other departments or assisting on them.
We see Ichinose helping out as he calls out a husband for lying about killing his wife. The other detectives insinuate that he has a talent for this sort of thing. Being about to read people and read criminals.

After the credits we’re treated to an introduction to the team via Nanatsuki being shown around by Kiryūin (codename: Boss), It was fairly obvious in the first episode that Kiryūin is in charge of the department though as we see in this episode. Nobody seems to really take him seriously and is more willing to jump at orders given by Ichinose.
Next up is Rokusuke Endō (Codename: Sniper), he’s a dwarf and an excellent marksman despite only having one eye. He, like most of the rest of the division, aren’t too fond of the bosses’ codenames. Moving down the line we have Kujaku Nijō (Codename: Analyzer.) the elf gentlemen that we saw with Ichinose the last episode.
The show absolutely understands me and my feelings as it introduces Akane Shikisai (Codename: Samurai), as it totes around the idea of how cool a vampire samurai is. Which is something I’ve been shrieking about on and off every time this show has come up in conversation for a week. Bellemer Cinq (codename: ninja) introduces herself. She’s a homunculus and weapons expert with a specialty in drones.

Last is Ichinose, with no first name given under threat of death. Code name: Charisma.
With the introduction out of the way, Nanatsuki is christened with his new codename ‘Rookie’ and immediately Ichinose takes to calling him that.

With that out of the way, they set off on their case. A murdered politician stabbed once through the heart. Family and secretary have good alibi’s. Probably would have ended up the perfect crime if it wasn’t for the other three dead politicians. This leads back to a blog that has a top list of politicians that should die.
The site, however, is not a legit site and is a cover for one man posting watered-down versions of scandals surrounding these politicians. The real scandals are much worse and the people involved know that the people involved being the four secretaries. Who all worked together to kill their employers and provide alibis for one another. With this realization, they go to arrest the four secretaries and when Ichinose and Nanatsuki go in to get one of them, he flees.

Nanatsuki chases him down and they get into a scuffle. The secretary says some strange things that I’m sure will favor into the plot later and almost overpowers Nanatsuki before in an epic and ridiculous move. Ichinose slams into him with a bicycle.

God, I love Ichinose. So that’s all wrapped up, but all is not well. The mysterious man we saw at the end of the last episode still lerks in the background and he is carrying the stolen diamond from the first episode. He brings it into a building and presents it to someone.
That someone being Warlock, the supposedly captured leader of the Nine.

Overall this was a pretty solid episode. It really gives you a feel for Ichinose’s skills and what kind of team dynamic that Nanatsuki and Ichinose are going to have. The crime was solved a little quickly, but when one of your main characters is a criminal genius that’s to be expected. I can’t wait to see more out of the rest of the team and i’m really interested in who this mystery man reporting to Warlock is. There is also like a baby dragon in the opening and it’s so cute and I want one and I can’t wait to see it in the series.

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  1. arisakazeka

    I’m glad the relationship between Ichinose and Nanatsuki hasn’t gotten to that generic “hardened cop and bright eyed rookie” level yet. The opening scene really showed a lot about Ichinose and how he views his job as well as the crimes he deals with. Nanatsuki is not so dense that he thinks everyone is good or something like that, but he’s still optemistic about his position. I really like the dynamic between both of them.

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