The first part of the episode provides us a love triangle and some Tsukasa backstory. The second part of the episode proves that Roo is a child-like otherworld version of myself when it comes to learning math and it’s kind of freaking me out. We begin the episode by showing a little more of the progress that the group is making. A power plant, some drastic shifts in power and government. They are working on updating the military equipment to fit their army with guns. Of course, they can’t set it up manually yet. They need to take it slow and allow these people to work with making guns and gunpowder themselves.
So they have a proper chance of sustaining themselves even when the seven prodigies return to their homeworld.  As Masato and Tsukasa stand there observing the work on the power station, Lyrule walks up and tries to invite Tsukasa out to lunch. You know, to thank him for saving her from that lord. Even if it did mean starting a war against the empire.
He says he’s busy and turns her down, walking off to head to a meeting.

Masato explains to Lyrule that Tsukasa probably is avoiding her because he feels bad for being willing to sacrifice her for the good of the town. Before everyone agreed to the plan to face this revolution and war head-on. I personally, was of the opinion that he was trying to sort out his feelings after that weird occurrence at the castle where she wasn’t speaking out of her own body.
However, when she goes to his office to confront her later about it. It’s pretty much the reason that Masato stated, I mean, that’s obvious. He knows Tsukasa way better then I do, but like, are we just not going to talk about that? Has he really not brought it up with her? Has he told the others? That could be like really important information. I’m just saying.

Of course, his guilt for being willing to sacrifice one to help the many ties back to his past. His father before him was a politician, though a very corrupt one. With the help of Masato and Shinobu, he exposed his fathers’ crimes and got him arrested. Then, the death penalty. The risk of someone precious to help the greater amount of people, by taking out his own father helped the people of Japan. His mother hates him as a result. Lyrule starts crying for him and that, I think is entirely what Tsukasa needed. He says she can make it up to him by letting him rest his head on her lap for an hour.
Of course, Ringo sees him resting there and it’s been pretty obvious from the start that she has a huge crush on Tsukasa. So that’s going to be, something for a bit.

Meanwhile, the rest of the episode is Roo trying to learn her multiplication times tables and getting exhausted and frustrated as it becomes too hard for her. Well, luckily she runs into Aoi, Kaine, and Akatsuki in the bath to talk it out. Why in the bath? I don’t know, I guess we hadn’t met our fan service quota for this episode. Honestly, my biggest issue with this series is the massive amount of fanservice. It’s perfectly fine without it, please stop. They discuss what motivates them to practice and do what they are passionate about, something like working towards a goal or using something you enjoy to make it less of a chore to learn something. What does Roo like? Money, obviously. So with the idea of money in mind, they start testing her on her times’ tables. She obviously aces it immediately.
No lie, this is EXACTLY how I learned. I struggled a lot with math when I was younger but was able to understand it much better when it was put into money terms. I feel immensely called out suddenly.

Well, with Ringo in a jealous fit and the threat from the north pending. Let’s see where our heroes go from here.