The episode picks up just a few moments before the after-credits scene from the previous episode. As Mirio and Izuku discuss their hero names, right before Eri bumps into Izuku and they come face to face with Overhaul. I was really tense in this scene, despite Mirio’s expert handling of the situation and the ability to stay calm under pressure and know that they couldn’t save Ari immediately. As Deku refuses to leave her side immediately because of the way that she is clinging to him, Overhaul asks them to take a walk in the alleyway with him. Not going to lie, there is no way I would have agreed to this. Guess that’s why I’m not training to be a hero though.
As they walk and talk with him, he slowly reaches for his glove and Eri let’s go of Deku and returns to Overhaul’s side. As they walk away, Mirio notes the killing intent that was coming off of Overhaul and cites it as the reason that Eri returned to him.

Of course, Mirio and Izuku report back to Nighteye and tell him about what happened and about Eri. He does rip into Deku a bit about being a little more patient and that he won’t always immediately be able to save everyone. Take your time, think carefully and you’ll be able to save her.
So with confusing thoughts and feelings about everything from All Might not warning him about Nighteye’s views of him to Eri and how he was unable to save him. He returns to school, however, he is massively distracted.  So in an attempt to at least ease some of the things weighing on his mind, he goes to talk to All Might. Who he finds out from Midnight is out on a jog. So he runs out to All Might, catching up by using his quirk.
He asks directly about Nighteye.

This is honestly the best part of the episode all around, from the shot composition to the acting in both languages. As All Might speaks of a time just after his injury. As Nighteye had used foresight on him and saw in the future, the death of All Might in five or six years. Which, would mean that it is this year or the coming year. All Might had thought perhaps that it was the fight against All for One, but he lived through that encounter and due to his meeting with Deku he has a new desire to live. Because he wants to support Izuku, because he wants to keep his promise to Izuku’s mother.
Of course, aside from the fact, Nighteye could not support All Might in his decision to keep being a hero after that injury. He took on Mirio to train as Principal Nezu proposed him as the next one to inherit One for All. However, before All Might could meet with Mirio, he met with Izuku instead and deemed him worthy of the power. Nigheye and him disagreed, and that’s all there is to it.
The episode wraps on the idea of Deku trying to have Nighteye check into the future again to see if they’d already changed All Might’s future.

Let’s see, what else happened. Nothing important, oh wait. No, just something SUPER important like the teaming up of Shigaraki and Overhaul. I am very concerned about what this means, in particular with my manga reading friend saying to me “Welcome to the rise of villains arc.”

Next week we get to drop in and check on Kirishima in his work-study. I’m really excited about that.