Radiant 2nd Season Episode 7

Yet another pretty exciting episode… despite the random FOUR MINUTE LONG FLASHBACK that they decided to put into the episode. While I would usually be pretty annoyed and angry at something like this, I am willing to forgive it because this episode was INTENSE. I’m sure Lerche was just cutting corners with this series AGAIN by filling in time to pad the episode out. And I didn’t find it as big a deal since I just ended skipping through it and caught things as a reminder of what happened in the first season. It was weird, yes, but it wasn’t a deal breaker and didn’t make me want to throw my desk out the window like what happened with the first season with its abundance of fillers.

A LOT of stuff happened this episode that had me both gasping in shock and just worried about what would happen. I gasped pretty loudly when the nemesis just up and stabbed Seth straight through his torso. Even going as far to pick him up that way. If he weren’t so numb from the poison prior, that would have hurt him so much and I’m a little glad that he wasn’t experiencing excruciating pain. However, it is a scary thought to feel so numb that you start drifting off. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to launch himself out of the magic circle’s range. Considering he was both bleeding from the stab wound and the poison slowly killing him. Seth is a freaking trooper and I’m glad that he didn’t find this new ability to use to fight back and save himself. However, considering he was on the brink of death, I wasn’t surprised at all when his beast mode came out. I am really curious as to what the black eyed thing is. Especially since it seemed to be the trigger that caused Seth to go into his berserked state.

My heart definitely went out to Seth though when he was screaming for help as the darkness slowly consumed him. Though it also got me when the people he was close to (within a certain distance) reacted and actually heard his cries for help. It also says a lot how close Seth got to Ocoho despite only knowing each other for a short amount of time. Seth definitely knows how to bond to people. Though I am curious as to why Myr reacted as he isn’t close to Seth like the others. I have a feeling he can just feel the overflow of power from Seth’s berserk state as I’m sure there’s something more to him that meets the eye. Especially when he merely touches Seth and frees him from his berserk state. I’m curious to see what he’s all about in the coming episode since it seems like he’s going to take Seth to see someone who could heal him.

But man, those two magic… things (I have no idea what they are) were super dumb. I couldn’t help but laugh when they tried to reassure Diabal that “Oh no, it’s okay, he’s dead” despite the guy screaming at them to keep attacking him. It happened TWO TIMES and I was just laughing at how presumptuous they were, only to have their butts handed to them. They definitely should have listened to Diabal considering it seems like he knows a lot about Seth’s condition and has experienced it first hand from who I can only assume from Piodon. I am worried at how Seth is going to feel after this though. He’s very sensitive about his berserk state. Especially with the fall out between him and Melie because of it, he’s most likely going to feel terrible despite not really hurting anyone of importance to him.

While the fight with Seth and Diabal and company was exciting (because I’m berserking hero trash), I have to say the fight priar between Grimm and the two Thaumaturges put me on the edge of my seat. The battle was definitely entertaining as we even got to see Dragunov’s new powers with him being able to teleport wherever his arrow lands is a pretty nifty ability. I was so worried for Grimm the entire fight and he handled the situation as best he could. It was obvious that Grimm was getting overwhelmed and I just wanted him to get away as quickly as possible as I’m sure that Lisotte wouldn’t be as merciful towards him as Dragunov. Thankfully he was able to get away, albeit just BARELY. It was then that I was finally able to breathe. I don’t remember ever being so stressed for a character’s wellbeing. Well I guess that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it was definitely up there.

Speaking of which, we see a different side of Grimm which honestly surprised me a bit. From what we’ve seen of him, he’s usually this laid back kind of advice giver and will help out whenever need be. However, towards his (I assume) lackey, he shows a more angry and unforgiving side to him and it was honestly a little unnerving. Especially since it seems like he’s manipulating him in a sense and keeping him from going outside. We also get to see his fear of losing blood and even goes to the extent of collecting every drop and storing it away. Grimm is just a mystery box with so many different layers. I’m sure he has his reasons, but sometimes he just seems so unhinged that I have to wonder if he is truly one of Seth’s friends. Though considering he’s come to Seth’s rescue and aid several times, it’s obvious that he cares about him. But his motives are still unclear and I’m not sure if I can completely trust him after seeing how he acts towards and treats his underling.

I’m also continuing to respect Dragunov as he was so hesitant to hurt Grimm the entire battle since he knows that he helped save so many people in the Rumble Town incident. Dragunov seems to hold a reluctant respect towards sorcerers who protect others. It almost feels like being a Thaumaturge is hindering him from what he truly wants to do, which is to protect people. He even can overlook someone being a sorcerer if that person helped save people. It’s definitely hard to see him be forced to turn a blind eye to people who he can save in favor for his mission to capture Seth. I’m starting to wonder if being part of the Inquisition is where Dragunov belongs since he has so many conflicting feelings with it.

I’m really liking Ocoho and Melie’s teamwork to help and protect Seth so far. Seth is really fortunate to have made two really good friends and I do hope that after this incident that Seth can finally patch things up with Melie. And I also love how Melie’s concern for him overrides her feelings of betrayal and it just touches my heart. Seeing him in trouble, she could have easily been conflicted on helping him. But no, she IMMEDIATELY became concerned for his well-being and desperately wants to help him like a true friend would. UGH MY HEART.

Despite the decision to stick a four minute recap of the first season into this episode, it was still a pretty good episode with solid action. Especially during the Grimm and berserk Seth fights. Also, seeing Melie just so worried for Seth’s well being melts my heart. I’m eager to see where the plot goes as next episode promises to have some downtime. Though I am a little worried for Ocoho and Melie since they’re heading towards where Diabal is and we still don’t know why he’s even causing chaos with that projection of that nemesis. Not to mention what Mordred is up to and if Sagramore is okay. Also, what happened to the plotline with the Dullahan???


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