Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit – eps 6&7

So basically episodes six and seven confirm for me what I already knew in my heart of hearts. That Seji Nanatsuki is not entirely human, though they haven’t said that out loud. they keep eluding to a special power, and it’s even showcased in episode six.
As we pick up from where we left off in episode five, the terrorist attack still in progress. Special 7 has now assembled and it’s time for them to take down the terrorist and free the hostages. So Ichinose starts making a plan to take down the group, sending Rokusuke and himself to the second floor, Belle and Akane to the third floor and Nanatsuki to the first floor. However, the first floor has the largest concentration of people so to be able to take the terrorist down effectively is to go in with the element of surprise.
So they send him down on a rope, and he shoots the terrorists from mid-air. Swinging on the rope, I wish I was kidding. It WORKS too, so they defeat the terrorists and free the hostages. However, Warlock seemed rather unconcerned that this may happen and the reason why was that in case of interference from Special 7 there was a fail-safe. The terrorist themselves were the sacrifices, as we’re the people who died in the basement. This summons a fairly weak dragon into the mall. So it’s down to the members of special 7 to fight against it, luckily, the boss seems to know a bit about it.

The weak point is a small discolored scale on its neck. Unfortunately, Ichinose and Nanatsuki are the only ones who know about that. Like, not entirely sure they didn’t just yell that to the highly trained sniper about it. I guess as an excuse to throw Akane’s sword to Nanatsuki and show off his power. Still, nice shield? I’m not entirely sure what his power is, it seems to be tied to all of the superhuman feats he’s performed throughout the series. He tosses the sword into the weak spot, but not far enough in and then Ichinose finishes it off by shooting the sword deeper in. You know, by closing his eyes and praying because he can’t hit the broadside of a barn when he’s actually aiming at something.

Episode seven is basically about recreational time. It’s not a filler episode though, because there is some plot advancement. Nijo meets with his informant and he finds out something very crucial to the future of Special 7, though the audience isn’t made aware of the information that he received.
The Boss, Ichinose, and Nanatsuki all meet up at the grave of Luka. Nijo’s brother and the detective that protected Nanatsuki during the terrorist attack. They discuss what kind of man he was and talk a little about the future themselves. They speak of the trails for the members of Nine that were involved in the attack on the airport and how that soon, Warlock is to receive his sentence. Ichinose thinks there will be an attack either on the trail or near it. Which is probably a pretty good guess.

The rest of the episode allows us to look in a little on the private lives of the other characters and then ends in a cute scene of all of the members of the team meeting up at a Vietnamese restaurant by chance.

Cute things to note:
-Rokusuke is in a elf-drawf relationship and their daughter is adorable. Though since they only see each other once a month, I can only assume that they are divorced at this time.
-Akane has a cute husband who supports her fully and she writes novels in her spare time. She’s working on a medieval fantasy at the moment.
-Belle is one of the world’s top gamers and she often goes out to eat with Akane even when off the clock.

The most important scene in the episode though is the after credits. The rest of the episode ranges from slightly emotional, to cute. The ending, however, will fill in a burning question and wreck your heart while doing it. As it cuts back to the attack on the airport and Luka laying there, accepting his death as he is approached by Warlock. Who A. doesn’t die when he’s shot. B. gives a drop of blood to him offering him immortality. Of course, that doesn’t interest him but it also gives him horrible flashes of the people he loves the most dying.
His brother, his partner.
So to keep them alive, he joins with Warlock and Warlock uses magic to erase his conscience.

Oh boy, that after credit scene made me tear up. It does explain what’s going on though and I appreciate that. I’m very curious about this special power of Nanatsuki’s and why it seems like it will be very important in the future events. Also, how and why does the boss know about it!?

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