They walk into this episode throwing a curveball at us in the form of a flashback. Nijo dreams of the airport attack and hears Ichinose being questioned about why he abandoned someone (I missed the name) who I assume was his partner and probably the guy we saw in episode one saving Nanatsuki. As Nijo wakes up, he picks up a picture to look at it and swears that one day he’s going to find out what happened ‘To his brother’ and that’s the part I just had to stop and go ‘Wait, what?!’
So with that revelation dropped on us, we head into the episode proper. The threat this time? Bombs, yup, a bomber simply known as ‘B’ has placed bombs in three large office buildings and a tip has been sent to special 7. A counter tip was sent to the other parts of the police department and due to their disdain of special 7. The police force focuses on the tip that they got.

So the agents go to investigate on their own and turns out, their tip was the right one. Who would have guessed? Well, at least the police are sending a single bomb squad car, or wait, no they aren’t because it was shot by a sniper. The young man we’ve seen lurking in the background of the other episodes, taking the diamond and presenting it to Warlock. In this case, he’s working with Warlock to make sure these bombs go off.
Also, Warlock has a dog. It’s adorable, I was really kind of scared he was going to kill the dog and go full Jojo villain on me but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

So, with no back up from the bomb squad. Special 7 is left to defuse the bombs themselves. Unfortunately, only Ichinose has any real experience with it. So Belle, technological genius sets out to tell them how to proceed. Though, the bombs themselves aren’t a real issue. At best, they’d start small fires. The issue is the magic sigils on the wall ready to amplify the bomb blasts. So it’s a race against a steadily decreasing clock to stop the bombs from completely leveling the area.
The problem is that they have to be done in order, so while the clock is ticking the group needs to try to think calmly about what the order could be. The order it seems at the end of it all, is based on the most damage the bomb could do. So in order, the bombs need to be stopped goes Ichinose, Nijo, Shikisai and finally Nanatsuki. The first three are done with ease, but this is a little too much for a rookie with zero experience. So Bell tries to guide him, but eventually, Ichinose shows up and helps guide him through it.

The bombs are defused and the day is saved, except it isn’t. The magic starts to spark, according to our mysterious figure the sigils weren’t just there to amplify the bombs but to act as a fail-safe. So as it threatens to explode, Nanatsuki does something that makes me question a lot of things. He stands there and physically stops the magic until Ichinose can shoot through the sigil. (He was right in episode one about his skill with a gun, I’ve seen stormtroopers aim better than that.)
This time, the day is really saved but only for now. “The time of man is coming to an end.” says our mysterious figure.

That was an amazing episode. I really enjoyed the inclusion of the dragons’ magic, showing that Nine isn’t just delusional in their belief in dragons. I am very curious about Nijo and his connection with the man who saved Nanatsuki, and I really want to know more about our mysterious bad guy.
The last thing to note, the only thing that disappointed me was that the little baby dragon looking thing from the opening was just a remote drone. I wanted them to have a cute baby dragon! I mean, it’s still adorable so it’s fine I guess.